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    I'm new here at MDA, and have been flirting with primal eating for the past couple of weeks without fully committing. But the inconsistency has let me notice that I really do feel better on the days without grains - and I especially feel better the next morning!

    The weekends are difficult because I don't have much structure on those days, but here's what I had to eat today:

    B: 3 eggs scrambled, two handfuls of leafy greens

    L: Aidell's andouille sausage, 2 handfuls of leafy greens with tomatoes and cucs

    S: green smoothie - kale, plain chobani yogurt, milk, a few peach slices and some blueberries

    D: aidell's andouille sausage

    S: bowl of peach slices and blueberries with milk

    Today was a rest day, but tomorrow my plan is to go for a long walk in the hilly arboretum with a friend.

    On another note, I tried Lifting Heavy Things on Friday with my trainer (an MDA fan, I believe), and REALLY enjoyed it. We set some goals (3-month and 6-month), and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.

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    Welcome and good luck!
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