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    Initial Post:

    Sex: Male
    Year of Birth: 1969
    Height: 5'8"

    227.8 lbs
    Body Fat
    29.3 %
    Body Water
    50.4 %
    Bone Mass
    7.9 lbs
    Muscle Mass
    153.1 lbs

    Past Diet: 60% Carbs, 20% Protein, 20% Fat
    Exercise: Run slowly with low heart rate 3-4 times per week about 25 miles total. Race 5k or 4 mile once or twice per month. Cross train hiking the trails with the dogs or riding my bike. No gym time for quite some time, unfortunately.

    Goals: Primary - Body Composition Change
    Run NYC Marathon in 2013
    Run Ultra-Marathon (100 miles) before death

    Food log today:

    Breakfast: Greek yogurt and a can of sardines
    Lunch: Fish, beef, carrots
    Dinner plans: Vegetables and a couple glasses of red wine with the wife.

    I'm looking forward to tracking my progress going primal!
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    Over 10 days in and doing great. I'm on day 2 of the 21-day challenge and am having fun. It's a little tough trying to stay true to the program with my endurance training, but I'm doing the best I can in that department.

    On tap for today:

    Two hard boiled eggs and greek yogurt.
    A can of sardines and a can of kipper snacks with a macadamia nut chaser.
    A big ass salad with pollock.

    3x2-mile repeats walking for 2 minutes between at HRZ 2-3 (slightly above 75%, unfortunately)