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    Sunday Menu 06/10/2012
    Bfast 2 scrambled eggs with sausage, a few strawberries, coffee with heavy cream
    lobster with clarified butter, mussels, 1 small red potato, corn on the cob (is this primal?? I know like corn syrup and polenta are not)
    NY Strip steak, cauliflower mash, spinach with garlic and heavy cream
    homemade peach raspberry ice cream (yes yes i know not the most primal)
    A little bit of a cheat day- but i do want this to be liveable for me... 80/20 right?
    workout: long slow moving walk at the beach

    B fast: Leftover steak, 2 scrambled eggs, steamed spinach
    Lunch: Salad with a bit of crumbled feta, olives, chicken, homemade vinaigrette
    Dinner- Chicken Kiev, roasted zucchini and peppers, roasted brussels sprouts with crushed up macadamia nuts
    lift heavy things- squats, pushups, chest flys and lat pull downs (cant do pull ups yet-uh like at all yet ) sit ups, back extensions, tricep curls-- all together about a half hr.
    S: protein shake with a handful of blueberries, coconut milk and 1/2 a banana

    Tuesday (today)
    B: coffee with cream, piece of ham leftover brussels sprouts
    L: sandwich meat on lettuce, apple, olives little bit of raw cheese
    D: salad with pulled spicy chicken, homemade ranch dressing, chicken bacon poppers. handful of blueberries, seltzer
    W: HIIT 30 min total (5 min warm up, 10 min cool down)


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      Um, no. Corn is a grain. Not Primal in any way shape or form.

      The meals are looking good. (especially the lobster part *drool*)

      The only nits I can pick are these : try to get away from the need for a sweet finish to a meal. This is all about habit. Some berries would do fine just by themselves instead of ice cream. Then have days with no dessert at all and notice that the world keeps turning and your taste buds start adjusting away from sweet as the norm. After a while the occasional strawberry tastes like candy.

      I would caution against any liquid sources of calories. That would include the cream and the protein shakes (which also probably contains sweeteners of some kind?). They can add a lot of calories to a day but don't contribute much in the way of satiety for the price.

      When I was really working to lose weight, I banished nuts and cheese from the house. Not that there is anything wrong with these foods except that I have a tendency to overeat on them. Mac nuts are not safe around me.
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        Originally posted by Paleobird View Post
        Um, no. Corn is a grain. Not Primal in any way shape or form.
        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crying inside-- native corn on the cob during the summer is one of my absolute favorite things to eat in the entire world. I guess I def will not be able to make it reg thing. all the rest of the corn stuff i can say whatever deuces and smooches I dont need ya. I'll have to find a substitute or make it the 20% i eat extremely rarely


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          I think you're spot on with the observations of the current diet. I have been thinking about the fruit consumption and dairy consumption specifically. I hear ya regarding the mac's- those are easy for ME to portion control- but put a piece of raw cheese in front of me its a wrap, I could eat a pound of it cause i love it so much. Which brings me to the two things I have been struggling with.....

          Two things that are tough for me that I need to find solutions for is nighttime hunger (and its not just psychological unfortunately) and the whole concept of moderation.

          On the topic of moderation- i kinda looked around on the blog, on the forums- I just have never understood this idea of moderation. When you say- wine, raw cheese, dark chocolate etc. is a "sensible indulgence" and "ok in moderation" what does that really mean? Ok once a week? Once a month? Once every few days? This is something im struggling with-- and frankly the dairy, fruit, and dark chocolate is what is making me struggle. Wine- meh, i can take it or leave it, same with nuts. I eat a few (maybe a half handful every few days in emergency snacking situations or as a garnish for texture). This for me is a lifestyle not a diet. So I need to integrate some of my absolute favorite foods in order to keep this a lifestyle, but i also want to do it in a way that is reasonable and healthy. I think for now, I need to lay down a few ground rules with the dairy and fruit specifically. I am NOT going give up coffee-- tried it, hated it, I enjoy my one cup with a little bit of cream. Not worth it to me to give it up. That is one indulgence I can rationalize in my head that keeps me from feeling like dieting. I've tried all the substitutes-tea, hot water with lemon... etc. Nothing is as good as a cup of french/italian roast with heavy cream. I do think I can/should give up the protein shakes-- they are the MDA ones, but i tend to agree that i would rather have the fruit in the shakes and it would probably fill me up more. Or heck have something else entirely- maybe steer clear of the fruit a bit

          The evening hunger is really a battle for me. Swear to god, I eat lunch at 12-1230 and by like 330-4 I am hungry- not mental hunger either, like tummy grumbling HUNGRY. Its odd because i could go all morning without eating- no problem. I can usually stave it off until like 5:30-6 when I eat, but then around 830-9 I am tummy rumbling again hungry. Sometimes when I am lazy i just saw screw it and go to bed, but sometimes i really do just need something to eat. And when I eat dinner, I eat until im full- not button popping, lay around for a few hours full, just satiated. I am trying to listen to hunger signals. Maybe i am still not eating enough? But I am also wondering if this is a product of the fruit/dairy I am eating-- since both produce a spike in insulin? I think maybe next week is worth experimenting with this. I bought a lot of fruit this week, and really would like to finish up what i have rather than letting it go to waste.

          I def want to lose weight. But I also want to do it in a way that is sustainable. I think part of the journey is the bumps in the road- understanding what my body doesnt tolerate well, what causes the weight gain in my diet. Sounds like some crazy hippie bs... but i really need to understand my own body and listen to it for this to be long term successful

          So, I guess thats where Im at now. Any thoughts?


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            About moderation and indulgences. Everybody has their own demons. For me, sweet stuff is meh but there is only one serving size of macnuts, the whole jar. Cheese is the same way, hard to just have a little nibble without that turning into the whole package. Also I have been known to overdo the Pinot Noir. As long as it is corked, not a problem.

            Also I think the definition of what is an indulgence and where the moderation line should be drawn vary depending on where you are in your weight loss journey. When you have some serious work to do, you need to be stricter with yourself. Later, when things have stabilized you can treat yourself more often. And only you can decide where the lines are. Mark, who looks like a Greek god and has never been a nanogram overweight in his life, saying that something is a sensible indulgence doesn't really apply to everyone at all times.

            The whole 80/20 thing is not meant by Mark to be an excuse to deliberately choose to eat junk. It is just meant as a de-stresser to hyper-perfectionists. If you aim for 80/20 it is really easy to slide toward 60/40. The idea is to aim for 100% but to not beat yourself up if there is something beyond your control like the non-Primal dressing a friend is serving on the salad or going out with friends for Chinese and knowing that things were probably fried in some kind of oil you wouldn't eat at home. But, in your home, you have control, so, sorry, you need to bid the corn a fond farewell. *sniff*

            Regarding the MDA shakes (I assume you mean Primal Fuel). That stuff is seriously fattening, lots of coconut. It is not meant to be something that you add on to your daily diet. It is meant to replace a whole meal. I guess that could be good if you have to dash off in the morning. But unless you are a 20 year old athlete with a metabolism like a furnace, that stuff is dangerous. I had a bunch of it over Primalcon weekend and put on four pounds. Tasty though. Also the sweeteners in any brand of shakes like that are not doing you any favors. They keep feeding that sweet tooth instead of extracting it. Even if there is no actual sugar, your taste buds are getting the sweet sensation and stay acclimated to that.

            Regarding evening hunger, that has been a weak spot of mine too. I really found that the Leptin Reset protocol worked. (Yes, Dr. Kruse is a bit of a crackpot and I am far from being a disciple but he does hit on some gems of wisdom now and then.) The protocol is a big protein breakfast first thing in the morning (Kruse says 50 grams of protein but I don' think it has to be an exact #) What I did when I was really losing was 6 eggs (no bacon) first thing. The more space between meals the better so if you can work from three meals toward two that is good. But absolutely no snacking in between. Two meals a day has become normal for me. If you get that big chunk of protein in the morning (without carbs), it really turns off the hunger bells. A lot of people who followed this protocol said they found it difficult at first to eat that much in the morning but, after a few days they started waking up really hungry for that big breakfast. 6 eggs is only 420 calories but that is a lot of protein. That leaves you room for a BAS for lunch and a steak for dinner and you are still low on calories for the whole day. You might not even want lunch and then you could have both the BAS and the steak for dinner and evening hunger is banished.

            Then there is the element to nighttime eating that is just habit. I fall into this trap if I let myself eat in front of the computer. As long as I say all food must be consumed sitting down at the table like a civilized person I'm fine.


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              Paleobird- I read your response-- today is kinda hectic- im thinking about what you said and I will write back... but thats probably not going to happen today lol its been a DAY.

              B: three eggs scrambled, spinach
              L: leftover pulled chicken a clusterf*ck of veggies kinda just thrown on a plate, piece of raw milk cheese, apple
              D: Omelet with mushrooms, onions, peppers, arugula, ham and roasted asparagus, some raspberries

              B: 3 sausage links and 3 eggs
              L: Big ass salad with can of wild polecaught tuna
              D: ?? So tired I might just IT, and crawl into bed. The day beat me up lol and Im glad its over.


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                Been a while since I last posted cause its been non stop since last week. But I have remained completely primal going on a week now. Cut back on evening/afternoon snacking. Ate half a chicken last week (and it was goooood). If there is one thing I can brag about in my life it is that I can make a HELLA good roasted chicken. Actually have been having some interesting culinary journeys... yesterday, while cooking an omelet with pickled chili peppers I may have accidentally maced myself in the face. Note to self: If you are cooking hot peppers, the oils and hotness gets into the air. Especially when you're breathing near the pan....

                Food yesterday
                4 egg omelet with sausage patties, a bunch of veggies. a little cheese. LOTS of hotsauce (what up sriacha?!?! I love you. No for reals)
                Salad with evoo, ham, hb egg. Water and a banana
                Crackhead omelet-- threw a bunch of crap in a pan and hoped for the best- scallions, shredded potato, pickled jalepenos (like 7? uhhh ya thats where the crack head part comes in-- wtf was I thinking???) cream cheese, and eggs. It was delicious, but i did have to throw some sour cream on it so my face didnt melt off.

                Food for today:
                Bfast: All natural sausage patties, coffee with cream
                Lunch: leftover roast Chicken (a bit of breast and thigh) and an apple and a peach (cardio workout today, if I dont have enough carbs i feel like *ish*)
                Dinner: Meatza with tomatoes, zucchini, a very small sprinkling of mozz cheese, peppers, onions. Didnt know that meatza "crust" shrinks so much so put the rest of the veggies leftover (which were a lot) in a pan with some grassfed butter and garlic. It was bangarang.
                Workout was a circuit with my trainer.

                Life is good. Since my first post i've lost 8-10 pounds depending on the day. Cant be mad at that.


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                  Hi! just read through your journal. Great work! Love the pic and story about Stew!