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Keeping The Eye on the Prize, While Tightening Loose Screws

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  • Keeping The Eye on the Prize, While Tightening Loose Screws

    My older sis recommended I log what I eat, to see if I get any adverse effects; and I figured, I might as well log nutritional info, at the same time.


    0.8mi walk, to Church.

    10-15 minute of kneeling in the pew (rather decent core workout), praying rosary

    2.5 mile walk to the gym

    light stuff during open gym: tumbling/falling; little shadow boxing/footwork

    1hr submission wrestling, with 20 minutes of rolling in up/down/out fashion (1 minute periods, one minute rest)

    2.5 mile walk to the bus stop on the way home.

    Post Workout:

    * one 8.95 oz pork loin chop

    * one 8.45 oz pork loin chop

    = 17.4oz --> 100.05g protein | 43.5g fat | 826.5 calories, w/ 391.5 of them from fat | 261mg of sodium | 348mg of cholesterol | 15.23g saturated fat.

    * four pasture-raised eggs --> 20g fat | 4g saturated fat | 24g protein | 280mg sodium | 560mg cholesterol | 280 calories, 180 of them coming from fat.

    * three leaves of romaine lettuce --> 3 calories

    * three celery sticks --> 21 calories, 1.5 coming from fat | 102mg sodium | 4.5g carb | 1.5g fiber | 3g sugar | 1.5g protein |

    * one 5.25oz onion, chopped, sauteed --> 15g carbohydrates (apparently, based on my conversion program of ounces to gram [clocked in at 148g] ) | 2.31g fiber | 64.75 calories, 2.31 of them coming from fat | 6.94g sugar | 6.2mg sodium |

    * one sweet potato (guestimating 260g) --> 234 calories, 3.9 coming from fat | 53.3g carb | 16.9g sugar | 9.1g fiber | 5.2g protein | 93.6mg sodium

    Body didn't react negatively, or anything.
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