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    Quickie update, off to the movies with some friends.

    Breakfast - piece brocolli quiche, tin tuna
    Lunch - bacon, eggs, rocket
    Dinner - baked brussels sprouts and bacon, with olice oil, rocket

    1281 cal, 121protien (39%), 22carbs (7%), 54% fat

    Had a diet drink at mums. It's hard I love them so much! So cold and tingly...and without coffee, milk, etc, there's not much left! I try to minimise, it's a lot less than what I used to drink...

    Exercise: 30min weights, and some housework


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      You might find that the longer you do this the less diet drinks will appeal...and anyway even if that never happens they can just be part of your 20%. We all have our weaknesses. I know that potato chips are bad for me, they're nearly all cooked in vegetable oil...but I can't see myself never ever eating them again. Just love that salty crunchiness too much. Best I can do is just have them very occassionally and try not to scoff a whole bag in one go lol
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        I love love love tortilla chips, damn straight I won't give them up completely BUT I did pass them up last night! I was happy to read a forum posted about primal eaters encourporating pork rinds. If this is something you like, you may try them instead of potato chips? I know I miss the salty/crunchy so this is a good alternative for me. No carbs!!


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          I am quite the chip fan, but I rarely ate them anyway on CW so it's not quite a big deal for me. I used to live on diet drinks - I was consuming so much artificial sweetener it's not funny. So actually, even cutting back to 1-2 diet cokes a week is a huge improvement, and if I can work on cutting down rather than out, eventually I may be able to painlessly quit. I always make sure I never buy it at uni or work or when at the shops, as that's just bordem drinking, and I never have it in the house. I usually cave when at my mum's - we shave a diet coke and sit in the sun, or when out for dinner.

          Actually, confession. At the petrol station yesterday I bought two packs of extra, on special etc. I chewed about 8 pieces quickly (cause that's what I do), and boy did I feel sick ALL afternoon. Like seriously. I can't handle them anymore. So that is one source of sweetener out for good.


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            Alrighty, a good day today.

            Breakfast: piece quiche, tuna
            Lunch: chicken salad with roast pumpkin, eggplant etc
            Tea: home made bolognaise sauce, mince, roast veg

            1234 cal, 120protein (40%), 5carbs (18%), 41% fat

            Today and tomorrow are my 'high' carb days, where I get some roast pumpkin at lunch!

            Exercise: 45min walk.


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              OK, slightly worse day today!
              Started well,
              Breakfast: piece quiche, tin tuna
              Lunch: chicken salad with roast veg, seaweed etc
              Tea: steak, onion and leek done in butter, lettuce

              BUT - I also had a chocolate freckle, and some milk in two decaf coffees, Almost made it a week without dairy! And WTF, I never just eat chocolate. Anyway. I do it very rarely, so that can be my 20%. Also the milk is out of date tomorrow, so I doubt there will be any more transgressions.

              Calories: approx 1562, 147protein (38%), 54carbs (14%), 48% fat, + a freckle.

              Them's be a bit high, and I didn't exercise today. I had planned weights, but I already did Saturday and I'll do Thursday, and have a bike ride planned tomorrow, and just needed a rest day.

              Also, really good news. I was diagnosed hypothyroid last year, and even fully medicated I kept gaining weight and now it seems to be all I can do to maintain. I had some blood tests a while back, and even though my T3 was low, my GP wouldn't refer me to a doctor who prescribes it, and the endo he referred me to basically ignored all my symptoms, said T3 was useless and to be ignored, and to drop my T4 dose (which I didn't - given the last time I dropped it I gained 5 kilos in like 4 months). Anyway, nothing was happening there, but I finally tracked down a doc in Sydney who works with throid issues, was appalled that I wasn't prescribed T3 even though it was low, and have an appointment for about three weeks time. I am so happy and realieved, I feel as like if I can get someone to take me seriously, and prescribe me T3, I will finally be on a level playing field as far as weight loss goes. I don't want a pill that makes me lose unnarturally, I just want some fairer terms and conditions, and a normal metabolism.


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                I'm wondering whether instead of going forward with this very restrictive diet for the next three weeks - i.e. very low carb (generally), low cal, no dairy, no fruit etc, I should just go back to a sustainable Primal diet (no grains, clean unpackaged food etc) until I see this doc. I don't want to lose weight in an unsustainable fashion, then not get proper treatment, and then gain it back because the diet I have been on IS so strict. I'd love some fruit...


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                  Mmm. Fruit is something I miss too. Maybe if u go back to less restrictive your stress levels might relieve and you might lose weight just because your not thinking about it so much. I know that stressing on it, doesn't help me. Not that I've lost anything either though. :|
                  One thing that may benefit in the long term by relieving the restrictiveness will be if your body is reacting to things the Dr. might be able to help more than if your body hasn't had anything to react to.
                  I hope I haven't confused you.
                  Went Primal on 1st April 2012

                  Since beginning Primal:
                  - The stomach cramps I'd been having have vanished.
                  - People comment that my skin is glowing.
                  - I enjoy getting out of bed (most of the time)
                  - I'm so excited by food.



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                    Hmm, I don't think I could be that lucky. As soon as I lost anything I'd start stressing and about losing, or about losing enough in time to cancel.

                    I am trying to have more normal sustainable eating in the meantime though, so if I get treatment it is under 'every day' conditions.

                    had a meeting late yesterday so couldn't update, therefore...
                    Exercise: 50min bike ride, 30min walk to shops

                    Breakfast: piece quiche, tin tuna, some pesto
                    Lunch: bacon, eggs, rocket, 4 dates, dash milk in coffee
                    Snack; pepsi max (bad), a freckle and a gold rough (veryyyyyy bad!!)
                    Dinner: left over mince and roast veg with bolognaise sauce from Sunday night

                    1542cal, 120protein (31%), 78carbs (21%), 48% fat

                    The odd thing is this morning, after chocolate two days in a row, my weight is down to 68kg again. As I said, not keen to lose now before the meeting with the doc...Might have to buy another treat this afternoon Just to make sure. I shouldn't be too worried about losing weight, hasn't happend so far and I've been trying 9 months. Plus my pants still fit the same, so it might be dehydration. I'll drink more water today.

                    Also, haven't been sleeping well at all. last night I would have been lucky to scrape an hour - just full of energy/can't sleep/not tired for some reason. Very odd. Just my luck my thyroid would start to overact now or something.


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                      It's Murphy's law. I cancelled an appointment with a gastro specialist earlier this year that I'd waited 3 months for because I wasnt having the issue anymore. Hope that your body behaves so that you can show and tell at your appointment an accurate account. Enjoy that treat if you decide to have it!
                      Went Primal on 1st April 2012

                      Since beginning Primal:
                      - The stomach cramps I'd been having have vanished.
                      - People comment that my skin is glowing.
                      - I enjoy getting out of bed (most of the time)
                      - I'm so excited by food.



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                        OK I really need to stop eating chocolate - this is three days in a row! If I want a treat tomorrow it's fruit.

                        Breakfast: piece quiche, tin tuna, pesto
                        Lunch: chicken, roast veg, seaweeed, pesto, etc
                        2 golden rough chocolates, coke zero
                        Dinner: steak, onion and leek done in butter, rocket

                        1661 cal, 145protein (36%), 55carbs (15%), 51%fat

                        Eek, definitely too high. No chocolate tomorrow!

                        Exercise: 3 sprints, a hover

                        Hm..what else. So I have this appointment with a doc 1st June, and am pleased that she is getting me to get some thorough blood work done to find out what the frack is going on. I can only conclude that I am hyper this at the moment. Didn't sleep well Sunday or Monday night, get barely an hour last night, and still not tired, plus energetic, plus not in the usual sh*t mood I would be in on this little sleep...or sometimes generally. Odd. Whether or not this leads to weight loss....probably not, I'm not that lucky!


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                          OKey dokey.

                          Breakfast: piece quiche, tuna, pesto
                          Lunch: tuna salad with roast veg etc
                          4 dates
                          Tea: beef stir fry, brussels with butter

                          1492cal, 135protein (38%), 55carbs (16%), 46% fat

                          Exercise: 30mins weights

                          Finally got some sleep last night - slept like a log for a good 9.5 hours, apart from pee breaks. I did wake up in a complete sweat around 2 am though, not sure what that was about.


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                            I think something's in the air...I have slept like complete SHIT the past 3 nights. 4am this morning...wide awake!


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                              Hmm, I wonder what it is? I didn't sleep great last night, but not as bad as the other night.

                              Anyway - I ate a LOT today. I was doing some cooking to take to a friends place tomorrow, and there was lots of bowl licking etc.

                              Breakfast: piece quiche, tin tuna, mayo
                              MT: apple
                              Lunch: bacon and eggs with rocket, a piece of coconut bread that I cooked and had to try before unleashing on my poor friends tomorrow as it was a first
                              Dinner: beef stir fry, some brussels
                              Plus bowl lickings from the bread, and from the sauce I used in the chicken dish I made, which was very calorie laden and I don't think all that primal...ah well. I do my best.

                              1757cal (!!!), 125protein (29%), 45carbs (10%), 61% fat

                              I tell you what though, I haven't had an apple in MONTHS, and it was divine.

                              Exercise: 30min run, 30min walk to accupuncture
                              I had great energy on the run this mornng (in contrast to barely being able to lift weights yesterday) - I think it's mainly the higher carbs. Weight was up again, but it seems I am fluctuating up and down a lot at the moment anyway so not really paying that much attention. I'm happy just to cruise until I see this thyroid doc.

                              *edit: I say I ate A LOT, but in reality, those calories are below my maintenance calories. Not that I expect to lose, if anything I'll gain, but it does go to show weight loss is more than just calories


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                                Well if I gain this week I only have myself to blame. Went to my friends house for lunch and ate waaaay too much. Chicken bake, coconut bread, and then cake with ice-cream. I'm guessing I put away about 3000 calories today! Still feel full, but going to try and muster the energy to go down and lift some weights - I think it will make me feel better.