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    Hi, I'm Ptorgox, and I'm a grain, potato, and soda addict. I'm a pest control/wildlife removal guy (I know, I know) and I live in Atlanta, GA with my lovely wife.

    My brother is about 6 months into a paleo lifestyle and inspired me via his results. I've dabbled in low carb and low carb minus legume diets a little, but nothing ever stuck. I'm just finally sick and tired of being fat.

    I've been overweight my entire life post-8 years old or so. I am 5'7" tall and reached a max weight of 240 lbs. during college, summer 2007. After this I tried Nutrisystem for a couple months and weightlifting/elliptical, eventually getting down to 190 in fall 2008, and maintained this weight for a couple years. In early 2010 I started a job in wildlife removal and pest control, and I assumed I would lose weight working outside. I was wrong. I ballooned to 235 as a result of consuming fast food, gas station food, and copious amounts of... soda. Some days I drink 64 oz of soda or more, but recently the "more healthy" diet and zero versions. I am constantly tired and often in a bad mood. My current weight is approx 225. The photo below taken tonight is in itself a wake-up call. Didn't realize I was quite this big.

    Finally, for the good part: For the past couple weeks I've stopped consuming sodas. I have been higher energy and happier for the past week, and I don't know if I should attribute it to the quitting of sodas or the inspiration I've derived from reading MDA. I have a few goals. In 3 months time, I would like to be down to 200 lbs; in 1 year, I want to weigh 170 lbs. Initially I want to spend a little time in ketosis by keeping the carbs down to Atkins induction phase levels (<20g) for as long as I can practically sustain (hoping for a week at least). I want to limit my exposure to pesticides on the job.

    I expect a few challenges. As the weather heats up I will want soda. When I get busy I will want gas station food. I'm afraid I will feel low on energy working outside and in the heat and be tempted to grab a grainy snack to keep me running.

    I think I have a few factors in my favor as well. I have the slow movement part down. I walk a good deal on the job. I also lift heavy ladders fairly often. I talked my wife into the primal lifestyle, and we purged our cabinets last night at her suggestion. Hopefully, accountability from the invisible masses here will help me along, too.

    The purposes of this journal are as follows: The aforementioned accountability to the community, accountability to myself, and to keep a record of progress or lack thereof. I aim to post updates at least weekly including body measurements and impressions.

    Here we go!
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    Official weigh-in this morning was 223 lbs. Waist measurement is 46.5 in. around belly button and love handles. The first day went pretty well food-wise:

    B- 4 eggs
    L- Spinach salad with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and chicken breast
    S- Raw pumpkin seeds
    D- Crock-pot chicken cacciatore (chicken, bell pepper, onion, garlic, tomatoes, tomato sauce)

    I'm worried about the expense of eating organic, grass-fed, lots of proteins, etc. after the shopping trip today. I'm assuming I'll get either better at shopping or have to cut back on the budget elsewhere. As far as ease of sticking to diet, I was very satisfied today.


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      Welcome Ptorgox. Good luck on primal.

      Grass-fed, free-range, organic, pasteured, etc. are wonderful. But not essential. Do the best you can afford. Cutting out the junk food, gas station food and sodas should help your budget. As for meat, the most primal is the stuff most people don't want - the variety cuts and fatty meats. When you get past the carb craving, you can cut out all the snacks and even skip meals.
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        Hedonist, thanks for the reply! Those are all great points. As far as cheap meat goes, I was poking around the store today between stops and found that chicken leg quarters are 99 cents a lb! Those are certainly in my future.

        Food today:
        B- 5 eggs, 4 slices bacon
        S- Pumpkin seeds
        D- Chicken Cacciatore leftovers

        I didn't get hungry until about 2 with that big breakfast, so I just skipped lunch. Probably should have eaten something more substantial than the seeds though. I was really dragging from about 3:30 on. I think I may be in ketosis right now. My wife commented on my funny breath and my pee smells (TMI?). I am pleased. However, I am mad thirsty too. Hope that goes away.


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          B- 5 eggs, 3 slices bacon
          L- Salad w/balsamic vinegar and oil + 1 can salmon
          S- Pumpkin seeds
          D- Herb roasted chicken leg quarter and asparagus w/ garlic and oil

          I was high energy all day today. Surprised to find that I actually like canned salmon. I pulled the trigger on the leg quarters. Cheap eating! That will be a repeat meal for sure. Easy to make too.