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  • My Paleo Journey

    I've been searching for a way to hold myself accountable, and share my goals with others. I think this is a great way to go about sharing and focusing on my goals. I want to do this full force, and here I am, day 1 of the best lifestyle change I could ever make. I am in the middle of reading The Paleo Solution, such an amazing book, and have gotten into the habit of hitting the gym. Now I just need to stay on track with a paleo lifestyle of eating healthy and working out. No more lazy, no more excuses.

    Basically I have made the lifestyle change and have been working at eating a clean paleo diet, however I'd say the past 10 months I've been slipping a lot and have never really given it my full effort. Now I have some solid goals set, and my family supporting me, today is the beginning of a great and healthy future !

    My Goals:

    Goal #1
    clean and press 50 lbs. I have done crossfit and love it, but because of work and my busy life I only am able to do the gym right now. I steer clear of the machines, and stick to strength training, I'm doing body pump class right now and can clean and press 12-13 lbs I believe. By may 15th I'd like to be able to clean and press 50 lbs, not necessarily in Body Pump class, but on my own. I'm really excited about this one !

    Goal #2
    Sign up, and complete this years spartan sprint.

    Goal #3
    my short term fat loss goal is to weigh 135 lbs by May 15th. As of this morning I weigh 146 lbs. I know I can get down to 135 in no time, all it takes is determination, will power, and believing in myself

    My long term fat loss goal is to weigh in at 125 lbs. Be strong, fit, and healthier then ever ! I want to set a reasonable date to achieve this goal, and I think August 30th would be a wonderful date, being that it's my birthday !

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    Breakfast: protein pancakes ( cottage cheese, 2 eggs, vanilla, ground flax ) with 2 strips of bacon.

    Post workout smoothie: half a banana, milk, blueberries, pyto berry protein

    Dinner: chicken and a big big salad !


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      Today: Had a really busy morning and missed breakfast and my coffee, this lead up to a major headache lasting all afternoon. Finally around 2 pm I broke down and got a&w, I felt terrible for getting it, and I won't use my hunger as an excuse, it was just a bad decision. Lesson learned, always always make time for breakfast.

      For dinner I made guacamole for the first time, looks so yummy. To go with it I made two eggs with two slices of bacon. I had a big headache so I skipped the gym tonight. Tomorrow back at it !

      In addition I won a whole gym bag full of Progressive nutritional goodies, so that really brought a smile to my face today ! Can't wait to get my hands on that stuff mmmm mmm.


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        Welcome Farrah! You can do it!!!
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