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  • This post came at a good time for me. 9 weeks into my pregnancy and I'm suffering major aversions to...MEAT, of all kinds! It's horrible, all I can seem to eat is fruit (good!), full-fat Greek yogurt, nuts, and wait for it...pasta and bread!! I have been beating myself up a little bit feeling like I'm slipping back to my old ways. You reminded me that it's not all black and white. Sometimes in our lives, paleo will not work for one reason or another. Or you may just choose some non-paleo things, and it's ok. I have to eat something. If the sight of meat makes me want to puke, I may just have to stick with my Ezekiel toast with almond butter for awhile.


    • That's got to be rough. Pregnancy can cause some pretty weird likes and dislikes. I remember being acutely sensitive to even just the smell of foods while pregnant. The smell of tomato sauce would send me to the bathroom (grew up in an Italian household so tomato sauce was on the stove all day long :-( )

      Not sure what to suggest here -- maybe try burying protein in homemade soups so it's not staring you in the face. Perhaps try some very mild fish (fish that doesn't have a lot of smell while cooking).

      And the last suggestion is see if you can get someone else to do the cooking for a while. I found that cooking food made me nauseous -- but if someone else cooked, all I had to do was focus on getting the nutrition in.

      By the way, I had four babies, all healthy. 1st baby was 9lbs. 2nd baby was 10lbs. 3rd and 4th baby twins, full term, each 6 and 7 lbs respectively. Our bodies are capable of doing some pretty amazing feats.

      Good luck!
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      • Well hey!

        Just wanted to check in with you all. Things have been going well for me,a lthough the stressload is at an all time high. Unfortunately, primal eating hasn't been a priority. It's frustrating because I'm so good on my own time (with the exception of my dark chocolate habit which I really need to just cut out) but keep being put in situations where my free will isn't really enough.

        Case in point. I started seeing this boy. This boy is awesome. Pretty much day 1 that I met him the primal thing came up in a group of folks, I think I mentioned the whole "I could never give up potatoes" incident, and so it is a KNOWN FACT that I don't enjoy eating wheat. Unfortunately, somehow we've fallen into the routine of him bringing me muffins and coffee at the farm, and when a cute boy brings you a double chocolate muffin, you eat the damn muffin. Unfortunately it's starting to happen too often and then I'm comatose for a few hours and can't work, so something needs to be said. I've never been very good at these conversations. I always just awkwardly side step them and hide the muffin. But, if this is something that's going to last, talks need to happen I guess. He's already told me he's going to coerce me into eating grilled cheese and tomato soup with him one time, and has admitted that bread is his favorite food (god, did I EVER Think like that? How can one prefer bread to lamb fat?!?!). Minor flaw, and I'm trying to remember that when I dated my last boyfriend (The one who introduced me to primal) my reaction was fairly similar and I eventually came around.

        Anyways, I have been eating things and drinking things I don't normally eat or drink, and man am I feeling the effects. Belly bloat and acne like WHOA. Painful. And painful shits. Time to stop this!

        Hope you all are doing well!


        • Nice to see you around these parts again! I miss reading your journal

          Congrats on the nice boy, too bad about the whole muffin/wheat situation. Maybe you should tell him you're gluten intolerent?? Might that work, or too late? Or if you're not, I guess that's a lie, so nvm scratch that idea. But maybe something like, "it's really thoughtful of you to bring me a muffin, but I'm a bit sensitive to gluten (or grains?? i dunno). I've been eating them to be polite, but they don't make me feel that great. You think you could just stick to the coffee?"

          It's a bit of sticky situation, those early relationship habits can be killer as they often set the tone. Good luck though, hope to see you around here more!
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          • I would sweetly say something like

            "I appreciate your thoughtfulness, but next time can you just bring me coffee? I already ate breakfast and I'm not a big fan of muffins."

            then you don't have to get into the whole no-wheat thing... then when the relationship isn't so new and he won't be weirded out by your weird no grains habits, you can explain that you gave up grains after doing a ton of researching and realizing that they really don't make you feel your best.

            Glad to see you're back. I hope things work out with the new boy!
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            • Or you could just jump in and say, "wheat makes my butt a blowhorn and gives me painful shits." Ha ha, joking or course.

              If you are in a good place mentally then yay for you. Obsessing about food is worse than running a marathon/
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              • Hi, I was reading through your journal. The muffin story reminded me of a funny episode. When I first started seeing my SO, I would bring her stuff too, chocolates mostly, eventually she told me to stop because she had to stop eating chocolate. I was disappointed but I complied. But Valentines day came around and what to do? She doesn't like cut flowers, it's February, so we can't plant anything outside yet, and I'm under standing orders not to bring chocolate into the house!

                But at a store I saw Dove chocolate roses, a dozen chocolate rosebuds, wrapped in foil with plastic stems. All in a beautiful box. Despite the prohibition about chocolate I got her one. She was happy, but gently scolded me for bringing in chocolate and put the box into her freezer.

                It sat there for months! What willpower! Finally, one day got home early and decided I wanted a piece of chocolate, it was clear she wasnt eating them, so I opened the box and took one. I unwrapped the pretty foil and it was empty! She had carefully opened it, taken out the chocolate and rewrapped it! I grabbed another, and another. Every one had been eaten and carefully rewrapped, Lol!!

                When she got home that night I asked her when she had eaten the chocolates and she replied, "right after you left that night!"
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