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  • BigJilm's (candid) Primal Journal

    Hi from Queensland, Australia.

    I'm not a skeptic, but I will outline exactly my thoughts through this process. And you are welcome to contribute or sling mud as much as you wish.

    I'm starting this journey at 101kg (that's about 222lb for the majority of readers out there). I'm 6.1ft so not overly rotund, but certainly a far cry from my ideal weight/physique.

    I've today passed one week of Primal living. Well, it would be one week, but Easter took its toll and I managed to consume a few chocolate eggs that were gifted to me, and a couple of snags (sausages) that I later found out to contain flour. Not the best start, but on the whole, and except for that one day, I ate pretty well.

    I've got to say though, I'm sick off eggs already! I've had them a variety of ways, and the best for me is as an omelette, with a few veges, bacon and a little cheese. I'm not a very creative guy in the kitchen, so will need to work through that, or perhaps just skip brekkie!

    Yesterday was the chocolate/snags feast but the six days prior to that I had dropped 4.5kg (almost 10lb). Sadly yesterdays indulgences added nearly a kilo back on which was disappointing.

    I have never been a great exerciser, and this has continued through week one however I do have a 9 month old who I take for a half hour walk in the pram every evening so I have been moving slowly often.

    I must say I found the first week better than I predicted. I suffered a little from carb flu on day two with a minor headache, but I cured that with bacon (boom boom). I have also had what I think is described as the fuzziness/foggy head symptom, which eased a couple of days back. I hope after yesterdays splurge with the food I wont have to go through that again.

    A positive is my appetite is more under control. A couple of mornings I could have quite easily not had breakfast (more eggs I guess) but have, and then only wanted a shake for lunch.

    Another area I thought I would have concerns is my bowel movements. Some diets I've done in the past have played havoc with my in that department. So far, the only difference is I'm now going every other day, so no deal breaker yet.

    So pretty good so far, just got to make sure my weight continues heading south. I should probably not look every day, but its just too damn exciting!!

    Ill try to get a pic added so I can do the before/after thing.

    Thanks for reading.
    ps.send me some simple egg recipes or alternatives for breakfast...
    I'll be back

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    Can anyone point me to a good diagram/flow chart for the metabolic process of carbs? I like the detail MDA gets into, however Im more of a visual guy and I like flow charts. If there is one out there that explains this process simply, I'd love to see it.

    Would make it easier when trying to explain to Paleo sceptics I run into every now and then - especially at extended family gatherings. I find it painful to sit around a table, with only beige food present!
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      Well, after falling off the wagon at the end of last week, I have seemed to have gotten back on track.

      Still only 10 days in, but this morning the scales read 96.2kg (212lb), a drop of 5kg (11lb) in total. Wicked.

      As mentioned previously, Im not a big fan of exercise, but have been completing my "move slowly, often" with a walk every evening. However last night, I decided to try a sprint routine for a change. It was fun actually, never thought Id suggest sprinting would be enjoyable but there you go. It seemed to have paid dividends also, with an overnight loss of 1kg (2lb) which was pleasing. Could have been just my return to a strictly paleo diet however.
      I'll be back


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        I thought I better add some goals to focus on.

        I wont lie, I'm doing this to look good at the beach, or anywhere else I may have to strip off.

        First objective - 85kg (187lb)
        Second objective - 75kg (165lb)
        Third objective - single digit body fat percentage
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          Gallery - chowstalker

          to help with the egg problem
          yeah you are

          Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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            Cheers Bloodorchid

            ...this is insane!

            Ketogenic Pizza
            I'll be back


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              So I've hit a plateau over the past three days.

              My weight has effectively stood still, or increased which isn't so cool.

              Wed = 96.2kg (212lbs)
              Thur = 96.4kg (212.5lbs)
              Fri = 96.4kg (212.5lbs)

              I'm at a loss to the stall, and while I appreciate I haven't been so dedicated to exercise, I thought earlier on in this, and with a fair amount of excess fat to lose, I would have kept the steady loss continuing.

              I've certainly been eating well, below are the past two days records from I'm not sure if the meat I've been getting is exclusively grass fed. Is eating grain finished beef just the same as eating grain itself? Or is it more complicated than that?

              Wed 11th April:
              Calories 1276
              Fat 50%, Carbs 14%, Protein 37%

              Thur 12th April:
              Calories 1558
              Fat 57%, Carbs 5%, Protein 38%
              I'll be back


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                Just my opinion, but you should take your scale and throw it as far as possible, preferably into a large body of water. It's not doing you any good. Look at how you look, feel, and perform. How do your cloths fit? I went through a couple of months where I didn't drop an ounce, but I tightened my belt down 3 notches. The scale is just a number and not an accurate gauge of health and fitness. My weight can fluctuate as much as 5 pounds in a day on occasion. Maybe try only getting on the scale every couple of weeks to a month. Besides, a 3 day period isn't what I'd call a plateau. Just have a little patience, and remember stressing over it doesn't help.
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                  OK, I get the scales are irrelevant. Perhaps I wont throw them in a lake, but maybe just stick them in storage for a later date, or flog them to some other fatty on ebay.

                  I was checking Marks sample menu and he consumes approx 2500 calories. I know he says he most likely consume all that in one day, but I current hover between 1200-1500. As a 212lb 6'1 male, is that enough?

                  Im getting pretty full on the primal diet and I even manage to skip breakfast every other day no problem. I think I may be consuming too much protein though, with roughly 110-140gms most days.

                  Im also going to add some LHT exercises now too. I move slowly everyday and have added a sprint session which I love, but im pretty (very) weak and I need more muscle mass. If I wasn't so fat, Id be skin and bones I guess.
                  I'll be back


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                    Well, still havent added the LHT workouts to my week yet, and havent sprinted, or been 100% with moving slowly every day - perhaps every other day.

                    I have ditched the scales, that is to say I am only weighing myself every week on Sundays. Last weekend I attended a wedding and had a few too many red wines and was a little off track with my eating. Not too bad, just couldnt avoid the sauce on the steak etc...

                    I think I went back up to 212 from 209 so not impressed. Really gotta get up earlier to do the exercise though... need a f****n rocket up my ass is all.

                    I got up at 3:30am today for ANZAC day here in Oz, so shouldn't be too hard.... should it?
                    I'll be back


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                      Well, Sunday passed and I weighed in at 93.7kg, a drop of roughly 7kg over the past four weeks. Im pretty happy with that, given I havent included enough [read:none] exercise. Just for kicks I checked my weight again later that evening and it had shot up to 95.4, so go figure - I guess ditching the scales is the right thong to do.

                      When I look at myself I dont see where the seven kgs has come from. Perhaps the love handles are a little small and my cheeks/chins a little slighter than usual... I really need to tone up :-)

                      Had some nasty constipation however, which has been a deal breaker on other diets in the past. Im only doing a movement maybe twice a week, so that better improve too I think. As Ive mentioned before, Im probably consuming too much protein and not enough veges. I only get veges really at dinner, with a stir fry. Lunch has typically been half a nandos chicken or a two egg mushroom omelette, so I really should have a BAS more often for lunch.

                      I spent the weekend up the coast with a dietitian friend of my wife's. I told her about my new lifestyle and she quizzed me a bit about my calorie intake, protein gms and carb intake etc. She was really supportive and stoked that I had stuck with this lifestyle for four weeks (Ive never really stayed on a diet that long). She even limits any grain in her diet (but not fully).

                      So... overall, Im pretty happy with the progress, but need to get into exercise (not easy with winter approaching). If I increase my vege intake, hopefully I can solve the constipation issue. I will try more water too, as I just dont seem to be as thirsty as I used to be...

                      thanks for reading....
                      I'll be back


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                        Apologies to Skink531, but I had to check the scales again this morning. Back to 94.5 kg

                        My short term goals are to lose weight, and I use the scales to measure that goal. Am I obsessive by checking everyday? Perhaps in the opinion of some...

                        But I like to check... it reminds me every day that I need to be concious about what I eat, and it helps remember the days that work well, and those that are not so good. It certainly tells me when I have a day on the 20% CW (like when I ate pizza on Saturday night) what the immediate effects are, besides feeling a little Sh*tty.
                        I'll be back


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                          Well... Ive hit a roadblock.

                          That is to say Ive had a rough couple of days with my wife, son and I all suffering from gastro. It seems to have passed and yesterday as we all seemed to get better, after my son was put to bed my wife and I conceded to takeaway pizza.

                          While I like to say Ive been pretty good until this past weekend and yesterdayI think I could be better. Id like to think my 20% allowance under the 80/20 idea has all been used up in the first 30yrs of my life! Lets hope I live to 150 to justify that!

                          So as I write I guess its not a roadblock....yet. Back primal today.
                          I'll be back


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                            Down to 93.1kg this morning.

                            Got my hands on some cheap coconut butter at chemist warehouse... me like.
                            I'll be back


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                              Had some nasty constipation however, which has been a deal breaker on other diets in the past. Im only doing a movement maybe twice a week, so that better improve too I think. As Ive mentioned before, Im probably consuming too much protein and not enough veges.
                              Someone mentioned in another thread that constipation issues were more an issue with an imbalance with one's intestinal flora and not so much a matter of fiber. From personal experience, I tend to agree. Things that I've found have helped me, are taking 400-800 mg of Magnesium (don't remember which one, but it doesn't matter too much) each day, and then I take probiotics and eat things with probiotics in them like crazy. (Kefir, yougurts, some saurkraut, and probiotic pills twice daily).

                              Good luck!