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    I'm going to start a journal to help me stay on track. I was using Fitday but it's so tedious and all the values are wrong! I've been recording the odd day here and there on paper, but lately I have enjoyed reading other peoples food diaries for meal inspiration.

    I'm 27 (28 in September) and just finishing my first year of a 4 year course studying Nutrition & Dietetics. Since I'm a student this is primal on a budget!
    I have IBS and have struggled occasionally with anxiety, both are managed well on an ancestral diet. I've been eating primally for the majority of the last year with a few WAPF related mistakes! I do occasionally eat crappy food, usually to avoid being a pain in the butt to someone who is trying to be kind and generous, but also because I enjoy it sometimes. Now that my partner has joined me in the primal lifestyle life is a lot easier.

    All recipes are primal compatible, homemade from scratch unless otherwise specified. If you like the look of any of it I'd be honored to share my recipes, just ask.

    I drink a lot of water and green tea, usually with coconut cream in the mornings. I'm not going to record these or I'd spend a lot of time typing... I'll just record any thing other than green tea and water.

    I don't have any weights & dims at this moment but I'll weigh in and measure up in the next few days.

    2 x gluten free pork sausages
    2 x poached eggs
    Handful steamed spinach + butter
    Fried mushrooms (used lard)

    Few slices cold roast beef
    Carrot & coriander salad
    Baby salad leaves + oil + balsamic
    Few cubes raw sheeps cheese
    Berries & dollop of organic greek yoghurt

    Random 1 x small scoop choc icecream (!)

    Dinner (out at a crappy restaurant with family - I was kinda stuffed!)
    Small steak + small roast chicken breast + few scampi + butter
    Mixed salad
    1 x sml glass rioja

    Exercise: literally on my feet all day from 9.30 to 5.30 working in farm shop, walking & carrying & cleaning. Ate standing up when I passed my plate!
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    Supposed to be revising this week... yawn.
    2x gluten free sausage
    2x poached egg
    Steamed spinach & butter
    Fermented ketchup

    2 x Smoked salmon & cream cheese roll-up thingies I made to use up the salmon
    Grilled smoked mackerel with watercress, olive oil + lemon juice
    Bowl of mixed berries (blueberries, rasps, strawbs) + dollop raw cream

    Celery & almond butter

    Green chili made with pork, onions & peppers
    Romaine lettuce & spring onions
    Dollop of soured cream (no bloody yoghurt in Sainsbury's!)
    Local organic cider

    Exercise: 2.5hrs gardening, off to try some sprints in a bit
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        Yesterday... (22.05)
        Stirfried onions, peppers & beansprouts in lard + 2 x GF sausages + 2 x poached eggs

        2 x slices ham wrapped around some manchego
        Seaweed snacks, about 5 strips
        Blueberries & strawberries + coconut cream + toasted coconut

        G&T (slimline tonic)
        Herby beef meatballs in tomato sauce with sauteed courgettes

        Exercise was about at hour or so gardening, then 100 bodyweight squats, 40 pushups, 40 lunges and 20 tricep dips before I got distracted by a 'discussion' with my partner about his attempt at PB. He's been primal for about 2 weeks now with the odd mistake e.g. 2 x chocolate bars when competing on his trials bike and general overconsumption of beer (although I notice I have had alcohol every day this week so far!). Thing is, he just doesn't know what he is doing or why, because he won't educate himself by reading. I have never forced PB on him, and I have always offered him a non-primal meal option, but always explained why I was choosing veg over pasta etc everytime in the hope that he might pick some good habits. I was thrilled when he decided to try PB full time so I bought him Briffa's Waist Disposal (aimed at men) and when he said he didn't think he'd have time to read a whole book I went though the PB book and Post-It'd all the bits I thought would help him understand the why's and how's of an ancestral diet. Ignored. Now, he eats one meal a day, in the evening, identical to mine. OK, so he wants to lose weight, fine, but there is no way he can maintain muscle mass and good health like this. The calorie deficit is monstrous. I have tried to explain, kindly, that his commitment and willpower is awesome but that at this rate he is going to lose weight very fast and when he gets below a certain point he will lose muscle and retain fat, due to deficit in protein and fat intake, not to mention compromised immunity, micronutrient deficiency, hair loss etc. And he still does no exercise. This is not PB, it's some wacky idiot diet he thinks he can do for a bit then go back to grains, sweets and energy drinks. His response to my concern? Fuck it I'll just go back to pizza and burgers every day then, nothing I do makes you happy. So sad. I don't want to interfere and be controlling, I just want him to be healthy and for us to live a long happy life together.


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          Sweet potato latkes (1/2 of a smallish sweet potato, egg, coconut flour, cinnamon)
          2 x back bacon
          1 x fried egg all done in coconut oil

          blueberries / strawbs / rasps + greek yoghurt

          Leftover meatballs + tomato sauce
          1/2 pink grapefruit

          2 x lemon sole fillets pan fried with butter and capers
          Mixed salad
          Tomato & avocado salsa
          2 x dark choc squares

          Saw my lumpy butt in the mirror. I remember that last time my cellulite looked much worse before it started to get better, but just in case I am going to cut the dairy... about to try some coconut cream in my green tea instead of raw milk in black. Wish coffee didn't make me dizzy

          Exercise... naff all
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            Smoked salmon + 1 poached egg
            2 leftover strawberries
            (I need to go shopping!!)

            2 x ham slices
            1 mug of chicken broth with herbs, coconut milk and lime

            2 x chick thigh + 2 x pork ribs with homemade primal BBQ sauce
            Mixed salad with EVO + balsamic
            Coconut pumpkin slice from civilised caveman website with coconut cream. Bloody awful recipe!

            Exercise: bad attempt at sprints
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              4 strips of streaky bacon
              2 scrambled eggs
              Heap of fried mushrooms (all cooked in lard/EVO/VCO)
              about 4 strawbs with coconut cream

              Sweet potato and courgette patty type things (using up leftover veg)
              1 small can of wild salmon + squeeze lime

              Spicy lamb burger
              Cucumber & mint salad
              Mixed salad
              Handful almonds + 2 sq dark choc
              1/2 small glass red wine
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                3 egg omelette made with shallots, mushrooms, broccoli, green peppers, chipotle sauce and a small amount of manchego cheese. So much for cutting the dairy! I couldn't even taste it over the veggies. Silly.

                4 strawbs with coconut cream and toasted coconut

                1 x pork shoulder steak fried in VCO + homemade primal BBQ sauce
                Heap of homemade coleslaw made with Mary Enig oil blend mayo (WAPF recipe, primal)

                Beef hash (minced beef, onion, carrot, celery + herbs - Jamie Oliver recipe)
                Steamed spring greens with butter
                Chocolate souffle! Erm, call it part of my 20%! Partner was just trying to be sweet. It had about 20g carbs and primal ingredients apart from the sugar. Meh.

                Bought another, better speed skipping rope today to replace the other twiddly one that ran away sometime in the winter. While in the shop I saw a weighted hula hoop! I'd forgotten about these, I wanted one last year. Looks like a good toy to play with.
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                  I have decided that I DEFINITELY look better naked than clothed. I cannot prove it to you of course so you'll just have to take my word for it. Yesterday or the day before I took some clothed 1 year late 'before' pictures and spent a long time glaring at my huge wobbly backside. Today I got up in my panties and old floppy 80's style top which is a) threadbare and b) won't stay on both shoulders and I thought, actually, I look pretty good. From the front. Not so much from the side and back. Must be my boobs creating a distraction. Still, having to work on the side and back view isn't as bad as having to worry about the whole 360.
                  Also, I definitely need to get back on the daily bone broth. Last year I got a massive batch of chicken feet and it made the best broth, stuff you could literally stand a spoon up in when it was chilled. Since then I've been fairly lacksidaisical and made stock maybe once a month to freeze and use in sauces until my slow cooker gave up. Will have to go back to the old hob method instead. If I want a smoother behind I definitely need more glycine!!

                  Leftover hash + 2 x poached eggs with butter
                  Last strawberry in the punnnet (boo!)

                  I offered Chris some poached eggs but he said it's not the same without marmite toast. When I ate my hash and eggs I realised that what he is missing is the strong umami element that marmite gives, but the combination of very well cooked savoury meat and veg, with the creaminess of the eggs, enhanced by the additional butter that would have been on the toast is maybe an almost perfect primal substitute. I think steak and eggs would be a good substitute too, especially if the steak was seasoned with some GF worcester sauce.

                  Late lunch:
                  Tin of mackerel in olive oil, drained (very nice, must buy more)
                  Homemade coleslaw
                  Celery stick with 1 tsp almond butter

                  Duck sausages with apple, onions & red cabbage 'noodles' inspired by a recipe on
                  Defrosted raspberries and mango (2:1) with coconut cream
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                    Streaky bacon x 4
                    Poached egg x 1
                    Banana nut pancakes: 1/2 banana, 1/3 cup almond meal, 1 egg, tsp baking powder, pinch salt, tbps butter + splash water. Better than all the other recipes I've seen!

                    No lunch; big breakfast, too busy

                    Snack: olives and bowl of raspberries and mango as before

                    Heap of herby buttered roast chicken
                    Spoon of herby roast sweet potato (EVOO)
                    Steamed broccoli and spring greens

                    Seem to be having quite a carby day today... I am so exhausted from cramming and exams I'm just going to go with it since they are primal sugars & starches.
                    I really want to kick the pudding habit though, I seem to have a conventional dessert every week and it's rarely worth it. However, now that I am eating more mindfully and not stuffing my face with cheese every day at the same it's probably not as bad as it was. I like my primal sweets so I just need to be a bit firmer with myself and everyone else! That said I am starting to miss cheese... I love my raw stinky squidgey cheese! And it's like the ultimate convenience food! Huff.
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                      2 x gf sausages (I'm just going to stop putting gf now everyone knows I don't eat nasty sausages) - baked with the roast chicken last night for convenience
                      1 x poached egg
                      large tomato + mushrooms fried, VCO + butter

                      Gardening fuel: virgin primal pina colada! 1/4 fresh pineapple, 1/3 banana, 1/3 can coconut milk, ice. Thought about adding rum... resisted. Don't want to get shit faced in the sun and damage my tomato and courgette plants while repotting.

                      left over roast chicken with roasting juices
                      crudites while I study

                      Ribeye steak & asparagus with garlic butter
                      Mixed salad + carrot salad with homemade mayo
                      Small G&T
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                        2 x sausages
                        2 x poached eggs with butter
                        1 x large tomato + 3 mushrooms fried in olive oil and pork fat

                        I see a reduction in cellulite this morning! I would say that since cutting out dairy (mostly) I have seen about a 20% decrease, even though I am drinking alcohol and eating fruit. Need to cut back on the alcohol still. I don't know why but I seem to go through phases, and at the moment the sun is shining and I want to potter about with a nice glass of something. Need to stock up on the San Pellegrino I think. I must go to the chemist and weigh myself today so I can montior weight loss / body comp. My measurements haven't changed though. Strange. Maybe I am replacing fat with muscle? Not really trying very hard due to exams. Oh, the mysteries of the primal woman.

                        Blueberries and leftover pineapple with coconut milk

                        Apparently my self esteem is painfully fragile. I've been wearing some very short white cotton shorts today with a coral tshirt. I thought I looked nice, I was surprised that my shorts felt looser and I didn't look too wide in them, even though they are paler than my top. I made the fatal mistake of telling my partner I thought they looked good. He said 'turn round' and after a minute I did saying my arse is probably a bit fat and he said 'yes, you do have junk in your trunk'. I know this is funny. I know that he didn't intend to stamp on my self esteem but I just can't hold back the tears. Apparently if someone doesn't tell me I look wonderful I have a break down! What is my problem? I had to get changed. I feel like skipping dinner. This is quite irrational. What's really getting to me is that I don't think I will ever be able to deal with the fact that I have this body, this shape, I don't know if I will ever be able to be happy with what I've got. I thought I was over this. Obviously not.

                        Handful pecans + 1 x sq dark choc

                        1/2 meatza with veg and cheese topping
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                          You eat really interesting breakfasts! Cracked me up when I read you trying to encourage partner to read the book with post-it notes in it. I keep pointing out passages in TPB which I think might interest him and then leave the book open...but he jsut grabs his chocolate biscuits and looks through me.

                          How is your IBS? I can't work mine out. It's definitely vastly improved since going primal, but certainly still there. I've had it tonight and had nothin non-primal. I sometimes get it when I eat too much, wondering if you do too?

                          Anyway, thought I'd have a look at your journal as I liked your name. Sounds as though you're doing really well.


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                            Hi Dexy! Do you think so? I get a bit bored sometimes and try to make interesting things out of bits lurking in the fridge. I like to have a substantial breakfast otherwise I can't concentrate.
                            Ah, chocolate biscuits. Because you can't drink coffee without a biscuit, can you. Or can you. Yes... you can, try it. My boyfriend's much better now, more hardcore than me! He refused sweet potato the other night! He couldn't really tell you why though. There's probably a fortnight's worth of Maccy D's breakfast packaging in his car though... I kid. Sort of.

                            My IBS is... odd. When I was first diagnosed it was on a hair-trigger response to my emotions. I was quite unstable emotionally and any kind of stress or upset had me breaking out into a hot and cold sweat, excrutiating, crippling cramps and running, sorry sprinting, to the loo. I also used to get rashes. I had it under control for years eating a 'whole foods' (read whole grains, high sugar, low fat) diet eating LOTS of soy. Except eventually I developed constipation and piles (sorry). When I started eating primally I realised how flatulent I had been! Talk about unladylike! So funny, that was a nice surprise. But initially I couldn't get my primal diet right and my constipation persisted to the point of daily pain and tissue damage. I wasn't eating enough fruit and veg or drinking ANYWHERE near as much water as I should (I blame Mark for this!) but now I know better. I took a break from true PB and became more WAPF orientated, still getting lots of fat and protein but subbing in 'properly prepared' grains while keeping carbs at c.150g a day or less. I didn't feel toooo bad, but they really stuck to me, I put some weight back on and generally felt less vibrant. I also ate raw dairy. These changes helped at first, but then I actually got impacted, which is horrific, I'm sure for anyone, but for a young woman it is mortifying I can tell you. I then converted back to true PB, cut the milk entirely and regular dairy intake and don't eat any grains at all, not once in the last month. It's cleared up. The pregnanty bloating has gone and I can 'go' in peace. I have to say that I have adopted the squatting position (just lay the laundry basket in it's side and prop my feet up!) and don't wait for anyone. I go when I gotta! I haven't noticed any symptoms when I eat too much, but I can sometimes still get cramps and rush to the loo if I am very upset, but that doesn't happen very much these days. I'm much happier in every way.
                            How long have you been primal? Maybe your body is still getting used to it. Do you keep a food diary? If you did and rated your IBS alongside each day I think you'd soon flag up any triggers such as particular foods / food combinations / preparation techinques and emotions. You might have a sensitivity you were unaware of which was masked by symptoms caused by your old diet. Just some ideas, might not be anything in them.
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                              2 x leftover cold sausages
                              Heap of left over pizza topping veg (red onion, green pepper, mushroom) stir fried in coconut oil
                              Blueberries with toasted coconut and coconut milk

                              Late lunch:
                              2 x poached eggs and butter on a heap of smoked salmon

                              Today's shopping bargains include: a 1.1kg duck crown for 3.00 (short date), 4l of San Pellegrino for 2.56 (someone broke open the pack; would have cost 4.04 individually), 1l coconut water for 2.99 instead of 3.49, my favourite sausages on offer for 2 instead of 2.58+, Chaokoh coconut milk for 1.29 - mainstream brands of coconut milk tend to cost about 2 and have lots of additives (some of which are OK - even ascorbic acid has an e-number assigned to it) but this one is just coconut, water and citric acid.

                              Handful of pecans, few antipasti in olive oil... No dinner, couldn't be bothered. Poured a glass of wine then realised I wanted to cut back a bit so poured it back in and Vac-u-vin'ed it. Maybe tomorrow with some venison.
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