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    OK, I just finished commiting myself 100% to primal, and I think I did pretty well considering the sheer number of functions I had to attend - definitely achieved 80%. Results were mixed - I lost a kilo, but didn't lose any centimeters, so whether or not this is fat or was just water from my two weeks VLC is debatable. I think water.

    Anyway, no matter what I do I can't lose weight, but the only way forward is sticking to the primal way of eating for life. Going back to old ways isn't going to help me lose weight - proven in the past.

    So, moving forward, my goals are:
    Stick to primal diet 100%
    Continue to do my best to avoid the siren call of pepsi max and coke zero.
    Weights at least twice a week, sprints once per week.
    Cardio, but not lapse into chronic cardio.

    Eating - I am going to start by trialling a kind of carb cycling, although an expert on it probably would tell me this isn't what I'm doing at all. Sundays and Mondays I am going to eat higher carb (from pumpkin mainly), the remaining 5 days I am going to be low carb (<30g). Hopefully this will keep my body guessing.

    Also it has been suggested that I cut out dairy. This was my last bastion - the final thing have been resisting. I have just under 2 of goat milk in the fridge and a piece of cheese. When these are gone, from the very next day, I am cutting out dairy, trialling for a month. If nothing else it will eliminate it as a cause for not losing. At best I lose weight, and giving up the dairy will have been worthwhile...

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    I was in the same boat, almost four months in but no weight loss. No gain either though, which was a plus as I wasn't counting calories just eating as clean as possible. Anyway so no weight loss UNTIL I started the Whole30. Technically you're not supposed to weigh yourself til the end of the program but last Friday, which was 10 days in, I jumped on the scales and I was 1 kg down! Now, this might be water weight but I doubt it as I've been eating Primally since the start of the year. So the things that I'm doing differently to the previous few months is I'm eating no dairy and no sugar, I'm also IF-ing til lunchtime on weekdays, and I've upped my exercise though I'm only walking with a bit of jogging thrown in. It's hard to not get my hopes up but am really hoping the scales keep heading down!

    Looking forward to watching your progress and hope that cutting out dairy works for you
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    An Aussie girl goes Primal


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      I hope so too! I changed my mind, and am going no dairy from today. Being May 1st and all.
      There is only 1 day this month that I will be going a little off plan, a big wine tour that I have been looking forward to for months, with gourmet meals at different winerys and dessert included in the ticket price.

      I saw my doc yesterday, thyroid issues, and he basically said, in his experience, even properly medicated, people with thyroid problems struggle to lose weight, and have to work much harder, and be vigiliant in keeping it off. With that in mind I've decided to commit to a really strict month (hence cutting out dairy), and hopefully some kilos (of fat) will shift.


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        How'd the no dairy go today? And sorry to hear about the thyroid issues, at least you know the scales not moving is not because you're doing something wrong.

        And wine tour? Lucky you! Where are you off to? The Hunter Valley or somewhere a bit further afield? My OH and I are mad for wine tours. Love the Yarra Valley in Vic and the Barossa in SA, would move to the Barossa in a heartbeat if I thought there was any work for a geologist!
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        An Aussie girl goes Primal


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          Yeah pretty good. In that, I didn't eat any dairy! Haha. Managed to IF til lunch, then bacon eggs and rocket for lunch, steak, onion, leek, butter and rocket for dinner. Some coconut oil. Water, flavoured tea.

          825 cal, 85protein (40%), 12carb (5%), 55% fat

          A bit low today. i didn't realise how many calories some milk and cheese added! Well I did, but I didn't. I'll have to work harder at getting my protein up now too, as it's a bit low. I had a can of tuna planned for AT, but couldn't do it.

          Exercise - personal trainer

          I also got my eyes checked today, and am getting glasses for reading - basically any time I am at the computer or reading longer than an hour, which is every day. I have always kinda wanted glasses (nerd!), and I picked some super cute red converse frames.

          And yep, some friends and I are doing the Lovedale Long Lunch - so you get a bus to the vineyards (Hunter Valley), and 5 different wineries do gourmet meals, tastings, cheeses, art shows etc, and you shuttle between all 5. You get two meals and a dessert, and I have been fantasising about them for months. And the trip itself. But in July I am going to Adelaide for a conference, and I'm taking my husband with me, and we're planning a day tour of the Barossa region!

          At least with the doc telling me that I WILL struggle, I can justify a really strict diet for a few months, as that is all that might work...


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            OK, day two no dairy. I'm coping!

            IF till lunch - really easy today, and unlike usually, I wasn't even thinking about food that much.

            Lunch - chicken salad with roast veg, seaweed, pesto
            Snack - tin tuna
            Tea - steak stir fry

            925 cal, 114protein (52%), 23carb (11%), 37% fat

            + did my sprints


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              I am worried that your calories are so low! This may also cause your body to rebel and hold on to the weight you so desperately want to lose. IF always makes my calories for the day go down a bit, but I try to never go below 1200. Adding a couple hundred calories through coconut oil, ghee, or red meat is not very hard to do!


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                The IF-ing does get easier doesn't it? I don't seem to be able to sustain it on the weekends though...and once I have breakfast then I just find myself snacking all day. I don't know, maybe it shakes things up a bit having breakfast a couple of times a week. Do you IF every morning?
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                An Aussie girl goes Primal


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                  IF success depends on your relationship with food and how long you have been eating primally ( in my opinion.) If you are relatively used to eating 3 meals and a couple snack during the day, or are constantly thinking about food and when you get to eat next, it is too early to throw in IF. I would start out by cutting out the snacks and make sure you are good and satisfied at each 3 meals. You will find you don't think about food as much when you are satiated. Then maybe throw in an IF a couple times a week. It may never work for you to do it in the weekends- go with what is comfortable otherwise it will backfire!


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                    [I don't know to be honest. I know those calories are low, but I've tried eating 1800, 1600, 1500, 1400, 1300, 1200, 1000 and nothing has ever led to weight loss. I'm not even sure about the IF to be honest - it hasn't lead to losses either. But then, I was often having some milk in my coffee. I'm going to give it two weeks, and if nothing happens I'm bringing back breakfast.


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                      Alright, day 3 no dairy. And everything else.
                      Exercsie : 30mins weights session at home

                      IF til lunch.
                      Lunch: chicken salad, with roast veg etc
                      AT: tin tuna with some pesto
                      Dinner: steak stir fry, the usual veg

                      933cal, 127protein (55%), 19carbs (9%), 34% fat


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                        Glad to hear you're doing well with no dairy. I'm having issues with it as well, but it DEFINITELY is a gateway food to binging for me. I'll try the 100% no dairy with you!

                        Also, I'm going to second (or third, or fourth) the need for more fat! On an average day I aim for it to be about 50% and the energy levels are so much different. Anyways, just a thought, it's an easy way to boost up your calories a little bit and prevent your body from going into starvation and retention mode


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                          Whilst I don't avoid fat, I can't come at the idea of adding dollops of butter or coconut oil to my food just for the calories, especially when I am trying to lose weight. My metabolism is slower than 'normal', since I have a thyroid condition. However, I think I am going to give IF the flick for a while. I am not hungry when I wake, but I've always loved breakfast, and the IF seems to be doing jack for me anyway.

                          If till lunch.
                          Lunch - 3 eggs omlette, bacon, rocket
                          Snack - (to get my calories up a bit) tin tuna + an artichoke heart, some pesto
                          Dinner - will be steak, with onion and leek cooked in butter, plus rocket

                          1020 calories, 109protein (43%), 13carbs (5%), 52%fat

                          Exercise: 30min run, 30min to and from shops.

                          Still dairy free, and therefore, also coffee free.


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                            I quite like a drizzle of olive oil over my vegies, still can't quite come at the "smothering everything in butter thing"...too many years avoiding the stuff, though when I was in my teens I was a butter fiend, used to have it on everything. Particularly used to love smearing it all over my steak! Then I fell into the "fat is bad" camp and didn't touch it for a long time. Happy to have it back in my diet, but only in moderation.

                            And day 4 with no dairy, doing well! Have you had any side effects from cutting out the coffee?
                            Right here Right now

                            An Aussie girl goes Primal


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                              Yeah no side effects with the coffee, I had been cutting back anyway. Unfortunately no weight loss yet either