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    Ok, so I jumped the gun yesterday. 17 pounds gone makes me happier. And this after two days of fried chicken wings. I need to add more veggies (I have deep-rooted issues with brussels sprouts and broccoli). I enjoy them more in a salad form than cooked. Am looking forward to 4 days off and focusing on my family and me. Life is good.

    I am looking forward to the Friday success stories, they really get me going. But there are a lot of successes just by checking on different journals. So inspired by many on here (some are a little too judgemental of others, thats why I don't really start other threads. Negativity is never helpful, defeating actually. Mark is not that way though, I would love to meet him one day . . . .) Carry on bravely!


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      I shopped and shopped and shopped! Nice to be close to home and enjoy time to myself. Took the dogs for a nice walk and all the shopping counts as exercise as well. Now to make some recipes and eat them. Carrying the 'me time' into the evening. Will deal with the yard tomorrow.


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        Goodbye one more pound! Found a friend here who does low carb and introduced him to the web site. He is coming for late lunch/early supper. Gotta make my primal miracle whip, this is absolutely awesome. I made a half batch last time in my little kitchen aid food processor and came out grand! Better Than Miracle Whip | Jan's Sushi Bar. Making a dip and a popper recipe I am adapting along with the French onion soup ( took a while to make broth) and a grilled chicken Cesar salad. I love company! Beautiful day out, so heading out with the dogs.


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          Burnt my first batch of onions, caramelizing is not easy. Used a different pan and second try turned out ok but something was not just right. Perhaps the wine, who knows. Don't get me wrong, it was good but not to die for. I love food that is to die for.

          Working in the house all day but little seems accomplished. I'm dead tired so a bath and bed are in order. My daily walk is about 2 km. Dogs had a good time as well. Go earlier tomorrow as it was a bit warm for them. The poms always have a little swim after.


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            So many recipes to try. I made some dips and it is the first time I missed bread, nothing like a long loaf of french bread to sop up yummy dip. I used celery. Not the same. Any suggestions?

            I was thinking of where to find raw milk. Here is what I found in my search: Black market for raw milk growing in Canada

            Read more: Black market for raw milk growing in Canada | CTV News. Sounds evil! Here is the first line A dark shadow is being cast over the food that gives us life. CTV News has uncovered a growing underground of illegal, unpasteurized milk.

            I think I can find a source, but people have to be very cautious about using it, there can be legal implications. When I was younger my mom decided we should have our own milk cow. That didn't last long so we went back to the local dairy. She also wanted geese one year, she chased them off the doorway constantly and they pooped everywhere. They weren't even enjoyable to eat. We always had a big garden, chickens, ducks (mostly because they were cute), turkeys, cattle and horses (we didn't eat them of course). Freezing and canning, butchering our own livestock or pork from the neighbours (everything was organic then) Life was good. My mother was into eating healthy and bought a grain grinder and made her own flour and everything. Now I wish Mark and the internet were around so long ago as my mother died shortly after her 46th birthday of several cancers. I am now 45 and the fear looms . . . I want to be around to see my children and grandchildren (well I only have one so far) celebrate their lives.


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              Hellooooooo! Just checking in on my pal, Marcie! Wow, that 18 lbs. lost looks great on your tracker!

              Seems I'm up 2 lbs. since last week and after the weekend convention. I'm not changing my tracker. Determined to lose those 2 lbs immediately along with more.

              I ate a lot of cheese and eggs, but didn't really go off PB eating. Hummm...wonder what was in all those eggs I ate? I read that IHOP actually puts PANCAKE BATTER in their scrambled eggs! I ate a big omlette at a place called "Another Broken Egg." It was awesome -- maybe too many carbs there and between the "fried vegetable chips" I bought at Fresh Market. Hubby misses his potato chips and the veggies I bought were salty and crisp. Very nice. Think I'll leave them to him in the future.

              Does Mark post at this forum? What is his screen name?

              I know what you mean about "some posters." There are some mean folks around here! That and some anal-retentive ones when it comes to food/exercise. Wonder if they have "another life" outside obsessing about their body? LOL I'll never be guilty of that. I want to be healthier/leaner, but days of dreaming of bikini competition are over (thank goodness).

              At least all my bras fit better now and I'm not in total misery wearing one! I'm grateful for the SMALL things!

              Keep on keeping on, Marcie. We're on the right path this time!


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                I need to get my fridge in order! I buy so much and then end up throwing so much away. Such a waste ! Craving the chicken wings again so bring it on. Was down .5 this am but will only update weekly. I had a awesome feed of bacon scrambled with my eggs and ate it on the road. No lunch again. 8:30 and making supper. I never thought I could go long periods without eating; fascinating.

                I had the eggs/cream and strawberries (they were hidden in the fridge). Was very rich and tasty. I bought more strawberries today. Had an ice cream cone last night (didn't eat much of the cone). I figured if I deny myself then it will be bad. I need to get more veggies in my life. Busy times ahead. Doubt I will be able to post for the next few days. Isn't it too bad weight doesn't fall off as fast as it piles on? Want to be rid of my chin(s)!


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                  Appointment cancelled (and I can't say that disappoints me). Was raining this morning so taking the dogs out now. I guess I can say lunch is really a thing of the past. Find I am actually hungry around 4 so may need to make plans as I have 10 days that I work until 6 and an hour drive home. Planning is not my strength, procrastination runs through my veins!

                  O yummy chicken wings. Made a kale dip and dipped chicken wings and celery in it. I'm not shopping for a few days, need to thin out this fridge.

                  Prince Charles and Camilla were in Regina today. Some folks on facebook had a brush with Royalty, I wouldn't mind brushing fingertips with Royalty. Not really relevant here but on my mind.

                  I'm excited to see Tapioca on Marks list of primal foods, now to search for recipes so I can have a treat once in a blue moon. The only thing I seem to crave is chicken wings. Odd. Maybe tapioca will be on my mind now. Never cared much for sprouts anyway so no big deal. Pants are still snug but I did refuse to go up a size. Can't wait till they fall off (not that it will happen any time soon). I better eat some more veggies.


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                    Yesterday was an awesome day. Went to the local butcher and got side-pork, bacon and steak. He was packaging large bags of I wasn't quite sure? Turns out he grinds up all the leftovers and seals them in large bags for the dog mushers. Turns out he makes a leaner one for pets - organs and scraps. Of course none on hand so I'm picking it up on Monday. On my way home stopped to pick up eggs; she has 3 breeds (can't tell you what kinds, but not a big fat white traditional chicken anywhere!). She also has turkeys, guinea hens, llamas and sheep. She has everything in coyote proof pens as she lives near the river and very foresty (I know that isn't a word). Bears, wolves and foxes are also close-by. Sheep are so cute!

                    Worked in my yard and finally seeing my hostas return (thought they may winter-kill). Snow was forecast a little south of here, don't know if that actually happened. Picked up a smoker/barbecue as well. Building that and throwing a rack of ribs on there. Jerky is my next plan, maybe buffalo jerky. Weigh in tomorrow a.m. I have a hard time staying off the scale during the week but it is so tempting. Have you ever moved the scale around the room to see if you weigh less in a different part of the room? Buying a few plants today and herbs for my herb garden (only chives returned). Some people were raving about this broccoli salad so I'll give it a try as well. Maybe some devilled eggs. Can't wait for supper.


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                      What a horrible day food-wise. I can't even really figure out what I ate that had any nutritional value? Way to busy trying to get things in order, house, pay bills. Went to Dairy Queen and had a hot fudge sunday. I can't really recall being hungry so I should have just fasted all day. Dumb on my part. Breakfast is first on my agenda tomorrow. I am still waiting for the book to arrive, hopefully it comes soon. I will post my food on here and see about tracking. At least I didn't binge.


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                        I notice your love of the garden. So do I! I have a house that is about 3 years old and I did (doing) all the landscaping myself. It's hard work sometimes, but I love it. Love my plants! Love flowers! When my perennial hibiscus get into full bloom, I'll post a photo. So lovely.

                        I also had a bad eating holiday weekend. Just couldn't seem to get ORGANIZED -- just haphazard eating indeed. Oh well -- remember, it's what we do in the long-run that counts. It averages out. I'm determined to have a good week! Hope you do as well.


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                          I worked over the weekend and my travels took my to the city, way too many challenges for me there. Also had some visitors and bought a cheesecake (guess how that turned out). I have tried to keep busy in the yard in the evenings although tonight is a total loss. I haven't gained but I haven't lost weight. Good news is some pants are sliding low and I have to hike them up once and a while! I wouldn't say I went on a binge, just ate a few things I shouldn't have but today was ok and tomorrow will be better. Old habits die hard! I LOVE cheesecake, guess it is time to search recipes.

                          Bought a stevia plant and a mortar and pestle to make some extract; see how it turns out. I have also planted tomatoes and some herbs. I think some zucchini would be good too.

                          Work is tiring me out. Three more weeks and I should be able to take a break. I'm feeling rather blah. Haven't gone for a walk in days; plan on heading to bed soon and up early and out the door. This journal helps me to get back on track. (I hope no English teachers read this, if so, I apologize)


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                            As today progressed I thought more about what I ate over the weekend and a few days prior. A few handfuls of chips here and there, a few slices of pizza, cheesecake and food that I didn't prepare so not sure of ingredients. My insides were a little messed up to say the least and today I finally feel like I have got things back running smoothly. I am so weak for chips and snacky food that is so easy to grab a handful of and justify it because it is 'just a little bit'. I will weigh myself tomorrow as my digestive system feels back on track. I'm also quite tired and I'm sure it is the carbs i threw into my system that are making me lag. Hopefully I will re-energize this weekend. I know that a nice desert is needed (I know that is not true) once and a while but I need a better alternative that won't throw me way off track and feeling so awful. I am only human and I have many years of bad habits to leave behind.

                            Today was good (food wise), even got in a short morning walk. Have to go back to work, home by 9. Ugh!


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                              Eating a big chunk of smoked pork loin. My son is in love with the smoker and everything for the past few days has been smoked. I could use a break from it but he likes it! I have a batch of chicken wings waiting for me in the fridge to be deep fried. Last time I ate a chicken wings I lost weight so I shall hope for the best. Made some guacamole now need something to dip into it (once again the chips are on my mind). Also found a cheesecake brownie on a paleo site but it calls for some ingredients I don't have. Maybe honey will work. I need some sweets that aren't too sweet. I think the desire to eat is from stress.


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                                How ya doin', Marcie!

                                I haven't logged food for 2 weeks. Went out of town (tried to eat PB, but who knows what's in restaurant food), got home, had 3 plus lbs, just ate PB for 2 weeks and that weight gone, plus 2 more lbs., also without logging food. I'm wondering if I've finally figured out the food-thing and can fly solo now. Just LOVE this eating lifestyle! 23 lbs. gone now!

                                Sweets? Fruit, ricotta cheese, Green & Black's 85% organic chocolate (WalMart & Walgreen's).