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    The joy in computers, I typed up a long post yesterday and nothing has saved, pah!

    I think I have become a bit complacent with the food side of things and this was borne out by my daily burn logs, just got back into it and yesterdays log shows Fat 48% Carbs 23% Pro 28%. a total of 1962 Cals, so much for eating correctly on gym days as this figure should be more carbs and less fat. I revisited an eBook from Neil Mcteggart which explained carb cycling and macro recording and this is mentioned in a thread I am following on MDA, Chocotaco.

    Exercise wise things are improving as I can now manage 3 pull ups per set for 4 sets, the last time I recorded pull ups it was 2 sets of 4. DB Walking lunges are the new favourite as these really hit the quads.


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      I did some measuring with callipers over the weekend and if the figures are correct, I have a BF of 16% compared to the electronic scales figure of 21%. The method used with the callipers was the jackson\pollack 4 method here . As the goal is to reduce BF further a calculation of calories required is 1845, with extra carbs on gym days and reduced carbs on non gym days.

      A good day at the gym with some heavy lifts mixed with bodyweight stuff. I'm feeling stronger and have managed 72kg BP. Shoulders are looking good which will help with the lifting in future.

      So I'm sat here nursing a rather full belly, feeling rather bloated and uncomfortable. Nothing different from the usual foodage, trips to the toilet have been regular, very odd for me. All I can think is the extra 100 cals each day have created this bloated feeling.

      What is required for me is a period of accurate recording to get fully back on track, daily burn and my trust spreadsheet will see plenty of action over the coming weeks.


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        A very good week all things considered, only slight deviation was attending a birthday party for the twins...1 year old and they have been started on takeaway already...shocking.

        It has been a very good week at work as 2 colleagues have started on the path to lifestyle change. I recommended a daily food log, just to record what is being put into their mouths, then after a week or so, to start looking at the calorific content. Told them to forget the term diet as this implies a short term change, it needs to be a lifestyle change. One has fatty liver and the other has pancreatitis, so change is urgent. They both know change is needed and I will help where possible. A few websites with routines have been provided, including MDA of course.

        The OH has been good again for teacher and lost another 2lbs, well done :-)

        I need to hunt down some oil for the smith machine as it is drying out and has become a real pain when I try to do bench-presses, it's only way I am allowed as I train alone in the work gym and I need to adhere to H&S rules. It is good to read up on exercises once in a while, just to make sure perfect form is used. I did this for the barbell rows and noted I was not putting the BB to the floor, what a difference that makes. There was no chance of doing sprints this week outside due to the river overflowing onto the path, pity as I was really getting into the sprints routine.


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          The worst start to the week possible. I started the exercise routine as normal with BW squats x5 then the 5x5 OHP. I had a rest of about 3-5 minutes while I loaded up the oly bar with 135kg (normal weight) expecting to add 5kg after the first lift, then the twinge hit when I lifted. Everything looked ok form wise in the mirror, so what went wrong, I'll do my NCIS by asking a hole load of questions until I get the answer..... So with the exercise curtailed this week, food will be closley monitored.


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            exercise was mainly low level aerobic or light weights used. Plenty of stretching carried out helped to keep the muscle worked which ensured the ibuprofen was kept out of my system. I am not one for taking pills at the first sign of an ache as I believe increased usage reduces the effectiveness when they are really required. I'm sure Grok had some natural remedies such as warm mud baths. It is good to be back on track exercising now and the week of has helped the body recover.

            With all the rain washing out most of the paths\tracks I have rediscovered an exercise which is great cardio and takes about 12 minutes to complete. The Cosgrove evil 8 is a collection of 8 exercises done against the clock, starting with 6 reps working down to 1 rep. As each week progresses and the time taken is reduced to say 6 minutes, the weight is then increased. Work towards the 6 minute target and increase weight again. This was carried out with 10kg on a barbell in 9minutes 23 seconds. The key is to start light and increase and build up.

            The evil 8 consisted of the following exercises:

            Romanian Deadlift
            Bentover Row
            Power Clean
            Front Squat
            Push Press
            Back Squat
            Good Morning


            Steak, salmon and chicken have been the staples this week along with feta cheese and cottage cheese. Carbs have been an absolute minimum due to lack of exercise. The issue over real ale and body rejection may have just been a one off as I managed 2 bottles of Hobgoblin without incident thank goodness as there is only so much red wine a bloke can take.


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              Overall it has been a good week, food and excercise wise, so still a happy chappy. Weather improved and it was nice to have a day without rain. The track I usually run on is finally accessible again, so sprints will be back on the exercise menu. A family birthday party took place over the weekend which was great fun and I received a few compliments, which is always good. I was even asked if I was ill, odd, but I answered with " nope, I've changed my eating habits" Ah so you're on a diet, " nope I have changed lifestyle totally" 30 minutes taken up with PB and other paleo based topics......there may be another convert.

              Some good news on Wednesday in that the work gym I use is having a refit in September.....there may even be a squat rack, this will replace the smith machine. Some extra weights and another Oly bar, cardio freaks will be getting treadmills with TV screens (odd) With the squat rack I will be able to push myself further with the 5x5 stronglift routine (one of my fav routines) just annoyed I cannot get beyond current PB's due to safety ( not damaging myself or the gym floor)

              I may have clicked on the wrong button when doing the meat order as I now have a few packets of ox liver. Reseaching some recipes on the best way to cook it as it appears to sound a strong tasting item. This sounds nice so will give it a try,devilled-ox-liver/
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                Blimey! another week has passed, how time flies when one is having fun. It has been a slow week really, work has not been too stressfull and home life has been quiet. Workouts were a sort of 5x5 stronglift mix with some HIIT thrown in as I'm just counting down until the new gym equipment arrives at the work gym. Talk of posh treadmills with TV's etc... most important to me is the possibility of a squat\power rack. Once this is in place I plan to push the 5x5 stronglifts to the max, one of my frustrations has not being able to safely squat heavier that 55kg, when I know I can squat at least double that. A nice slow walk was had this weekend on the monsaltrail this is now a flat 8.5 mile linear route which can be walked or cycled.

                Foodage was reasonable and 80% primal. I am hoping to work towards being a fat burner so the body uses BF, I seem to have lapsed back into some bad eating habits i.e. eating at set times instead of when hungry.


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                  One of the pleasures in growing your own fruit and veg is the taste, it is completely different from the shop bought variety. In order to enjoy this taste experience, there is a lot of work to be done before hand. Most of the work is basic sowing or weeding, but today was another level. Our second plot was a bit neglected and an old steel shed had been moved which left plenty of rubble and broken glass to shift. The easy option would have been to hire a digger and chuck the soil into a skip, but being a wee bit of an eco warrior, we decided to sift the soil and remove the glass. This and the huge amount of weeding provided some heavy lifting and low level aerobic workouts. Wonder how the gym workout will fair tomorrow.

                  Food has been clean with 100% primal being achieved, it took some work to get the meals sorted and dealing with the " my body is a temple" crowd. I do wish they would just be honest and say " how do you do that and can you show me" The best meal of the week was devilled-ox-liver

                  Another week beckons, so lets see what that brings.
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                    well today was the day I actually managed to do a long fast, the fast was from 20:00 - 18:00 , 22 hours and it was workout day. I think I managed it because I was at work and had plenty of distractions. Plenty of water was drunk and only 2 black coffee's. Dinner tonight will be roast chicken (organic) with some veggies.

                    The workout today was good and I think the food normally eaten after is just habit as I did not notice any hunger pangs.


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                      Ah the joy of computers, created a post and it has not been saved or uploaded. It happens, so no point getting stressed as I cannot fix that. I'll just make sure a type up outside of the forum and use the old C&P .

                      OK, so 3rd fast completed without issue, one thing I have noticed is I feel warmer which will be the fat burning no doubt Food is 90% primal with one meal of Chinese takeaway, no biggie as it was a case of feel like a leper, plus I would have had to cook and I was shattered after the long day knocking down sheds etc... with a sledgehammer.

                      A bit of disappointing news about the gym upgrade, it has been put back until Sept. This means my change to the 5x5 Stronglifts will be delayed. With this change I'm now currently looking at some workouts from the cardio strength training book by Robert dos remedios to tide me over until the gym upgrade. Combined with the fasting days I hope to see some good results.


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                        another week over and another 3 IF's completed. I am surprised at how easy IF was to become an easy routine considering how much I love my grub.


                        Mon\Wed\Fri - Standard routine of BW squats, OHP, BOR with some DB movements. This is the mark time routine until the gym upgrade in Sept. Plan is to pick up the 5x5 and break through the limitations set by having the use of a squat rack.

                        Evil 8's using a 25kg was completed in 8mins 45sec...good result. Rowing machine for 5km.

                        On Thursday I did a 3km run, just for something to do....I forgot how tiring running is. My hips ached a bit which I put down to the sprinting I did after the run.

                        Steak\Chicken\Liver cooked in a variety of ways. Had an interesting Indian stir fry using chicken, guess you'd call it a curry cooked in a wok.


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                          Not sure why, but I could not complete a planned fast yesterday. With the public holiday making a long weekend a trip to the coast was arranged, plenty of playing by running around chasing balls into the sea and building sandcastles. Was it the sea air which drove the hunger? Not too sure, but the day after I could not just not eat. After the workout I had my usual black coffee, but with the added craving for scrambled eggs and bacon. I'll put it down to one of those moments when the body wins over the brain.

                          The workout has shifted to a more aerobic style with lighter weights, but with more reps carried out at a faster pace. I may have mentioned previously that overall I'm happy with my weight, but there is still the pot belly. Exercises to focus on are plank and hip flexor exercises.

                          Today was not good as it involved a visit to the dentist with plenty of scraping. I will need to check out the forum for tips on keeping plaque down as I thought Primal eating would help keep it under control along with the powered toothbrush and mouthwashes.


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                            Teeth are still sensitive after the dentist had a good session ripping my gums to shreds which made eating cold foods a challenge last week. I tried one of those WaterPik's and I am not too impressed so far, the TePe brushes are more effective in the gaps, but I will try the WaterPik a little longer.

                            Plenty of worksouts outside of the gym with a lot of digging, which is one of the joys of an allottment along with plenty of heavy lifting and outdoor working The growing season has not been too good here in the UK with too much water and low light levels. Reading the newspapers I'm glad I do not eat bread or wheat, however no doubt the cost due to failed crops will hit all of use one way or the other.

                            The new gym at work will be sorted this month which is good news as I will then be able to push the limits on the 5x5 Stronglifts routine.


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                              Ah I just love the way plans' go awry. After building myself up that the new gym equipment would be installed on 17 has been delayed by 3 weeks at least! .......Will the revised date happen? The machines in place are falling apart of the dumbbells came apart in my hand today So much for ticking over on that exercise routine I'll revert to bodyweight exercises and outdoor sprints.

                              I managed a fast on Monday which was very pleasing and easy, but I'm not up for a 24 hour yet. My delivery of coconut flour and oil arrived which will allow me to get some pumpkin muffins on the go. I'll try that "bread" whcih was discussed on the forum, sounds yummy.


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                                Had some interesting conversations with colleagues about IF today. 1 person is going to try fasting 2 days a week and the others were sceptical. I mentioned that I do IF 3 times a week and found it easy. After the disbelieving comments I explained how I mange it. Then the conversation moved onto meal times, one of the guys is on a shake diet with one proper meal a day. He was drinking his shake at lunchtime and said " I don't feel like having this, but...." To me this is case of how conditioned we have become around food that it is a social activity more than necessity. I managed to talk another colleague into joining the work gym. He is obese, has pancreatitis and may be a granddad soon. The work's gym manager is well qualified as fitness trainer, physio, dietician and I'm sure he'll sort him out...just need to get him through he door :-)

                                Today's fitness was a cardio session, as I was in work I missed the outdoor sprints along the canal so it was evil 8's and some burpees.

                                Food was good again, I'm loving these roasted Mediterranean veggies they go well with almost everything.

                                Job wise it looks like the home working will be stopped as I've gained a promotion which means bonding with a new team (can't do that down the end of a phone)