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  • Primal Journal (Xena Princess Warrior)

    Hi. I've been attempting to lose the same 30lbs for almost 10 years now. <sigh>. I've trie to go it alone. I've trie exercise,diet, Atkins, etc. Nothing sticks. I'm hoping that this time by publicizing my intentions I will be motivated to commit to this lifestyle. I really like the PB philosophy. I hate cooking grains. I love eggs, meat, spinach. Love me a great spinach Cobb salad. And I don't want to exercise til I'm blue in the face. So I think this lifestyle will work for me.

    I picked up Mark's books earlier this year and have been toying with primal all year. Now I think I'm ready to jump in and commit. I want to start with a 2-month challenge where I eat no more than 50gms of carbs/day during the week and then on weekends allow myself 100 each day. I've been tracking my carb intake for a few weeks now and I think this system will keep me sane and perhaps allow for 1-2 beers on the weekend. Beer is my biggest weekness, love it! Especially after a tough hike or skiing.

    So, here we go with day 1. Workout complete. Will log food tonight...

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    2week followup

    2 weeks into 2 month challenge
    Weight: 164
    Weight Lost: 7lbs

    I'm very happy to report that I'm down 7 lbs since coming back from New York. I'm happy about that. I've been reading and learning a lot about health and nutrition. Purchased some coconut oil yesterday and will order cod liver oil tomorrow. *2 weeks. This is about the time that I would cave and give into temptations and cravings. I've failed at this point every time. But it feels different this time. I have no cravings and I don't feel deprived therefore I don't feel tempted to eat foods that are bad for me. It really does feel like I can do this this time.*

    Goals for next 2 weeks:
    Continue implementing new recipes.*
    Start cooking and experimenting with coconut oil. *
    Order cod liver oil and start daily supplement.*
    Exercise at least 4 days per week.*
    Weigh in Wednesday and Saturday only. *Stop daily weigh-ins. This one will be hard but I'm going to force myself to do it.*
    I *really want to get down to 160. I hope it doesn't take 2 weeks but if it does it does. I just want to keep heading in the right direction.*


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      Welcome. It looks like you are making some good progress.

      Your journal caught my eye because Xena is my hero. I want to make a warrior princess costume for halloween this year. Two years ago I could never have pulled off a costume like that, bare midriff and all but now I can. PB really works. Stick with it. Perhaps consider trading the beer in for a good red wine?


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        Thanks for the encouragement. I too would like to dress up as Xena for Halloween. I hope I can pull it off this year. I drink red wine when I can resist the beer. But it's hard in the summertime.


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          Month 2 Update

          1 month into 2 month challenge
          Weight: 162.8
          Weight Lost: 9lbs

          I really thought I'd be down to 160lbs by now. *I'm a little disappointed. But, because this time I've committed to a lifestyle change I'm not freaking out. This next month I'm going to toy with adding more fruit. Mostly because I've been constipated but also because I want my body to know that I will be feeding it good carbs and it needs to adjust.*

          My goal this next month is to add in daily walks and commit to 2days of lifting and 1 day of sprinting once per week. I hope to be down to 155lbs but that may be too aggressive. I'd like to be down to 158 at the very least.*

          Here's to month 2!


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            2013 Reset:

            Well into 2013.
            Current Weight: 160. Finally!

            Goals: 140 by July 20th 2013
            Action Plan: meal planning, take lunch to work most days, implement primal fitness principles
            Leaving for vacation to Belize this Friday 2/15. So excited! Plan to continue primal diet while on vacation.
            Will check in at beginning of March.


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              Hi Xena - your journal also caught my eye - as Xena of course was a New Zealand girl
              good luck
              "never let the truth get in the way of a good story "

              ...small steps....


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                March update

                Who doesn't love Xena??? ;-)

                Down to 157lbs. Slowly but surely trending downward. I know it doesn't sound like a lot but I was in Belize for 10 days at the end of Feb and was back up to 166. I feel great about the progress I've made. I was stuck in the low 160's for months and finally broke through that plateau. I expect to hover in the high-mid 150's for several weeks as that's the way my body seems to work. Big drop, hover, big drop, hover... I'm ok with that though. I'm down a full dress size and 14lbs since last May and 25 lbs in last 2 years. Slow and steady is fine by me.