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  • Not much to report, bike ride this morning. Also, my weight seems to be steady at 66kg, so it's definitely a loss and not a fluke. Even after an admittedly not very good weekend, where i ate a bit of junk food at a 1st birthday party. The thyroid issues have definitely improved, usually a bit of junk would lead to a gain. Also, I managed to have just a little without giving up and binging for the rest of the day - win!


    • Also the scale is back up in the cupboard until 1st April! I went STRAIGHT back to bad habits of weighing three times a day and wondering if suddenly I was gaining weight, and if suddenly it had stopped working, ETC.
      Once per month I think, for the forseeable future, will do.


      • Ok, so lots more great news to comment on - congrats on fitting into your jeans, (that's HUGE!) on staying steady at 66kg despite the cheat, and on catching yourself right off the bat and sticking that scale back up in the cupboard! You are on fire!

        But........have you gotten to play with Joey yet??
        Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

        - Robert Louis Stevenson


        • Ha, well some, he's still very cute but getting quite big! He is very submissive, rolls over onto his back as soon as show him any attention - which is good! I'm going out for lunch with my mum and sister tomorrow, so I'll probably visit him tomorrow too.

          And yeah, pretty chuffed about fitting into the jeans! Also, I had been planning on having some cake with my mum tomorrow, but now I think I won't - for two reasons. Well three. 1. The small amount of sugar and cake I had last weekend made my skin break out; 2. I don't want to undo my hard work; and 3. My sister is going really well with her diet and I don't want to tempt her.

          Also my husband and I are going away for a 4 day mini break next week, so we'll probably indulge in a few wines etc then, so I should save any cheats until then.

          My pdg supervisor is still stressing me out, she is so negative about tiny social slights - but the good thing is esterday I went to work and told my colleagues, and they were all outraged on my behalf and reassured me that she is a bit insane and overreacting to nothing, which made me feel a lot better! Venting stress can be quite good...

          How are you going thyroid and weight wise? Any luck?


          • OK so I ate cake.


            • Originally posted by lucy1984 View Post
              OK so I ate cake.

              OK so I caved and weighed myself this morning....65kg!!!


              • Congrats on the cake AND the loss! I hope this momentum you've got going continues! I wonder if the reduced stress level is allowing your body to get rid of stuff that the cortisol release during the tense period was keeping you from losing?

                Your metabolism and your body in general seem to be responding really well to whatever regimen you've got going. How have you been doing things lately as far as dosage and times?

                I wish I had more time to update you and ask you some questions, but I've been on T3 only lately and initially felt GREAT and now I'm starting to see the same thing happen that did after initially feeling so hopeful on the Armour - fingers and toes are getting colder again, energy level backsliding a bit, nails more brittle, looking pale again.

                I'm wanting to try the Circadian T3 regimen, if I can adapt it to jive with my nightshift routine. The problem is that I flip flop back from nights to days several times a week and it's different all the time. The transition times are tough, but I'm pretty damn motivated! Will you remind me which guidelines you've been following? My endo NP is all for this and is excited to follow me during the T3 only approach and whatever may come next if that doesn't work. I'm wondering if I'm battling the cellular resistance that you had - we're checking all of my levels again (INCLUDING rT3!) in about 3 more weeks.

                I am so thrilled to hear of your progress - your body will be functioning like a well-oiled machine in no time at this rate! Crossing my cold fingers and toes that my prediction comes true.
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                Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

                - Robert Louis Stevenson


                • Me too! If only cake always = weight loss.
                  Hm, I don't think my stress has reduced, I am pretty sure the success it due to finally being on the right meds.

                  Dosage wise I haven't changed anything, 100mcg spread out over the day, starting at 4.30am. I do my temps and heartrate to ensure I am not hyper. Once I get to goal I will work on getting the meds as low as possible.

                  Hm, sounds like perhaps that as the t4 slowly leaves your body (takes up to 12 weeks), you are slowly needing more t3 to compensate. I'd slowly up your dose. But at least your doc seems to be monitoring you thoroughly and regularly! You've hit the jackpot there.

                  If you want to try the t3 circadian but are unsure about timing etc, there is a facebook group that can help with all of that. Also on yahoo there are some rt3 groups etc. But I have the circadian book and he says to ensure your t3 dose is optimal as possible before trying circadian...

                  I am off for a mini break with husband with rest of the week!


                  • Alas, things did not go well for me food wise. I'd really been looking forward to a bit of indlugence, using that 20% etc, but it was an epic fail. The town we stayed in was practically middle of nowhere, and the food options were dismal. We tried a pub meal, Thai and then wood-fired pizza, and all three were awful. And then I think because i'd been getting my hopes up each night, and then being unsatisfied, when I got home I had a binge on anything I could find in the cupboard. I should have just given in to tempation and had a real treat on the way home, like some chocolate or something, but I kept resisting because the food I had eaten hadn't been low calorie, and I'd drank alcohol every night, and the exercise on the final day got canned due to bad weather. Also I definitely hadn't been drinking enough water.

                    Anyway, that was two days ago (the binge), and I got back on track yesterday. Not going to weigh myself till next Saturday to give my body time to bounce back.

                    Anyway, I am going to try to stick to two main goals pre Hawaii (September).
                    1. No binging
                    2. No booze

                    The second is easy for me. The first is tough. But I need to stop writing off days just because I've slipped up a little. Much better to be a few hundred calories over than a few thousand. So if between now and Hawaii I have days where I exceed my calorie goal for weight loss, or I do have a bit of cake etc, the main goal for the rest of the day will be to NOT binge.

                    On the plus side, the Jenolan Caves were gorgeous, and between two cave tours and bushwalking around nearby Kanagra falls, we climbed a LOT of stairs!

                    Also, I am officially allergic to nature. It happened in Hawaii, with my rashes, pimples, weight gain, sun burn and jelly fish sting. Then at Jenolan I fell over and grazed my knee, got stung up both shins by stinging nettle, was attacked by a duck, and worst of all, on our way in on the first day we hit a wallaby with our car. That last one was quite traumatic and i's horrible to think about


                    • I am back on track now with my eating at least, and i appear to have lost the fluid retention etc that was in my legs from the hopefully when I weigh myself on Saturday I'll be back to 66kg (or even 65kg!). I know I shouldn't care so much but I do, and I don't think that'll ever change, so I just have to limit the scale visits.

                      Erm...walked yesterday and did some weights at home, two walks on Sunday, and today I went for a bike ride.
                      Other than that, not a lot to update.

                      So Hawaii is end of September - approximately 6 months. If I stay away from alcohol, and do my best not to binge, hopefully I can be at 60kg for Hawaii - this is the lowest weight I have ever been, and frankly not that light for me, I still had plenty of padding on my bum and thighs.

                      Also my new avatar was taken on our mini-break. Looking very out-doorsy!


                      • Jen I got your email! Ha, at first I thought it was spam, because a different user name comes up.

                        Not much else to report, I have been true to my word and not weighed myself. twice now I have gone voer my target calories of 1300 net, due to hunger or whatever, but haven't let it lead to a binge, and even at 1400 calories it *should* still be weight loss territory.

                        Other than that, just been riding, walking and working. And trying to decide whether my will-power will be broken at Easter by my mum's chocolate mud cake...


                        • Sad to say I weighed msyelf today and am up a kg from last time, to 66kg. Hopefully I will get back to 65kg pre-easter.


                          • I was thinking that from Sunday I might give intermittent fasting another go, more along the lines of the 5:2 diet....just to kick start things, and break the daily monotony of calorie restriction.


                            • Alright well somewhere along the line suggestive advertising has got to me, and I am planning on giving fasting another go. I watched that BBC Horizon's doco by Michael Mosely, and it has convinced me to try again. I think last time I failed for a few reasons.
                              1. My thryoid wasn't being properly medicated, so I couldn't lose no matter what I did
                              2. I continued to cut calories severely non-fast days, so fasting was simply a method for me to cut EVEN more calories.

                              This time I am going to aim, at least at first, for roughly the same weekly total of calories, just cutting them out from two days of severe restrictions, rather than daily smaller restrictions. Should have a similar effect if weight loss is *just* calories, but hopefully will have additional benefits of fasting.

                              We'll see! I am going to do my first fast day tomorrow, when I am at work all day and distracted, but for the first time back at least I am going to skip the morning bike ride. Once I am into it I will feel more confident about exercising on fast days.


                              • OK, did my first 'fast' yesterday (i.e. went to bed Tuesday night, on Wednesday consumed no more than 500cal, then broke fast this morning). It was actually pretty easy! Slight hunger that ebbed and flowed, but I didn't have any trouble sleeping which was my main fear. And knowing I could have a big breaky today certainly helped the will power!