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    I spent the first few months dialing in the foods and not worrying about portions, IF or any of that other stuff. Once you are comfortable with the different things you can eat, then you can start tweaking. It does sound like you are off to a great start!
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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      Hi Julie!
      I agree with what honeybuns said. Focus right now on how foods make you feel.
      For example, I was such a coffee-holic. Ok, not really, but I had a cup in the morning, sometimes 2 if I went to the coffee shop and got a large. After a while, I started to notice that the days I had coffee, I was crankier and easier to anger. So I stopped drinking it. I haven't had a cup of coffee in a long time. I'm trying tea now. Its more subtle and I feel better, plus its more hydrating. The humid wisconsin summers are killer on me for dehydration.
      I've noticed other changes like this too. Yogurt and honey is another example. Full fat Fage and raspberries drizzled with honey is the best damned desert ever. But I get headaches, tired, moody almost instantly. I've learned that this happens most when I combine sugar and dairy. As much as I love it, no more ice cream. It sounds awful but really..its isn't that bad. Once you realize how shitty it makes you feel, its not so good anymore. Even thinking about it now, all I can picture is a snapping, crabby me on the couch, bloated and uphappy because I ate some ice cream. Ug. The same thing goes for bread. I don't like the taste of wheat anymore. I used to love dark, thick nutty breads but now, all I taste is bitterness. Kind of like brushing your teeth and then eating an orange. Blech. It was a shock when I tried bread for the first time in a while, I kept thinking "what the hell is that weird taste?" and then I figured it out. Pretty cool! See also: conventional chocolate. Tastes like plastic and that's REALLY gross.
      I also love food. LOVE food. I love flavors and textures and smells. Its glorious. My favorite thing is being really hungry, then hunkering down to a baked japanese sweet potato with a saute of chopped bacon, onions, peppers and mushrooms, topped with tons of butter, salt and pepper and 3 runny eggs. That is probably my favorite meal ever. I'm drooling..
      January 14th-306.2
      January 21st, lost 2" off my waist.
      January 30th-300.2

      Come to the edge she said.
      No, I'll fall.
      Come to the edge.
      No, it's too high.
      Come to the edge.
      I came
      She pushed
      And I flew


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        Thanks for the encouragement!! I have been experiencing ...bone crushing exhaustion the last two days- I went to bed three hours early last night. I dont know why, I seem to remeber reading something about tiredness saying, it too , will pass.


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          I found cocconut manna- omg that is the best tasting stuff- it is wayyyyy better then I thought it would be! I eat a lot of chicken and have been not getting enough fat- that is an excellent supplement!!!


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            I am still here- still reading. I added riding my stationary bike at a fairly leisuely pace, first day I went 1.5 miles , today 2 miles. It isn't much, but better then nothing. I cant walk without crutches, and even with not too far , so I hope this helps me get some strength back. Moving is a start. Food is doing fine- 35 gram of portein for breakfast and a big salad with olives, and bacon for lunch. Some form of meat and all the vegetables I want for supper.


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              I am still here- not losing- but I realize why- I had to get real with myself and start tracking all my food and calories/carbs for a little while. Turns out I wasn't eating as well as I thought- lots of hidden carbs I hadn't counted. sugar-free hardcandy was starting to become a meal- to much cream ect. started dipping into the fruits-so I had to buckle down a bit- now I am truely below 50 carbs and also below 2000 calories. I realize my calories could go lower- but I just hate being so hungery- how to get enough to eat and still keep both carbs and calories down is a bit hard. I had a salad with only 2 oz of turkey today and a boiled egg for lunch- and I am really hungry. So I will double the turkey on tomorrows salad and maybe eat two eggs.

              I'm still at 324lbs- not weighing until july 31 at the dr.


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                I have been tracking both my food my carbs and my calories- it has been very eyeopening. I have been keeping calories between 1600 and 2000, with an 1800 average. carbs below 50 every day, usually no more then 42. Protein over 100, avg- 140grams, and fat- between 100 and 140 avg 120.

                I just had to get on the scale- I LOST 7 lbs I weigh 317!!!

                Continuing on.....


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                  well... I went to the Dr. I have not lost any more weight- but mt Doc was so happy with me he shook my hand twice and told me he was really proud of me!! My A1c is 5.1- a year ago it was 10.8! my numbers have vastly improved

                  7/22/11 cholesterol total 203 8/10/12 cholesterol total 142
                  HDL 19 HDL 21
                  TRIGLYC 271 TRUGLYC 125
                  LDL 130 LDL 96
                  HDL RATIO 10.7 HDL RATIO 6.8

                  GLUCOSE 245 GLUCOSE 75

                  I know I have a ways to go- but they are so much better then they were!!!! YAYYY ME!!!!


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                    Today I weighed in..............................308.5 YOOOOHOOO!!!!