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    B- bacon, broccoli and carrots
    L - pork, apple, broccoli and carrots
    T - duck legs with....broccoli and carrots!!!!
    S - grapes

    I think i need to venture out and pick up some more veg, it's only as i've written it down i've just realised my obsession

    Roast duck legs, my favourite meal tonight, so satisfying.


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      I've been struggling recently, well the last 3 months in all honesty. I reckon i am currently 90% primal (which i know isn't good), but i don't think this works for me, i need to be 100%. When i was 100% it was more or less effortless. I've been having some sugar and it has turned me into a sugar junkie. I've been binging a bit as well, which i never used to do. I desperately need to get back to what i know is right for me and what works.

      There have been a couple of other factors in play here as well though. I've been worrying about whether i was being made redundant (found out last week i'm keeping my job, huge relief). My OH works evenings and i'm at home with his mum most nights and i struggle to relax. I've been comfort eating from the minute OH leaves for work. The fridge broke two weeks ago and so far the replacement hasn't been delivered yet! I have been finding it hard to cook my 3 meals with fresh ingredients and am shopping twice a day at the moment.

      I am currently on medication which i would need to stop in order to conceive. I started the process of weaning myself off the meds 3 weeks ago. I should be spending the next 3 months getting my body in the best possible shape, not binging and comfort eating

      So here is the plan:
      As of tomorrow. No more sugar. Back to primal 100%. Eat substantial meals to avoid the urge to comfort eat. Plan my meals a bit better to avoid getting caught out with nothing primal to eat (tricky at the moment with no fridge but not impossible). Dig out my 30 Day Shred DVD and really try to complete it. Visualise all the good the meat, eggs, veg and fruit is doing my body. Dig out my Primal Blueprint book and read it again. Dig out Wheat Belly and read it again!

      I've just re-read my journal to see how i did the first time round. I might have a bit of carb flu this time but nothing like what i experienced previously. At least i'm not trying to kick a diet pepsi addiction as well this time!

      My parents started primal about the same time as i did last year. I lost 48lb (i think?), my dad's now lost 50lb and my mum has lost 28lb. I knew they were looking amazing but i'd forgotten what a belly my dad had last year. He showed me their before and after pictures, amazing!!! They look so well. I could probably do with losing another 7-14lb. It's strange though, when i look in the mirror now i still see the obese person i was before. I've had my old photo's out trying to show myself how far i've come but i'm still struggling. Think i'd best get my tape measure out and measure my stomach and prove to myself how much it has shrunk!

      Confession over x