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  • My Primal Blueprint Journal-Sparta

    Ok, so some quick facts about me:

    Age: 33
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 255?
    Sex: Not enough

    So I am tired of being fat. It's just no damn fun and seems to effect every facet of my life. I have been adopting primal eating habits to my life for a while now, but there are way too many slips and while 80/20 might work 60/40 just isn't getting the job done. I figured if I really wanted to develop some good long term eating habits, participating in a forum like this would be a good start, so here I am!

    I plan on developing some good habits, starting with taking the dogs on a 10 minute walk every morning. On days where I don't have an official workout planned, I will then go to the park and take another walk.

    I will work out every other day. Probably a rotation of rowing sessions, bodyweight exercise sessions and lastly a weight lifting session focused on deadlifts and pressing. I have squatted in the past and quite frankly the exercise makes me miserable. I actually enjoy deadlifting so screw it, that will be the center of my exercise plan.

    In regards to diet, I will eat primally hopefully 90% of the time. The other 10% will be a well planned cheat meal. I will be employing a moderate fasting strategy, trying to not eat for 16 hours and having an 8 hour window to eat.

    Took some before pictures and will post them soon, not going to track weight as I don't really care how much I weigh.
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    Still feeling the aftereffects of eating like a pig for 3 days straight. Been about 40 hours since I ate that last slice of pizza but I can still feel it sloshing around in my stomach. Onwards and upwards!

    Going to start working out tomorrow with some rowing on the Concept2 Rower. I like to keep workouts fairly brief and intense so I don't dread the time commitment of them. I will probably start with 600m on the rower at an intense pace and add 100m every 5-6 sessions.
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      Today was pretty ho-hum. Didn't get a lot of outdoors time but stayed pretty busy during the day doing laundry and while watching some hockey I also tried to make a habit of getting out of the chair every few minutes.

      Eating wise I had two spinach based omelets today and had a steak and shrimp plate that was delicious. Unfortunately the plate was served with sweet potato fries and I ate them

      On the plus side, I ate my last mean at 11:45pm PST and won't eat again till about 4pm tomorrow(I work nights). I have a coffee upon waking up at ~2pm with some cream and stevia, so its not quite a 16 hour fast but its damn close. I want to make these 16 hour fasts the norm.

      Tomorrow I plan on doing some rowing on the C2 and prepping to get back in the gym lifting on Friday.