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    Well, I usually am just a lurker on boards but I feel compelled to do this. I started this journey in early march, a month after a friend and I decided to do our local sprint triathlon. At the time I had gained some winter weight; weight that should never have come back on, but I see now why it did. My husband and I have used low carb diets to lose weight several times in our married lives with some success. But, we always come back to eating junk (bread, junk food, pasta etc.) because we either don't have the $ in our budget for "good food" or we believe we deserve it and down we go. So, this Jan/Feb we both had our annual physicals. I was up to 165 pounds and not happy about it. My numbers were fine, except that my HDL was only 30. My husband's triglycerides were pretty high, enough that he has to go back in 6 months for a recheck.

    So, recalled a local doctor promoting Paleo on facebook and about a month into my triathlon training I determined this was how we needed to eat. So, I just started fixing good dinners for the family, including an 18 year old son (only home when college is on break), a 14 yr old son, and a 12 yr old son. My weight started coming off and I was feeling better, which prompted my husband to jump on board. After almost 20 years of marriage it dawned on me that when I eat right and exercise, my husband does. March and April went well, after a short carb flu adjustment, we have learned to eat many more vegetables and I have read and read lots of stuff online.

    One big BUT, after the successful triathlon experience the end of March, I felt like a was rolling down a mountain. The build up the the triathlon and the actual experience was great, but the last 2 weeks have just been hard. Let me say that I didn't really have any cravings for junk until after the triathlon and then it hit!
    I found myself eating crackers, cookies, oatmeal, granola bars...anything I could find. And then, this last weekend I realized that I felt awful. My face had broken out, my sinuses were and still are draining, and to make matters worse I got conjunctivitis for the first time ever! (I doubt it's related to my cheats, but...)

    So with all that said, I start this journal for myself, for accountability, and to get some clarity. Just writing what I wrote on this post has given me a new resolve.

    Me and my family: I am 39, hubby is 43, 3 teenage boys. We live on an apple/peach/pear orchard with my parents (not in the same home, lol). My parents own the orchard and we help them. We have a 3 room b&b that we run on the orchard separate from our personal home, also on the property. We just started raising chickens a few weeks ago...the chicken coop and the large enclosures are being plotted out. A garden was just started yesterday and we get our beef from a family friend--not totally grass fed, but infinitely better than grocery store beef. Now we just need to find some good pork and a good source for some "other" meat.

    Hubby works a full time job on a 12 hour rotating shift and has for about 18 years, not great but a good paying job with good benefits. I work at home with the b&b, the orchard in the summer/fall, and helping to raise our boys.'s menu
    B - Coffee, 2 poached eggs on 1 C of baby spinach, homemade balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing, and 2 slices bacon
    L - 3 leftover chicken legs, Kale & spinach salad w/bals. vinegar dressing, 1 tbsp guac with a few pcs of cucumber and carrot sticks
    D - Not yet, but making Bacon and Beef Chili for the family, it has lots of tomato in it, pureed so the boys will eat it. I will sautee some bell peppers and onions for my portion of chili also.
    S - none yet, but if I do it will probably be a small handful of frozen blueberries

    Exercise: Taekwando class with my boys tonight...not a hard w/o because it's a mixed age class (6yr and up).

    Musings: none today aside from the long intro, LOL.

    HW - 172 (April 2010), PSW - 165 (March 1, 2012), CW - 154, GW - 130 (nice, but not necessary if I look/feel healthy)