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    Wow, it's been a whole year since i started here!

    Iíve decided that for Lent, Iím going to be the best person that I can be. My own imperfect self, but the best version of that that I can be at any given moment. Perhaps that means Iíll have a few sweet treats at a moment where I had not planned to. Iíll have those treats, and then try to figure out how to avoid that situaion the next time.

    But believe it or not, Iím not focused solely on food. I figured the best me will get 8 hours of sleep. Which means no more Daily Show at 11 when I know Iíve got to be up by 6:30. It means less teevee overall, because I canít fit TV plus everything else I want to do between 8pm when I get home (if Iíve gone to the gym after work) and getting to bed at 10:30. It means less internet surfing at lunchtime, and more taking a walk in the winter sunshine. It means making my bed in the morning before I leave, and washing the dishes at night. It means doing some of the things that I have been putting off forever, like re-wiring the lamp the buzzes and cuts out, or buying the blackout curtains so that I donít stay awake fascinated by the pretty grid that the streetlights make on my ceiling.

    The hope is that if everything else is in place Ė the sleep, the walking, a clean, uncluttered environment, and less stress from procrastinating that the eating will fall into place also.

    So now to the eating.

    The menu for next week will be coconut oil-poached tilapia with asian pear slaw from I donít really care all that much for tilapia, but Iíve got a large bag taking up room in my freezer.

    Papas rellenos Colombianas. So my coworker from Guatemala who brings me goodies made by his 70+ year old mom like yuca bunuelos, or tamales at Christmas time, mentioned that his brother in law from Colombia was trying to make some potato dish with ground beef and hardboiled eggs. He didnít think I would be able to eat it because it contains flour Ė arepa flour. Are you kidding me? Yah, I know corn isnít terribly primal, but you brought me tamales! And Iíve done Whole 30, as well as a superstrict autoimmune protocol for 45 days, with no issues on reintroduction. I think I can have this dish. So after looking around, I found a recipe at Itís basically mashed potatoes stuffed with beef-vegetable mixture then fried. Iím not a fan of frying, mainly because of the lingering smell, so Iím going to try an egg wash/almond flour coating and then baking.

    On the same site, I found a recipe for sopa de camarones, coco y platano. This website is speaking my language Ė not Spanish, obviously, but the language of shrimp, coconut and green plantain soup. It uses 3 cans of coconut milk to 1lb of shell on shrimp for 4-6 servings. I may reduce this to 2 cans plus a can of bone broth.

    Quiche: I have many quiche/frittata recipes, but the one Iíll be making is one from that has bacon, Emmentaler and cream as the main ingredients. Iíve got some powdered buttermilk, Iím wondering if I could a spoon or two to sour the cream a little. For the crust, Iím going to use hash browns. Yes, folks, I tried the infamous Potato Diet, and now have about 8 pounds of potatoes to dispose of, hence this crust and the papas rellenos above. Iíve got two cauliflowers sitting in my refrigerator drawer. If there is more potato leftover after the above, I may also do a mashed potatoes mashed cauli mixture.

    Cottage pie: Iíve got two recipes for this. One is a ďcupcakeĒ recipe from PRIME, and the other is made in a castiron pan from Iím going to go with the cupcake version so that I can freeze leftovers in individual portions. It calls for butternut squash, so I can use up my senior citizen squash for this and use my two sweet potatoes elsewhere. It also doesnít call for any dairy. I think Iím dairyed out with the quiche. Iím not going to use the pecans. Theyíre just for garnish, and I donít see any point in adding extra nuts to things just because.

    Meatballs over spaghetti squash: Iím using the recipe from Roost: A Simple Life. Iím not using veal, but I can mix in either ground pork or ground chicken with the beef. I have a jar of Raoís spaghetti sauce aging in the refrigerator. Iím stoked to have a recipe to use it in.


    Two recipes from Fitnesstreats. Chestnut cookies. 6tbsp chestnut flour, 1tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp of honey. Thatís it. Iíve got a bag of chestnut flour that I want to use up, and this is this weekís recipe to get that ball rolling.

    Sweet potato fig pie. This is basically a mashed sweet potatoe with some figs, egg yolks and a little cornstarch. I may sub in arrowroot starch, but I havenít decided yet.

    Marmalade: I found a beautiful recipe for marmalade on the Wednesday It called for two ingredients: Seville oranges and sugar. And what did I happen to stroll past in the produce section of H-mart in my frantic search for sazon Goyo con azafran but a whole pile of nubby bitter oranges.. I snagged a pound which is 1/3 of what the recipe calls for, and I bought a bag of white sugar while wandering around town late Friday night. I know sugar is pretty frowned on here, but I think Iím OK with this. I love sour things Ė I have a brick of tamarind sitting in my refrigerator to make juice, no sugar added; I suck on lemons; I make my kombucha sour- but I donít binge on any of those. Iíll have to figure out how I will use it, as I donít want to compound matters by buying gluten free breads or crackers to serve it with.


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      Two things:

      1) Metric FAIL. Because 200 deg C is not equal to 450 deg F
      2) And metric FAIL. Because I actually bought 1.2 kilos (6 oranges) which is exactly what the recipe calls for. For the love of sugar, I cannot recreate how I came up with ď1/3Ē.

      So that was really one thing, not two. But what this meant is that when I bought that 4lb bag of sugar on Friday night, I figured I would have leftover to spare. Instead, Iíve had to come up with 2 keys of white sugar. Which meant dipping into my kombucha sugar stash. I remember back in the day when you could buy 5 lbs of sugar for the same price. If I was a drug dealer, I would be cutting a bitch right now.

      But that stuff on the stove smells really good. Iíve been going in and out of the apartment just to get a fresh hit of the aroma when I come back in.

      I am in so much trouble. It is at the stage where Iím supposed to spoon some into a saucer, and place the saucer in the freezer to see if a skin forms. I keep tasting it. I should add bittersweet to the list of likes.


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        The word that has been coming to mind, over the past two days is mindfulness. I had some Hershey's kisses leftover from Valentine's day. I had a few...and then a few more. Then I realized there was something blunted about the taste, and I didn't like them that much. I'm not one of those people that loves dark chocolate, but after months of no junk candy, my perception changed. More importantly, instead of continuing to binge on them anyway, I took the rest of the bag to work to share with my colleagues.


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          my first primal party

          This was an unbirthday party for my niece who just turned 12.

          The menu:

          Homemade plantain crackers (recipe from the paleo mom)
          Baby potatoes wrapped with bacon
          clockwise on large plate: toasted nori, rice crackers, dried kimchi (from Trader Joe's) and smoked salmon

          Sangria - virgin and um, non-virgin (not shown)
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            Main course:
            Jerk chicken wings
            rice and peas
            quiche (chicken sausage, because some family members don't eat pork , and I already had one dish with bacon)
            broccoli crunch slaw (not in picture)

            I didn't mean to have the rice and beans. I asked my mom to bring the chicken, and a couple of other things like a cake tray. She asked me if I needed rice to go with the chicken. I said no. We ended the call with her saying, "So I just need to bring the chicken and the rice and peas, right?" Um, no. But my mom is old school like that, so we had rice.
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              Gluten free bundt "you make my heart pound" cake. A vanilla bundt cake stuffed with heart-shaped pieces of strawberry cake and a chocolate ganache. Fancy pants, right? Except my gluten-free version didn't quite turn out the way recipe on the website (pint size baker) did.

              Fruit tray: kumquats, coconut strips and banana chips (Trader Joes); blood orange segments, strawberres and kiwis. Super-cute little bananas

              Chocolate peppermint crinkles: Bob's Red Mill brownie mix . This was super sweet, and one of the least popular items on the table, after the dried kimchi.
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                I forgot to add. We made "s'mores" over the gas stove. Toasted the marshmallows, rolled in leftover ganache then in grain free graham cracker crumbs. Yes, I made graham crackers for the sole purpose of making s'mores while minimizing grains. I don't remember the source of the recipe, but it was a recipe that used chestnut flour and almond flour.

                Overall, everyone had a good time. The kids and I annoyed (probably) the neighbors dancing Gangam style and then trying to salsa dance. I didn't hit anyone over the head with a primal agenda. My niece said the rice crackers smelled like burned cheerios and refused to eat them. I don't blame her. No one chose the chocolate cookies. Which means that the only grains eaten were the cake and quiche (both have rice flour) and my mom's rice and peas, no one ate any grains. I'd have to include sugar and whatever else is in the marshmallows in the 20%, though.


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                  I ended up eating two of the chocolate peppermint cookies this morning. I so do not need the temptation or to risk getting back on the binging mindset that I had for so long. I couldn't bring myself to throw them out, so I brought the rest to work. They were a hit.

                  Today's Menu
                  Breakfast (as soon as I'm hungry)
                  leftover smoked salmon, nori, guacamole and cucumber slices

                  coconut, shrimp and plantain soup

                  Not sure, probably leftover meatballs with spaghetti squash and sauteed asparagus


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                    Still rocking the leftovers.

                    Today's breakfast: quiche, and a green smoothie I made from the leftover virgin sangria fruit, some frozen spinach and a little bit of kefir to thin it out. There was a lot of cirtrus in the sangria, so my smoothie is tart, and maybe a little chewier than a smoothie has any right to be.

                    Lunch will be smoked salmon, cucumber and toasted nori.

                    Dinner will be braised short ribs and broccoli slaw salad.

                    Yesterday was fun. We got a snow day but it really wasn't that bad. So I went out for a long walk into the snow/rain. Haven't done that in a while.


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                      I forgot to add. My weight is up, probably from all these stupid leftovers. 141lbs, waist 29.

                      Today will be a lifting day since the gym (at work) was closed yesterday. Focus will be on deadlifts.


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                        I hope this day ends better than it started. My neighbor got really loud last night, that I got dressed at 12:30 and rang their doorbell to ask them to keep it down. Of course they didn't answer the door, but at least they either shut the F up or moved the party to a room that didn't adjoin where I was trying to sleep.

                        Now I'm fuzzy headed, stressed out from work deadlines, my stomach is not quite right, and I seemed to have gained yet another pound overnight.

                        I'm not going to worry about my stomach today. I stuck with the program for breakfast (yesterday's program, because I wasn't hungry at breakfast yesterday). Nothing at breakfast should irritate things further.

                        I'm not going to worry about the weight today. Worrying won't accomplish anything. Most of the party leftovers are gone. My meals are usually simple. In the past few months, I'd actually gotten to the point where I didn't automatically look around for something sweet after dinner. Trying to finish off those leftovers set me back a bit, and I'm actually looking forward to the simpler meals.

                        Work stress? It never goes away. But as soon as I'm finished with this post, I'm diving right into it.

                        Menu for today
                        Finally ate the leftover smoked salmon, seaweed, guacamole and cucumber slices that's appeared on the menu for the last few days

                        Stuffed potatoes. I also brought some sauteed asparagus and homemade sauerkraut and kombucha.

                        Probably meatballs and spaghetti squash. We'll see what I have in the freezer


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                          Menu for this week: Leftovers of leftovers. It's not as bad as it sounds.

                          1) Mix leftover blood oranges and a cucumber with a thinly sliced fennel bulb. I have a half of lemon to drizzle over the whole thing. I'm not a big fan of dressing
                          2) Broccoli slaw

                          1) I love porridge. So I'm going to combine two primal porridge recipes. I roasted a kabocha pumpkin. When it cools a little, I'll scoop out the flesh and add it to the riced cauliflower that I'll cooking down in just a sec with leftover cream and coconut milk. I'll beat in some eggs with the heat off so they don't scramble, then I'll throw in the finishers: a handful of raisins, a couple tablespoons of maple syrup and a little tahini paste to thicken her up.
                          2)Green smoothie. I have some kefir, leftover spinach, frozen kale and an apple. I must be able to work something out with that

                          Main courses (lunch and dinner)
                          1) Baby bok choy sauteed with some salted cod, onion and garlic. I love this stuff with dumplings and I do have that cassava root leftover from a couple of weeks ago. If I'm feeling ambitious, I might try my hand at those again.
                          2)Baked tilapia with olives and asian pear slaw. I meant to make this a couple of weeks ago and never got around to it. I figured out the reason is that I don't really care for tilapia. But since I don't hate it, I'm going to have to eat it if I want to get it out of my freezer.
                          3)Meatballs and spaghetti squash-still have enough for 2-3 meals
                          4)Short ribs - still have enough for 3 meals
                          5) Cottage pie muffins (with liver): I have a bag full of these in the freezer. I'll use these to fill in any gaps since I can just pop them in the microwave.

                          Well off to finish up my porridge. It's a gorgeous, sunny, winter morning. And if I finish up quickly, I can go outside to play!


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                            Just got back from the dentist. This is the second time time one of his hygienists mentioned my "geographic tongue". The first one said that it correlates with psoriasis. The second said it's a normal abnormality. I just hope this doesn't send me down the road of photographing my tongue daily (or ever!) to watch the patterns change on my tongue. Must stay strong...

                            According to wikipedia, there is also a connection to celiac disease. I never got a diagnosis, but I have a definite intolerance that worsens gastroparesis symptoms. I just think it's really awesome how many diseases your dentist can help you figure out.

                            I'm on track with meals. I missed breakfast because of the appointment. So for lunch, I had the short ribs I mentioned and the last slice of cassava pudding. I'm going to take the broccoli slaw to work as a snack.

                            Today is another workout day with a focus on squats.


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                              Hell is other people.
                              That is all.


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                                I'm pretty happy today. No noise from the next door neighbors so I slept 7.5 hrs. The sun is shining. i had a good breakfast of bok choy, salted cod and the last of my cassava dumplings.

                                My weight before breakfast was 139. I used the handheld machine at the gym to calculate my body fat percentage. It said I was 28.9% for normal mode or 27.4% in athlete mode setting. Last night, right after working out, it said I was 24.5% in athlete mode. I know those things aren't always accurate, but August of last year, it said I was 30.8 (don't remember what setting I used).

                                I weighed 150 back then, so I started doing some calculations to figure out if I've been losing fat or lean mass. But which number do I use for current bf? I'm not going to stress as long as it's going in the right direction.

                                I have a good lunch planned - meatballs and spaghetti squash. It should fill me up, but in case I get hungry later, I brought the other container of broccoli slaw. I also have some emergency seasnax, sauerkraut in the fridge, and dried kimchi.

                                I'll take a walk to the CVS at lunch (3 miles (?) roundtrip) to get some sun.