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  • Primal Journal ~BRiM4799~

    Journal Day 1: I'm embarrassed. There, I've gotten that part out of the way. Why? Well because when I started this journey, I weighed in at an earth shattering 422 pounds. Yep, there, now that part is out in the public as well. That was in November of 2009. On June 22, 2009, I had surgery to remove a cancer from the top of my head. I immediately decided to stop hiding from my weight and face it head on. I set myself a goal to become half the man I was in June.

    Then, I floundered. A series of stresses and life's issue came along and I made no progress. When I stepped on the scales on 11/1/2009 they screamed profanities at me insisting I weigh only one person at a time in the future before finally telling me the ugly truth. My weight had actually gone up a couple of pounds since June. It was time to do something radical.

    And that's exactly what I did. I started attempting everything I could think off. Two hours a day in the gym doing cardio on the elliptical (my joints wouldn't really support anything more strenuous)? Check. Lifting for a hour a day three to four days a week? Check. Back into my Tae Kwon Do classes that I loved so much a decade ago? Check.

    The result? Yes, I did indeed lose weight. As a matter of fact, I lost quiet a bit of weight by the end of the year. According to my FitDay log, on 1/1/2010 I weight in just below the 390 mark. Not bad at all, 32 pounds in two months is nothing to sneeze at. Only problem? I couldn't sustain it. I was killing myself trying to keep up with the demanding schedule I'd created for myself and the rest of my life was starting to get pushed to the side so I could pursue weight loss. And there was absolutely no fun in it.

    Enter Primal Living. I began getting some advice from a good friend about making some changes to my eating and working out a heck of a lot less. I hadn't discovered the PB yet but he had discovered MarksDailyApple and was feeding me info from the site. For starters, I began feeling better pretty D*** quick. Secondarily, I had some extra time on my hands and could focus on other aspects of my life.

    Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I ordered my copy of PB. I've still not managed to find the time to get all the way through the book but I'm up to Chapter Seven. And this mornings weight?

    Journal Day 1

    Today's Weight: 343.0 Pounds (-79.0)

    B: Grapefruit, Water

    S: No Snack, Water

    L: Chicken Breast, Tomatoes, Water

    S: 2x Small Apples, Water

    D: Beef Patty (93/7), Asian Style Mixed Veggies, Water

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    Well thank goodness you are here now. Life will be so much more enjoyable!


    I see one very big problem with your diet: there is no fat!

    Where is the bacon and eggs and chicken thighs with the skin? Butter? Nuts? Cheese? Something!

    Eat at least 60 percent of your calories from fat. Higher is better. You also seem to be eating lots of fruit (two apples is too much... and why are you eating grapefruit for breakfast?), which usually gives you sugar that makes you hungrier. You will not loose weight unless you eat WAY more fat and less carbohydrate.


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      I probably should have explained. While my diet pretty free of processed foods and junk, it's not truly primal yet. I'm in the process of transitioning from a different plan to a more primal plan. My friend did me a favor by getting me turned onto something good, but a disservice by feeding it to me piecemeal so I'm in process of transitioning at this stage. Can't wait for at least my eating habits to be more fully primal. My exercise is still a little limited (though I did actually managed to RUN and chase my youngest around the soccer field last night!!!). Picking up a sledge hammer on the way home tonight ;-)

      And normally I don't do 93/7 beef and I do eat the skin on my chicken. Work in progress.

      Thanks for the feedback. BRiM


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        I would think that what you are eating is just not enjoyable...if you hurry up and join the fat feast things will go your way! I wouldn't worry about not knowing what you are doing or waiting for your friend to spoon feed you the info. Just eat meat, vegetables, and some fruit. Occasionally eating some nuts is fine. Douse everything in fat (no 'vegetable oils'. Only eat animal fats, butter, coconut and olive oil).

        Reading other journals on here will also give you a good idea of the delicious things you can eat.

        I would focus more on the diet and not as much on the exercise. Body composition is mostly up to what you eat. Getting the food right as soon as possible will give you the energy to want to exercise a little later on.

        And, we are all works in progress.