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  • the Primal Journal of Anastasia

    Thought I might like to look back later on and see the stats. I'm a stats kinda girl. So, where better than to lay it out here. Actually I'd love to lay it out in one of Marks new paper journals, but really, I should be saving money for a holiday later in the year. So online will have to suffice

    This is officially day#16 of living primal.

    Stats (some to come later, when I've measured):
    LSP (Loss since Primal..? That'll work): 1.7kg
    Height (though unlikely to change...): 169cm
    Deadlift: 50kg
    Squat (Goblet): 35kg
    Pullup: nope, not yet.

    Currently doing football training 2 times a week. Also 30min of boxing 2 times a week. I enjoy both, and neither feel like exercise. So I have no plans to stop these. I also lift, but this is much more sporadic, especially with the other training. I get a lift in at least once a week.

    2 days (last weekend) I ate some wheat, other than that, its all been as per the PB. I have found it really easy to stick to. The only thing I have actually had to cut out was Sourdough Spelt bread & spelt flour brownies. But they were easily replaced with almond flour blueberry brownies :P That's my Sunday treat. Yeh, its sugary, but it will stay. I did only eat half of it last Sunday and gave the rest to the BF - that never happens. So maybe it wont stay? I IF, leangains style. My eating window is generally 10am-8pm. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I have been IF'ing for around 3 months, works really well for me. I can eat large meals, and not blow out cals (I'm trying to lean down). And breakfast has never been my thing anyway. Oh and I've demolished the remaining chocolate peanut butter in my pantry. Yeh, had to eat that to get rid of it. Better not waste it. It was freshly ground and delicious. 20%? haha

    I'm feeling:
    Really fantastic. I have had a steady stream of energy all day, every day. I was a sucker for a 3pm slump. Or a an after lunch food coma. None of that, even with large meals. I also wake up much easier, even though its the middle of winter. I wake up alert and not groggy. And I am feeling all this after only 16 days. Really? Madness. How can it be so simple?

    Everyone around me:
    The BF eats what I cook (and I do most of the cooking, and shopping). So he is eating primal by default. Unless he is buying his own lunch, which is usually subway. However I try and make double dinner batches so we both have lunch for the next day. He also has 'eat carbs for energy' drummed into him by a decade and a half of dietitian 'coaching'. He is a Type 1 diabetic. And the sh!t those dietitians teach. Oh, boy. That is a whole 'nother post of rage. Not for today. The housemates haven't noticed any difference in my eating. But I am always doing something new (Studying nutritional medicine gives you a very inquisitive heart when it comes to diets) and my mum thinks its great. I'm trying hard to get her over to the PB. She is so close, but still holds onto those legumes! Work people...yeh. They're ok. One tells me that coconut oil is bad because of all the saturated fat. Then proceeds to put margarine on his white bread. Yep. Another one is Celiac, and told me yesterday, after being off sick the day before, that he was ill because he ate a bowl of salted cashews, and all that fat made him sick. Yer.

    Think that's about all. Will catch up with you on Monday! Its Friday here, and I probably should do some work.
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    welcome, I'm another Aussie-based newbie. I'm rather in awe of your exercise routine!
    I like badgers, books and booze, more or less in that order.


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      Hey Badgergirl!!
      I'm from Brisbane! Jeeze, and I am complaining its cold up here - can't imagine how cold it is down there.
      I've always been rather active, the football is something new, I only started training 2 weeks ago. So its been hard fitting it into my already busy schedule (used to be 3x week lifting, 2x boxing). But I really enjoy it all, its my 'wind-down' time and never feels like a chore.
      Once footy season is over it will probably be back to a more sporadic weight schedule and boxing.

      How long you been on the PB? Is it going well for you?

      And Thanks for stopping by


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        Back to the daily grind - Monday is here.

        Weekend had some very high points and a low point of me eating pizza last night. Paid for that. I actually dreamed that I was so thirsty I drank glass after glass of water. Woke up in the middle of this dream, thirsty. Got up and drank a glass of water. Weird. Also felt like a swollen lump after this pizza. Had a lot of trouble getting to sleep, despite being tired. Lesson learnt, pizza bases are evil. Stay away.

        Now, the highlights! Went to the gym with the bf for legs day! Smashed me some PR's, nothing major

        Deadlift: 70kg (for reps, boooyeah)
        Back Squat: 45kg (for reps, booyeah x2)

        So happy with that. So happy.

        Back to PB eating today. Got the low carb blues for sure. Another reason not to fall off this wagon, hurts way to much getting back on. And no, the pizza was not even worth it I've had way better before.


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          weekends tend to be my undoing too - lack of planning, usually (or simply too much wine!). That said, primal in general has been a very easy transition (I suppose it's been two months now).
          I like badgers, books and booze, more or less in that order.


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            You're not alone! The pizza I ate was the result of bad planning.
            Too much wine? There is such a thing :P


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              This is officially day#22 of living primal.

              Deadlift: 70kg
              Squat (back): 45kg
              Pullup: nope, not yet.

              Hit some new PBs with lifts, so that is awesome! Also have a new weights routine, so I am keen to be starting that. Just focusing on the 3 big lifts, and a few other exercises (chin ups, pull ups, lunges). Footy training is going well. And I stepped back my boxing to once a week. Need more rest.

              Except the pizza incident I mentioned the other day, food has been primal as. Made a delicious slow cooked beef cheek and red wine casserole last night. Tried to find some pre-made beef stock that didn't have soy in it. Failed. Looks like I will have to start making my own. Been struggling getting that protein up the last week, but its all evening out. I am a compulsive calorie counter. Confession time. And I would love to let go of this. I think though, I will keep tracking everything until I am down to a better size, then venture on my own for a week or 2 and see how I do. Its quite scary letting go of that last reign, especially when you're trying to lose weight. Something to think about down the track.

              I'm feeling:
              Pretty dandy. Monday (after the pizza & 250gm carb day) I felt rather horrible. Come Tuesday everything seemed to had settled and I was back into the swing of things.

              Everyone around me:
              BIGGEST NEWS!! I have my mum on the primal bandwagon. I sent her the book to read, and she texted me a few hours last with 'just read (PB chapter) on grains. WOW...I am cured of grains'. I was just a little bit excited with that. Since she cooks for my stepdad, I am hoping to see good changes come about. They are both overweight. They eat 'well', organic meats, local produce, raw dairy - but just had to shift that last mindset on grains and legumes. I'm so excited!! I actually sent mum the link to the success story of 'Papa Grok Dave' she was impressed (and I think saw my step-dad in him) and wanted to know more. So glad I sent it to her, I almost hesitated and didn't do it.

              Till next time! Grok on ...


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                I had a much better weekend this time around. Went out to dinner Sunday night and indulged in some churros - other than that, all primal-all the time

                I think the initial (water) weight loss is over, and I need to dial in the calories a bit. Re-did my calcs and macros and I plan on sticking to these. I have weight to lose (well, I have a shape I wish to change) so I want to be tracking, and heading in the right direction consistently! Weigh in and measure up tomorrow, or Thursday. See how things are looking now we are around 30 days in! Wow, really? That flew by. Who knew it would be so simple.


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                  Guess what tomorrow is!?

                  DAY#30 of living primal!

                  Woop-woop. Looking forward to doing a 30 day wrap up and posting some new measurements! I honestly can not believe how quickly, and easily, these last 29 days have gone by.


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                    DAY 30 has arrived!! *cue dramatic music*

                    Let's see what the stats have to say, then I will ramble some more.

                    LSP: 2.6kg/5.72lb
                    Height: 169cm
                    Waist:81.5cm (-2.5cm)
                    Thigh:59cm (-2cm
                    Arm:33cm (-0.5cm)
                    Bust:103.5cm (-1.5cm)
                    Hips:108cm (-2cm)
                    Deadlift: 70kg
                    Squat: 45kg
                    Pullup: nope, not yet.

                    So, that is a total loss of 2.6kg and 8.5cm! Yeh, I am happy. Shall elaborate below

                    I cut out 1 boxing session a week, it was just too much. I am now weight training at least twice a week, I really want to focus on building my strength. I just wanna be strong! And footy training is 2 sessions a week, with a 3rd thrown in every now and again, but that doesn't seem to be a regular thing. I haven't changed much training wise (if anything its less) from pre primal to primal.

                    Obviously the big change when it comes to going Primal! I still IF, generally 14/10 window. Sometimes I push it our 20/4, if I'm planning a particularly indulgent dinner. I'm also, as mentioned earlier, tracking calories using an IF type method. I cycle my carbs slightly, but mainly just up my cals overall on a weight training day and lower them a bit on a rest day. I don't stress too much over this, as really, I am active all days. Guess I am just seeing what works best for me, and these results show that, so far, this approach is working for me. I honestly have not missed bread, or anything like that. I guess eating very little of it in the first place was a real help in my transition, so I am thankful for that. I haven't allowed (or had time) myself to go about making primal treats (oh, except for chocolate bark!), and I think I will keep it this way for as long as possible. I'm not perfect of course! And my weekly treat is a gluten free goodie from the organic farmers market I work at Sunday mornings. Eating like this, every meal really seems like a treat. I mean, all that fat. What a treat!!

                    I want to add my calorie intake (I don't count exercise calories burnt), here you can see that I am eating the same, but weighing less!

                    Pre-Primal (April/May) 30 day intake:65,052 calories - weight fluctuated 86-87
                    Pre-Primal (May/June) 30 day intake:56,709 calories - weight fluctuated 87-89
                    Primal (June/July) 30 day intake:58,552 calories - weight came down 87-85

                    I'm feeling:
                    Rather fucking great. I've had such a stall in progess/loss over the last 3 months. The only change I've made is that I am now eating Primal. My calories have stayed the same, my training is the same (if not a little bit less), my sleep hours are the same. Such a simple and easy change has created such big results. I really am happy. But, its month 1. We will see what month 2 has in store, I think its my pessimistic side, but I expect slightly lesser results. Still, results are results! I'll just have to wait and see.

                    Everyone around me:
                    As mentioned earlier, my mum is on board. She is going well and feeling great. I think my dad is loving eating more meat, and fat. The bf, well, we have agreed that I'm cooking this way and that if he wants grains he will need to let me know and I will add them in for him. But I don't encourage this, and he hasn't once asked. So, that's all good. No one at work really notices. I had 6 poached eggs and a sweet potato for lunch the other day and I did get one odd look. But I think they all thought I was weird with food anyway. My IFing, bringing raw milk and cream for my brought in coffee bags. Yeh, they think I'm odd.

                    So - that is the 30 day wrap up. BRING ON THE NEXT 30 DAYS!
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                      I was sick over the weekend Stupid housemate bringing disease into the house. I seemed to get off the lightest though, no sweats, vomiting, cough or headaches for me - just a swollen gland. And I'm all good after 3 days - the other housemates, still sick... at least a week each. Yes to healthy living!

                      I guess I stayed mostly Primal, however I ate mucho carbs. Made primal pancakes and piled on the raw honey (to help with the germs...haha). And I inhaled some not-so-primal chocolate. Lots of meat was had. But, back on track now, carbs back to the lower end of the spectrum (under 100gm). I am toying with the idea of not tracking calories, but I think I should keep going. It's good to be able to look back. Well, that was a pointless sentence.

                      I so hope last months weight-loss wasn't just water. I may have jumped on the scale this morning (after 3 days of high carb eating) and I am up in weight, by over 1kg. Just concerns me that all I lost was water. Hmm.


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                        Whoa, who flew off the rails after their day 30 high!? That would be me.

                        Mt bad.

                        Starting today I am giving whole30 a shot. Why not? It'll be fun. I was going to start yesterday, then had cream in my coffee, so decided to scratch that day and finish the vintage cheddar in the fridge after dinner. I'm all good to go today!

                        Put coconut milk in my coffee this morning, not a huge fan. I'll stick to black coffee.

                        Shall keep you up to date over the next 30 days!

                        Peace x


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                          Well - whole30 was a bust. Turns out I go craycray when I put restrictions on myself. No cream in my coffee - didn't bode well. Its the small things in life that make it worth living, and cutting out my cream and occasional honey sweetened tea made me lose my shit and consume things I wouldn't have normally.

                          I am back on the primal track. Which was working, so I don't know why I wanted to change it up - fool.

                          Also, I havent frequented these parts for a while, and reading some threads is really helpful to staying on track. I shall be back, more often!


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                            Weekend was fairly 80/20.

                            Feeling good though, making better decisions. Fairly simple really.