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    About a month in... and I fell off the wagon today. Yesterday I felt kind of crappy, had a killer headache, my whole body was sore from a workout and I generally wanted the day to be over asap. Had some stomach issues too and today I just couldn't think of eating meatballs with curry for lunch. To be honest, the mere thought of these meatballs made me feel sick (and no, I'm not pregnant ) Not having too many options, I cooked some rice and bought some tofu on the way to the office. I guess it's not the worst thing I could eat. I didn't get an apple pie from McDonalds after all BUT after eating this lunch (even though I liked it taste-wise and I still think it was better for my stomach than the flipping meatballs would have been) I literally almost fell asleep at my desk in the office. Hello, sugar crash :P This has not happened to me since going primal...

    So, after coming home I had some scrambled eggs with veggies and salmon. And a slice of pineapple for desert. And I feel good Not falling asleep even though maybe I should, because it's getting late...

    I'm still a bit scared of fully committing to this lifestyle... I LOVE the workouts (since I passionately hate cardio, but sprints are something I can handle - short and challenging ), but the food part... Even though it's kind of working, as I don't feel hungry all the time like I used to, I still doubt whether eating so much FAT will help me stay lean (or get leaner) and tone up... We'll see though.

    Workout today: body pump class (love it)

    I have sprints planned for the weekend, maybe some biking if the weather permits.

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    No workout to log in today, unless navigating a full cart through a crazy crowded grocery store and then hauling all the stuff that barely fit into the trunk of my car up a flight of stairs counts as a workout


    Breakfast: coffee smoothie - banana, cashew milk, flax meal, 1 tsp instant coffee + some roasted nuts and seeds (nuts & seeds added later, not blended )
    Lunch: HUGE salad - spinach, smoked salmon, tomato, bell pepper, avocado, fresh dill & lemon juice. I couldn't finish it all...
    Dinner: Chicken curry with tomato-coconut milk sauce, zucchini and fresh pineapple

    Hopefully sprints tomorrow, but I have a late night party to attend, so we'll see


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      Welcome Magda. Hang in there and remember you need rest as well as exercise. How often are you doing sprints? If you can do them more than twice (maybe three times if you are super fit) a week, you are not doing them hard enough.

      I generally avoid white rice. Maybe have it once a week. (I need to get my glucose down more and lose more fat.) But the last few days I have been passing a kidney stone. Not horribly painful but mine take a long time to pass. Mostly fasting but eating white rice because I have to eat something I can keep down with pain pills. After 2+ years of primal rice does make my glucose shoot up but no crash.
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        Hi and thanks for stopping by I definitely remember about rest. I do sprints once a week. I do them more because I have to/should than because I enjoy it. I'm getting better at it though. Before I tried for the first time, I was certain I'd die on the treadmill Well, I didn't die and now the treadmill won't run as fast as I'd like to. I just recently realized that I reached the max speed and had a laugh about it, because I'd always perceived myself as a person who "can't run". Well, it looks like I can. Especially when I imagine a T-rex chasing me (kidding sort of...)

        Actually I had some red rice, because that was the only thing I could think of adding to curry that didn't require thawing and lengthy cooking (I was basically on my way out to the office when I realized that meatballs were not an option for my stomach that day) I generally avoid all grains for now, save for some rice with sushi (I guess maybe 1-2 times a month). Surprisingly, I don't miss them at all. I thought I'd be going through a severe bread withdrawal, but alas, I just stopped eating bread and that was it. I don't even crave it when I go through the bakery aisle in the grocery store (I buy it for my husband who is not primal). Strange, but I guess it means that my body didn't really NEED it (as opposed to meat & fish which I used to crave like crazy sometimes during my vegetarian days).

        Some thoughts for today:
        - I need to reduce my nuts intake or I'll turn into a squirrel I eat massive amounts of nuts of all varieties and I noticed that they help me overcome my sweet tooth, but I think some moderation is needed here
        - It would be good to reduce dairy consumption too and up meat/fish intake
        - WTF am I supposed to do with chicken livers? I bought some and stuck them into the freezer until I find out how to make them edible. I've read of some people eating raw liver, but I', definitely not THAT primal yet


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          So, today was a good day both in terms of food and fitness


          Breakfast: parsley-banan smoothie (~1cup parsley, 1 banana, 1 tbsp sunflower butter, some flax meal, homemade almond milk, lemon juice & salt) with cherries & some nuts for crunch

          Lunch: yogurt & beet soup, hard-boiled egg and some smoked salmon

          Snack: some smoked cheese

          Dinner: Chicken curry with tomato-coconut milk sauce, zucchini and fresh pineapple + an orange for dessert

          Workout: sprints - some warmup (Grok squat, leg swings, arm swings, a few minutes of walking) and 7 sprint intervals (30 s sprint + about 1.5-2 minutes of power walk). The sprints were done at 16 km/h, first 3 bouts with 3% incline, then I died and had to reduce the incline to zero (funny how it felt like running downhill ) It was a nice workout that left me really tired but satisfied


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            Another primal day under my belt


            Breakfast: no oats oatmeal - this is magical, it kept me satisfied for over 6 hours. I don't know how that happened, but I definitely don't mind

            Lunch: yogurt & beet soup, hard-boiled egg

            Snack: a carrot, some cashews and almonds

            Dinner: 2 slices of pork roast with thick spinach and cheese sauce + salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers, a bit of 90% chocolate and several strawberries for desert

            Workout today was power yoga. I had quite a long break in my practice, so I see sore legs, hips & butt in my near future But I learned some new "yoga tricks". I've noticed that every time I move out of my comfort zone with yoga, I make some noticeable progress. I guess I need to do it more often and not limit it to yoga...

            I was also thinking about my goals with this whole "primal thing". I can't say that I'd like to lose X pounds, because I'm not overweight to begin with and if I don't lose anything or even gain a pound or two, I will still be OK. I'd like to tone up, sure, I don't mind having a sixpack at all So, workout-wise I came up with a goal of being able to do at least 3 full pullups by my 30th birthday which is in September.

            However, my other goal, which I think is more important is to restore healthy relationship with my body, my weight and food. For as long as I remember I've been trying to lose weight or maintain the loss, fortunately in a fairly sensible way (no slimfast diets and whatnot). I actually succeeded in losing about 20 LBS and maintaining most of this loss over the period of 2 years now. But my life has been revolving around food - what I can and cannot eat, will I be able to have the 5 small meals on any given day, what if I get hungry and don't have anything "clean" on hand to eat immediately? It was a major stressor for me. This is slowly changing now, which I'm really happy about. I'm learning to treat food as both fuel that I need and a pleasure (I love to cook, inventing new recipes is my hobby). I think this may be my greatest benefit from going primal, although I admit that I also feel proud when I can lift more than some guys in my gym - last time I got some seriously weird looks from a personal trainer (not mine) while i was doing some manmakers with 400m treadmill runs in between


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              Soooo, it was quite a good day today I'm amazed at how consistent my energy levels are throughout the day. Well, I don't exactly jump out of bed and I need a cup of coffee to fully wake up (especially if I commute by bus, somehow cycling to work gives me a nice boost of energy, but still, I just like my coffee, so I have one cup practically everyday). But then I didn't experience any "slumps", whether before lunch, instead of lunch, whatever It's actually kind of strange when everyone keeps complaining about being sleepy and I'm OK when prior to going primal I literally fell asleep at my desk several times.

              Also, I try to avoid "holier than thou" attitude, but when I see people having a cup of instant pasta (where white flour is probably the only ingredient you can pronounce) and a can of Coke for lunch, I can't help thinking "dude, you call this FOOD? This is pure organic chemistry". Especially given the fact that I work mainly with people around the age of thirty and over the past several years I have seen a lot of them "enlarge" significantly... Oh well...


              Breakfast: no oats oatmeal

              Lunch: a piece of pork roast + braised cabbage with dill (awesome )

              Snack: A square of almond "bread" (cake? I have no idea what I should call it, but it's definitely my first success in primal baking) + an apple

              Dinner: salad - greens, sardines (managed to find sardines in olive oil rather than sunflower oil, yay!) 1/4 big avocado, tomato, cucumber, lemon juice, some pumpkin seeds. I think there is some banana or dark chocolate for desert waiting for me

              Update: I ate a baked (microwaved) apple with some cinnamon and a few cloves and a tsp of hazelnut butter. It was delicious (of course ), BUT... I feel just a bit too full now. And it's just a bit too late in the evening... Not good... I guess I need to take a self-imposed "no desert challenge" or at least "think before you have a desert" challenge... I'll try to reduce deserts (maybe eliminate them entirely, apart from holidays and important family occasions). And I will DEFINITELY wait a few minutes and ask myself if I really want something sweet (or something at all) before I gobble it up just because it's there... I'm beginning to get a good hang of it with meals, but, as I just noticed, not so good with sweet somethings... Well, another thing to work on...


              I found a crossfit workout called Michael online, so I did it today

              Warmup - leg swings, arm swings, Grok squat etc.

              3 rounds of:
              run 800 m
              50 supermen
              50 situps

              In the spirit of working on my pullups so I can do 3 unassisted on my 30th birthday, I added 20 pullups before and after Michael. Both sets were assisted, of course. I tried with 24 kg assistance first (I'm 53 kg) and then I had to increase it to 28 kg. Well, I suck at pullups, that's for sure. Also, my back is already hating me for all the supermen :P
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                Still going strong - eating delicious primal food and feeling awesome - not bloated, no digestive issues, lots of energy throughout the day I'm always looking forward to my strength workout, not so much to the sprints, but I'm a good girl and I always tell myself that I can endure the 20 minutes and be done with it for a week Sorry Grok, I know you wouldn't be proud of me here, but I just hate running.

                I think I need to cut back a bit on carbs I have with my breakfast. I just did a bit of counting and it turns out I got ~50 g (banana mashed with organic full fat cottage cheese, some strawberries, some nuts and a tbsp of organic hazelnut butter, I just have to have something sweet-ish for breakfast to start a happy day ). Yikes. My other 2 meals are definitely lower carb, so I think I'm still below the 150 g per day recommendation, but it won't hurt to go down a bit anyway, since I can't wait to see this sixpack that I have but just don't know about it yet

                I'm also thinking about ditching dairy, but I think I'm not ready for this move yet. This would feel like depriving myself a lot, so for now I try to stick with organic fermented dairy and make almond milk for my coffee.

                Generally, it's getting better and better and I'm happy with that new style of eating, even though I can't SEE any effects, but I can definitely FEEL them


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                  Everything good

                  I had an awesome sprint workout yesterday - I was definitely not aware that I could run at 18 km/h I also tried (keyword ) to do some unassisted pullups and failed miserably. I'm not sure I'm going to meet my goal of 3 pullups on my 30th birthday, but we'll see. I also tried some box jumps and also failed (but had a good laugh in the process) - somehow, since I was afraid that the box was too high and I would trip over it and kill myself, not to mention making a total idiot of myself, when I was jumping away from the box, I could jump high enough, no problem, but then when I was trying to jump on it, I "couldn't" do this with both legs at once so I ended up with something between a failed box jump attempt and an (also failed) box climb attempt. After feeling like a fool for some time, I tried a bit lower box and that one was OK

                  Food-wise, I'm mainly dominating huge salads or veggie scrambles. Today was a big day, because I had my first savory breakfast in I don't remember how long - 2 hard boiled eggs, a slice of primal bread, a few slices of avocado and a tomato. It was gooooood After my meals I feel satisfied and I'm hunger-free for 4-5 hours - awesome Right now, I'm planning a menu for a primal party - my husband is turning 30 and we'll have some family over.


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                    Hi magda, I'm enjoying reading your journal as I can totally relate to the whole food thing and constantly worrying about it. I went primal for a while, was feeling great, then started to read too many other things and started to obsess again and changed my thought process about it, but after reading your journal it makes me think I need to clean it up again and focus but not obsess! Keep posting and journalling your eats


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                      Hi, thanks for your comment It's nice to know that someone is actually reading
                      I think I'm also still focusing on food too much, but I think it's natural at first - after all it's quite a spectacular change (at least for me - coming from vegan/vegetarian low fat world), so it's normal to try to do my best and, since PB is basically the opposite of everything I'd been taught about healthy eating, I think it's also natural to be a bit scared that all this fat will go into by butt and I will have six chins instead of a sixpack I'm also trying not to obsess over my meals and I think that a tsp of honey in my meat marinade won't kill me.

                      Well, it seems, that my body is really enjoying this new style I feel like it's finally working like it should - no energy slumps, no digestive issues, sporadic headaches and generally feeling a lot better. And, after fighting hunger for years (I literally could eat and be hungry an hour afterwards) I'm kind of surprised that today I went for solid 8 hours between lunch and dinner and I only had a few strawberries in the meantime and not really because I was hungry, but because I like strawberries and didn't want them to go to waste. I actually skipped the workout today and made it a "move slowly" day instead, because I STILL felt full from lunch five hours after eating. I think I'm beginning to understand that it's actually possible to skip a meal sometimes and not starve to death

                      Regarding food - breakfast was mentioned above. My killer lunch was a giant salad - fresh spinach and some more greens with smoked salmon, real ripe camembert cheese (awesome!), tomato and some lemon-dill-tahini dressing. After loooong time when I finally started to warm up to the thought of dinner, I still wanted to keep it on the lighter side, so I blended some local herbed cottage cheese, ~1/3 avocado, some zucchini (raw), tomato and bell pepper + seasonings. I sprinkled this smoothie with some sunflower and pumpkin seeds. It was really good - creamy and refreshing. I also had some 90% chocolate for dessert


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                        Still there and keeping strong. Between work, commuting, workouts, making & eating food and living my life I hardly have time to log all my food and workouts... Since it's gotten really hot here, I mainly eat salads, fresh fruit & veggies - nothing very interesting. Case in point - yesterdays menu:

                        Breakfast: organic cottage cheese, 1 tbsp full fat greek yogurt, 1 banana, fresh strawberries, 1 tbsp almond butter, a handful of assorted nuts, all mashed up together in a bowl = heaven

                        Lunch: salad of (if I remember well) spinach, agurula, tomato, 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado, some olive oil and seasonings

                        Snack: some camembert cheese, celery and cucumber

                        Dinner: this was a good one - curry omelet of 2 eggs with zucchini, sliced apple, curry (obviously), cinnamon, sprinkled with coconut and with a bit of coconut milk on top. I needed something semi-sweet for dinner and I didn't want to stuff myself with banana again.

                        Oh and there was desert - 1/2 microwaved apple with cinnamon, 1 tsp of some nut butter and 1 tsp of mascarpone (I tried it for the first time yesterday and now I know I'd been missing out all my life )

                        As for workouts, I did power pump on Wednesday and will probably do it again today. Not exactly a primal workout, but I love these classes. I try to ride my bike as much as weather and my schedule allows (these are really "bike strolls", nothing intense, just 12 miles to the office and back at a slow to medium pace)

                        And, since my husband turned 30 yesterday, we have a party tomorrow and I'm working on a primal menu. I will let you know what I ended up with. For sure there will be primal tiramisu and some salads, shrimp poppers and I whatever my creative madness will produce. Fun fact - I totally forgot that I need to buy bread for the party I guess that means I've really turned primal. Will have to invade the bakery though, for all the guests who are grain-based.

                        I'm thinking of doing the whole30 program, but I guess maybe I will wait about 2-3 weeks, because I'd like to give it my 100% and within those 3 weeks I have several family birthday celebrations and a wedding to attend, so I don't see myself refusing a glass of wine or skipping the wedding dinner altogether, because maybe it contains trace amounts of some "dirty" ingredients. However, when the party time is over, I think I will give it a shot.


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                          Hey Magda if you want to do the whole 30 (or there is also the 21 day sugar detox run by Diane at the beginning of each month) let me know and I'll see if I do it with you that way we can support each other. I can pretty much start anytime but not around 4th August as that's my birthday and its not so much the food but a couple of drinks I would like to indulge in

                          By the way your brekkie sounds awesome I will have to give it ago. I can't believe your not getting hungry doesn't seem like much food to me although it would be very similiar to how I eat except I feel hungry.


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                            So, today was quite good until evening, but I'd kind of predicted that I went to power pump - so glad I did. I almost bailed, but I finally dragged my @ss to the gym and the class was great. It flew by. I gave it my all and made some progress with my biceps and triceps weights I <3 power pump. Then I cycled home and then... the not so good though expected part came. I started making the tiramisu for tomorrows birthday party. And I pretty much licked all the dishes clean Admittedly, with some help from my husband. We also shared leftover coffee-amaretto mixture that I used for soaking cookies (which are paleo by the way) So now I have mascarpone with whipped cream, maple syrup + some coffee and booze running through my veins. It was delicious, but now even thinking of something sweet makes me a bit sick. And you can bet I'll eat even more of this deliciously evil stuff tomorrow

                            But then I'm planning to clean up my diet a lot. As for the whole 30, I plan to start it on 12th June. sarahz, it would be great if you joined me and we could do it together

                            For now, I think I'm going to put my sugar filled self to sleep
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                              Well, the hubby's B-day party went OK - lots of yummy food, wine and nice company. However (there is a however) I went totally overboard with tiramisu. I mean TOTALLY. I can't be near sweets or I can basically eat any amount :-/ I also overdid it a bit with wine, so the next morning was no fun - sugar + booze hangover. Oh well... I picked myself up and started over. We even had a bike ride to move around a bit and not spend the whole day vegging out on the coach.

                              Today, I did sprints. It was a good workout that left me really tired. I really gave it my all and was drenched with sweat in less than 20 minutes. Food-wise it was OK too.

                              B: Greek yogurt, strawberries, nuts and a bit of almond butter

                              L: Leftover curried chicken salad with apples

                              Snack: Cottage cheese, a hard boiled egg and a tomato mashed together - it was good but a bit too much...

                              D: Salad with pork road, blue cheese, tomatoes and strawberry vinegret. Fantastic Then I had a kiwi and a glass of tomato juice with tabasco as a dessert (hmm... tabasco for dessert? I'm weird )