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  • Monday Is The Day!/ NoSaladWithoutMeat

    Excuse me if my journal's headtitle deviates from the rest, it's just that I found it so mundane...

    A second 'excuse me' is in order because this intro is gonna be a long one!


    Hi, I've been reading (and giggling at) Mark's Daily Apple for at least a year now but while I've implemented some changes to my diet I haven't frequented the forums or started a hardcore regimen and I think Monday is the day! (Isn't it appropriate that it would be the first day of the month as well? Totally coincidental!)

    I am 21, 5'2 and 150LB (yikes, I don't usually tell that to people!). I'm either blessed or cursed with an hourglass figure and because my stomach has always been flat and my physique has always been muscular it took me a long time to realize I no longer weighed my usual 118LB.

    Don't get me wrong, like most women in our dysfunctional society I've hated my body because I wasn't 100LBs, airbrushed and sported 36Cs since I was old enough to care, but my whining was usually to fish for compliments rather than real concerns.

    I don't remember what happened (end of high school? death of my grandfather?) but I think I fell into severe depression and started gaining weight rather rapidly.

    I have never been active or even social so getting back into shape with exercise seemed impossible. I had also discovered that I have PCOS; my periods were never regular, my skin highly sensitive and prone to breakouts, my mood swings were out of control. I haven't gotten my period in over a year now and due to a near-death experience with a gynaecologist avoid drugs and doctors like the plague.

    I didn't care for a long time until I saw an especially bad picture of myself and wondered "do I really look like that?".

    It happened, most likely, two years ago that I decided to take matters into my own hands and found a free diet book online that promised 'no acne, cellulite, overweight'. The premise was to eat nothing but fruits, raw fish/ eggs and raw nuts. And while it did wonders for my skin and weight I couldn't stick with it for more than a week.

    The hardest thing for me was to give up meat...

    I went from one radical diet to the next and did zero carbing (eating nothing but meat) and my skin cleared but was looking dull and my energy was in the gutter. I tried others after that, low-fat diets, extensive cardio... and none of them made sense. I lost all hope until I stumbled on Kat James' book- 'The Truth About Beauty'.

    I still revere Kat and her wonderful book because it finally chased away my fear. I was so nervous about getting my calorie count wrong, about not-weighing myself, about eating the wrong thing at the wrong time - it was driving me crazy.

    The Truth About Beauty just reassured me about what I already knew: it felt good to eat meat, vegetables, fruits and healthy, high-fat foods and it did not feel good to eat processed carbs, dairy and sugar laden fake foods!

    Though the book had solid advice in it, it was still a little vague and I went on to search for something more concrete.

    I found Jimmy Moore's Blog and found the forum there very supportive. I loved it how he made sure to interview (on his epods) a variaty of people and hear their experience. It was there that I saw Marks' site being advertised and after reading the first few funny post I bought his book on a whim.

    - I'm not even sure why I did, because I never buy things without thinking them over weeks before, but I bought The Primal Blueprint the first time I ever laid eyes on the ad.

    And I'm glad I did.

    I just moved to Montreal and have a lot of time on my hands (which is why this intro is so flipping long), I went back to that all fruit-nothing-cooked-diet because I wanted to cleanse my body and knew it worked extremely well for my skin. But to my utter disappointment the diet (which usually worked wonders on my skin after day three) did absolutely nothing even after a week. I couldn't, for the life of me, figure it out as I followed it more strictly than I did before...

    Now I'm moving to my next and final step, which is primal living.

    I pray to Grok's Gods that my skin will finally look like that of a healhty 21yo, and that I will be able to sleep, get trhough the day without feeling depressed/self-loathing and will no longer be overweight and God, finally get my period back (I never thought I'd ask for that!).

    I know it wont take 30 days to achieve all this, and that annoying voice in the back of my mind keeps telling me 'it's too good to be true', but I've tried everything else and this is the last resort.

    I'll end on that very optimistic note, wish me luck, fellow Grok Stars :]

    "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
    -Raymond Peat, PhD

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    Glad you're here! If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask; there are some very knowledgeable people on the forum here. Good luck!


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      thanks ^_^

      I also forgot to add what I'll be eating and how much I will be exercising.

      I'm currently reading Mark's book and taking notes, and some things are unclear but I don't think it's healthy to get caught up with too many calculations.

      My goals are:

      -> I no longer care how much I lose, but a few pounds would be welcome (OR unwelcome :P)

      -> I just want to feel healthier and feel fitter

      -> Clearer skin

      -> More energy

      -> No insomnia

      -> Hopefully, my period back (but it'll probably take longer than a month to purge all the antibiotics and drugs I was fed for PCOS)

      I never drink sodas or coffee (though I like Nestea!) so my intake of fluids will be limited to water and tea.

      I'd like to keep my carbs under 50, so I would eat the occasional fruit but mostly berries, vegetables and proteins like meat, fish and nuts. I will cook my food in duck fat (I hope it tastes as good as it sounds) and use virgin olive oil and grapeseed oil in my salads. OH and probably spices and things like red wine vinegar, lemon, sea salt and garlic.

      I am in the process of finding a job so unless I sway my mom to buying organic foods, I'm eating what I can find (grocery store 'organic', conventional local).

      "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
      -Raymond Peat, PhD


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        I love the way you write! Good luck on feeling better. Ive been primal for about 2 weeks and let me tell ya, its the best thing you can do for yourself. I would reccomend coconut milk on your list of things to eat too. Its delicious, and a great thickner for sauces. Also you should look into getting some almond flour, amazing to 'bread' and fry things with and bake yummy desserts!

        Natural Selection:


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          Hi Athea,

          thank you for reading and your HUGE compliment!

          It's so hard to find coconut milk that isn't processed to death, what brand do you use?

          When I was doing my fruit diet, one of the rules was to eat raw egg yolks. I would mix it with banana and coconut milk and it was amazing!!! You should try it!

          What do you make with almond flour? I'm not much of a baker or even a cook, but I did fool around with coconut flour. I made cheese cake and I have pictures to prove it

          Oh, and I see you have a blog on Wordpress and so do I, I'll add it to my favs because I'd love to see how you're doing!

          "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
          -Raymond Peat, PhD


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            I found NativeForest Coconut milk is the best, its BPA free! yay! Tons of things to do with almond flour, Ill post some recipies on my cookbook site. Im tryin to compile all the MDA recipes I get from the forum and the main site. Here is the link!


            Ill post some almond flour recipes up real soon! I got a mean pancake and cookie recipe!

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              I'm afraid I suck at cooking, 'cookies' and 'recipes' in the same sentence scare me.

              But I make a mean tarragon omelette

              Where would I get NativeFores coconut milk? I live in Quebec :/

              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
              -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                Today I ate:

                B: 3 egg tomato and onion omelette

                S1: a handful of nuts

                Then I walked about 20 minutes in the middle of a snow storm to buy a Bison steak.

                When I got there I felt so sick I thought I was going to be hospitalized...

                I have no idea if it was the eggs or the nuts, or the 2 raw egg yolks I ate yesterday but whatever it was my stomach did not appreciate it.

                It was basically going "nah, I don't really want it. take it back", but very aggressively!

                I barely got home, Bison ribeye at hand, and the pain stopped (funny how that works, I thought I was gonna die on my way home).

                Today I'm making beef reef stew with tomatoes and cabbage.

                Anyone knows how to cook bison and what goes well with it?

                "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                  Oh, P.S, it's wonderful to live in Quebec- snow storm, loneliness and all!

                  Not only can you find Bison at a regular grocery store you can also easily find:


                  frog legs

                  whole frozen squid




                  duck and duck fat

                  sheep meat and dairy

                  coconut oil

                  kosher and iodized salt

                  a variety of cheeses


                  a giant isle dedicated solely to liquor :]

                  Viva la Montreal, I say!

                  Can't wait to buy rabbit!

                  "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                  -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                    Vive*, damnit! >< I&#39;m speaking Spanish instead! I suck.

                    "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                    -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                      Thanks for your post, its really inspiring! Some interesting styles of eating you have experimented with, Im really glad you found PB, and are now trying to embrace the lifestyle.

                      Achieving health (and secondly, ideal body composition), is an ongoing journey, and it seems like you&#39;ve learned a lot through your experiences. Ive gone through similar frustrating times dealing with rapid weight loss (through the wrong methods), gain, bingeing, and the emotional stuff that comes with it. But it feels good to finally take control.

                      Jealous of all the game/meat you have in quebec! Im heading by there this summer for school, maybe we could have a primal lunch!

                      Keep at it, itll be worth the efforts.


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                        Wow, you have such a wonderful selection of foods. My local grocery is pretty good, but we can&#39;t get horse here. I&#39;ve been wanting to try it.


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                          I&#39;m new here, too. Good luck with your PB adventure.

                          I was bad- very bad. 2 years ago, I hit over 150 pounds. I&#39;m just under 5&#39;9" (and also an hourglass) so for a while I got away with extra weight- but I&#39;ll tell you what- once I got over the 150 mark there was no getting away with it anymore- I was really starting to show it.

                          I swore off alcohol and joined a gym. Along the way I discovered South Beach Diet, and within 6 weeks brought my body fat from 37% down to 28% and hit 125. I went from outgrowing my size 10&#39;s to needing a 6 (in Gap Long and Leans.) I was thrilled with that, actually- very happy.

                          Once I took off that weight, I began dabbling again in the "bad foods". At first it was only occasionally, having ice cream or cake, or baking brownies. No sooner had I began dabbling in junk food when I began to see my weight creep up again. At first it was just 2 pounds, then 3, then 4, then 5.

                          I was great for a year and a half, but, the second half of last year was the worst. When I saw the weight coming back on, I just couldn&#39;t stop it. The holidays were around and from Halloween to New Years, I just went on a binge and ate all the stuff I had managed to avoid. And I noticed something. Especially once it was reintroduced.

                          I think the biggest mistake I made was reintroducing sugar into my diet. It seemed like I was fine when it was gone, and once I brought it back, it was uncontrollable. I believed I was a sugar addict.

                          So I tried South Beaching it again and it just didn&#39;t seem to work like the first time. I kept having cravings, I kept overdoing the carb portion of the meals because I was HUNGRY.

                          I googled "sugar addiction" and stumbled onto Mark&#39;s blog. After a few days of reading, I ordered the book and planned to start New Year&#39;s Day.

                          Well, I did that. I quit the sugar once again, and am about 95% primal. I eat no soy or peanut, but I occasionally have beans, in small amount, and rarely. I also eat 72% or 86% dark chocolate when I can&#39;t help it and need a bite of something. I avoid dried fruits because they trigger a craving.

                          I went all through January, doing great. I lost the 11 pounds I gained back, and then some. My 6&#39;s were seeming stretched out and not looking so great, so I went to Gap to get new jeans. But when I put on the 6&#39;s those seemed stretched out, too. That&#39;s when I realized they weren&#39;t stretched out. They were TOO BIG. So I went for the 4&#39;s. And they were roomy as well. So then I went for a 2- and OMG, they fit. You know when I&#39;ve been a size 2? NEVER!!!

                          And I am NOT looking anorexic, either. I have plenty of meat still on my bones, and my curves REALLY show, now! My husband can&#39;t believe how great my body responded to the PB diet and of course I still work out, but only now it&#39;s more fun and not a chronic thing that I "push" on myself. Oh, and I&#39;m 39- I&#39;ll be 40 this August and you know what? I do not look my age. I went from actually looking my age to (friends told me) I look no more than 28. I cannot believe how my body looked then and how it looks now.

                          I plan to NOT go back to sugar and grains, ever. I know I am a sugar addict- it is not good for me. I can&#39;t control that in my life. So, right now, while I am off it (even the dark 86% chocolate only has 5 grams of sugar- it doesn&#39;t spark the powerful cravings I get from the really sweet stuff)- but while I am here- at this great place in my life- I don&#39;t want that old life back. I do not want those cravings and that addicted feeling.

                          I wish you success.


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                            Iceskater, I&#39;d love to have a primal lunch! Oh Gosh, it&#39;d be awesome to eat in peace without having to explain why I&#39;m putting so much butter on my steak and how come I&#39;m not dead from doing that every day!

                            Let me know when you do, I&#39;ll cook you rabbit

                            Gee, Diana, I&#39;m not surprised after I&#39;ve read your posts at the "Bug Eating Forum"

                            But is it just me? I&#39;d try anything but horse. I don&#39;t even mind frying up the little bunnies, but horses! They&#39;re such noble, beautiful creatures. Not to mention very muscular, shouldn&#39;t their meat be extra tough?

                            P.S My milk fed veal ribs stew (a mouthful) was a raging success.

                            I don&#39;t pretend to be much of a cook, but here&#39;s what I did.

                            I soaked the graded cabbage and carrot in lime and red wine vinegar with salt and pepper. Fried the ribs (just a bit), then the tomatoes with the onion, then the cabbage a little. Then I let it simmer in a pot for a while. I added a glass of water, but maybe I shouldn&#39;t have because the vegetables and meat gave so much juice on their own.

                            It had a tangy taste, and the ribs were so tender! Yum!

                            "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                            -Raymond Peat, PhD


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                              New Objective: get rid of water retention! My face looks puffy all the time and it makes me feel uglier than I already feel! ><

                              "The penis is the male animal-flower, a soft-firm dildo, a warm dream."
                              -Raymond Peat, PhD