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    Hey everyone,

    I'm preparing my body for some important castings here in NYC over the next few weeks, so my next couple weeks are going to be full-time dieting/training. I've done Lyle McDonald's UD2.0 in the past and IF on a regular basis. Right now, though, I am going to be doing Lyle's PSMF, as detailed in his Rapid Fat Loss Handbook, to tighten up my core and sharpen up, getting rid of the last stubborn fat and retained water from the winter.

    Hopefully this will land me these jobs.

    A Cliffs version of the plan:

    - 12 days at no carb, low fat, high protein (from meat/egg sources) - 800kcal/day
    - clean refeed day of high carb, low fat - similar in nature to UD2.0 - at the end
    - full body strength training 2-3 days/wk
    - light cardio like walking, if any at all - no high intensity cardio, for reasons Lyle outlines in the book
    - multi vitamin daily and some green veggies daily

    It's simple, but definitely not easy. Low calories always sucks. Lyle knows what he's doing though, and this plan will deliver. I am not putting it here for people's opinions on the 'safety' of the program or any of that. I just want a place to log it and to show people how to effectively crash diet, which can be a great way to kick-start a sensible dieting plan with a high initial fat & water loss, which can be very encouraging. This can also be used, as in my own case, for prep for an important event or competition.

    I'll also be taking yohimbe 2x/day and drinking plenty of coffee, and most likely doing a good deal of fasting b/c it keeps the appetite at bay and 800kcal isn't a whole lot to spread out over a day.