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    Hi, thought i'd post my little snippet of my experiences so far.

    I'm 20, Im a graphic designer and I love nutrition and exercise (aswell as collecting cigars,shhh). I've had a long journey fitness wise, when I was 16 I was about 225 pounds, for my age, that's not good at all.

    Well, to cut a long story short, I got down to 145 in a few months. Mainly through excessive cardio, starvation and casual high rep weights. It was great being 'normal' sized. Everyone was amazed with the 100+ pound weightloss. Gave me confidence etc

    My new interest was weight training, I never got serious, but at the start of 2009 I started Stronglifts, a strength training program, I saw good results, and lifting heavy things was fun. I went on the Anabolic diet, which is similar to being primal, but you had Carb up days (Weekends) 'to replenish glycogen'. So the weekends were binge days. I didnt have the luxury of MDA back then so my meals were still 6 a day, and the food I ate was just weird. Blocks of cheese, a handful of nuts. It didnt feel natural. I loved the egg n bacon in the mornin, but It didn't feel focused. While on this diet I saw great gains and got comments for the first time ! Was great. Well I got scared of rising body fat levels (must be those carb up weekends!), and I stupidly started 'cutting'.

    While cutting, I saw reduced muscle mass with non visible body fat loss, and I got mad that I did something stupid and sort of lost faith in my training. I did it intermittantly now and then. I received some minor injuries , A small shoulder pain, and some shin pains. I pretty much didn't train CONSISTENTLY throughout the winter, and I was in a pretty lame shape, nothing terrible, just not focused on anything.

    I started on a more focused carb diet after Xmas binging, and started up training finally. It was cool, was not quite sure about how to approach my diet. It felt weird after being Anabolic/Low carb for a while.

    Luckily I found MDA and read for hours, all the great articles. I did my homework and weighed things up and analysed how it would play into my life style, and I decided that i'd try low carb again....

    It's been 3 weeks now I think, or 4. And I'm loving it big style. The egg and bacon is back and im loving it. I look foward to my healthy salads (for the first time EVER), and I love making a big ol healthy dinner. I may make a berry smoothie now and then too now that I got a blender.

    Overall I feel more healthier, and for peace of mind, I feel like everything I eat is sensible and that my body will utilise it for training and general well being. Theres no worry about 'well I shouldnt of had the end of the bread slice cause of the useless carbs', it's just a great system for my lifestyle.

    I only eat 3 meals a day now, because that's all I can really! Well I can stuff myself with more, but I dont like doing that, I tried doing that while on the anabolic diet and it felt unnatural, eating loads to gain muscle...hmm I felt like a fatass. Im glad MDA promotes fasting and a more simple way of life, I always wondered if such a community existed and im glad it does.

    Im happy to do this for the rest of my life. I dont feel bloated, infact I think bodyfat levels are stable or infact reducing WHILE gaining lean mass. I dont track calories and I think I am on track with my training. I have stalled on all lifts and will deload and increase my kcals by 250 to promote progression.

    Other than that, Im loving being primal. I'd say my only downfalls are that I'm a cigar smoker (1-3 a week, im an aficionado), and I go out drinking some weekends or have a fast food meal, but I simply am not willing to give up any of those, at least not for 10 years (the drinking anyway).

    I've had a large dinner at 6pm, and I will be fasting for 24 hours....only to have Take-away chinese tommorow with a friend, ha

    Hooray for primal, and hoooo, that turned out to be a long post...