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    Hurhur...! My own typo gave me a laugh...imagining DH hated by tofu dishes .....hehehehe!! Of course should b my tofu dishes...

    Otherwise noting that am actually incredibly moody today, found myself in really bad form, irritated, angry, worried, bit tired, wot is going on Henry ? it reading book it starts with food ? Do find it all bit worrisome I suppose, didn't know about pufas and perhaps secretly hoped that my diet wasn't sooo not so sure now tho', think the book is brilliant even so and really well explained ..maybe feeling bit fed with all the bad advice/info have had on diet...or maybe sugar withdrawal...dunno anyhuuuuu cats loving this sunshine and being outdoors
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      Yesterday's food
      Did little IF 16 hrs
      L chicken left overs salad with half sweet potato, grated carrot, homemade mayo, tomato was v hungry after good Lht session 45 mins
      D pork Thai style in coconut milk with celery, onion, mushrooms, chilli, ginger, garlic, baby organic carrots with butter, 3 gls red wine...really felt like red wine wonder if I am missing any nutrients does red wine have vit b ? Just since I seem really bit low generally today mood n energy, also note that my keratosis on arms is worse today feels rough n brought in mouse in middle of night, he is so proud of this has to wake us up to make sure we know with lionlike growling and rumbling round bedroom for what seems like hours, we can never get it off him he is so fierce about it, am knackered this morning thank you ! Maybe he thinks we need to try more raw food but will skip mouse for breakfast though !
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        Oh and also tried out paleotrack today as suggested by siobhan , the chart is really v helpful, like it ! .much better than fitnesspal had some probs trying to enter recipes but was using iPad ....Wonder if that was why ?
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          B 2 bacon tomato
          L brie grapes goat cheddar
          D salmon grilled, cumin, mustard, chilli, cinnamon ginger rub , broccoli, raspberries creme fraiche

          Yoga 90 mins...on my way there felt really hungry thinking what I would eat afterwards ...but afterwards was not really hungry which is unusual...mostly come home and eat gigantic salad just had grapes cheese as that's what I fancied.

          Mood seems to be lifting and not feeling grumpy, really don't enjoy being in that place ...

          Tomorrow have eto travel across town ..really hoping to get home ok ! So far transports working fine , there is a lovely vibe around excitement for opening of the many visitors and on my commute today so many languages , love this mix of the human race so great......anyhow tomorrow i cannot miss the opening ceremony and those sheep ! Also DH is threatening margaritas ..he makes the v best all fresh juice etc (and yep its true , am too tootally biased natch ) margaritas not good I know but really can't manage more than one so probably will celebrate !
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            Well we had our margaritas and watched the show ! Quite a show it was too, the Queen was priceless with James bond ..esp since she is I think 85 or 6 ..we did think she probably would not have liked the Artic Monkeys but good for her ! As to the show we thought Danny Boyle did us proud..and the stadium looked beautiful..there were so many amazing beautiful funny moving moments..loved the moths or butterfly's gliding out on bicycles, genius ! the Mary Poppins , voldemort, the tempest, pink floyd , dizzee rascal....a bit of a britfest...we did grumble a bit when a mini appeared..bit too much like marketing but so much else we loved including the construction staff at thenend was a lovely touch, but where were the sheep ? nowhere to be seen not surprising as they would have been terrified i think we watched to the v end ....all the different teams n costumes

            We are bit weary this morning and DH had early start as driving down to s coast , is "practising" with the crew of another bigger boat on the coast today ...race coming up in 2 weeks so they are gearing up for that, he does these races most years and its too bad they never have had silverwear seem to be plagued with various disasters in their races..something breaks at a critical moment kinda thing but they keep plugging away

            I am able to lounge in bed with cats and potmofmtea..heaven ! Hussarr

            Yesterday's food

            B almond pancakes, banana, raspberries, Greek yoghurt
            L salmon left overs, broccoli, cucumber, red onion mustard
            D left overs of Thai pork, cabbage with butter
            Brie goat cheddar olives, cashews
            Margarita 1 only...was lovely !
            Later 2 gls red
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              I loved the opening ceremonies! I found them to be so very British - a bit eccentric, brainy, quirky, wickedly humorous. I lived in England for six years and found myself overcome by nostalgia. The bit with the Queen was priceless - what a sport she is to go along with that! First I should say that my parents are from Scotland, having immigrated in 1951, and pictures of Her Majesty hung in our home. I never thought much about her, though, until the last few years when I found myself developing a tremendous admiration for her. She has stayed true to herself and her duty for all of her long life, never wavering, not once, never bowing to fashion or weakness. I wish I could say the same about myself! Anyway, the opening ceremonies, I adored them but alas fell asleep during Sir Paul's "Hey Jude." I hope you have a wonderful two weeks and many medals are won by all!
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                Ah see the Scottish blood is singing to you ! It was v English wasn't it in a good way ? And glad to have humour in there , the Queen has massive kudos today and I do also admire her dedication to her role, I am far from being a royalist (in fact am Irish ! ) but I do think she is an amazing woman and has been a force for good generally despite the weight of history that the old Empire has left rattling round, and .i really admire her jewellery too but it must weight a ton , wouldnt suit me and think of the insurance .....

                Otherwise am thankful to have traced horrible moodiness and tiredness to hormones for sure ! glad to know that's what going on , also plays havoc with weight past fluctuations of 5lbs or more around my cycle so let's see what, the good news is that I bought pair of slightly skinny trousers size 14s today which I amazed myself by getting into so obviously something is happening , before would have def had to go for 16 ...ESP for a slim cut...

                And notice am not worrying about food/weight so much which is actually a big deal.... Nice ! nice ! Nice ! guilt at least at the moment ! Ha ! feel well fed and satisfied , DH and I also notice we don't miss bread, potatoes, rice or even crackers now...which is a surprise
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                  Yep, I am not a royalist by any means, I'm much too 'American' for that - but like you I admire the individual, who has basically done the best she could under great pressure and vastly changing circumstances and come through on top. She can keep her jewels, but I wouldn't mind a couple of her hats! That dress she wore yesterday was wonderful. Maybe I can have it when she is done with it?

                  Good on you for the new trousers! I am feeling much the same way, I feel good and healthy and I'm not obsessing about what size I wear.

                  I decided not to eat white potatoes although they are technically allowed - I just feel that for me they are diet disaster. I don't miss them at all. Haven't eaten rice either although I have fed it to guests.

                  Might indulge in a hard cider, though, as I am low on carbs today.
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                  “"Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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                    ok a hat for you and maybe a tiara for me...maybe a nice diamond necklace , a dress also...the pink you think ?

                    praps we could share a necklace if it went with the dress and the hat

                    ...da-ya-think james might come round too ???????? that would be nice !

                    (...its ok DH knows I'm a sucker for Mr Bond...except for Roger Moore for some reason .....dunno why bit too smooth maybe? )

                    glad you are feeling healthy and thanks for the compliment about trousers.....was good !

                    I haven't tried carb cycling yet - if thats the right term , I 'm guessing that why ur low carbing ? am still reading up on so much stuff this site is like a mine of info don't think I understand it exactly yet ...but getting there

                    otherwise food yesterday

                    B poached egg and 2 pieces bacon tomato
                    L mackerel pate salad
                    D lamb curry , butternut squash raspberries, 85% dark choch, 2 RW
                    did not feel like snacking ....

                    B 2 bratwurst
                    L left over lamb curry
                    D steak , sweet potato fries, butternut squash, cabbage, gooseberry fool ..thats the plan at this stage ,

                    am quite excited about making these sw pot chips as was reading about them somewhere on this site ...apparently best is u start them from cold oil which sounds strange so will be trying that hope they don't turn out to be super soggy tho ..DH is big fan steak n chips ...can't believe I actually found proper sour gooseberries in Tesco ...amazing and thrilled as I just love em...

                    also PB book arrived last week so well into that now too

                    cat came in last night , had caught something small ...I thought o no a baby mouse and ran to get it off her ..naah not a baby you killer !

                    ...but this was no baby mouse at all ! no wonder she dropped it pronto ...this was one very very feisty old shrew and he was having none of it, I bet he bit her tongue ...I tried to pick him up ......bring it on he said...gaann ! just you try to pick me up !!..I have your arm off and as for you puddy ...just you try it ...ha I'd bring you all down in a twitch f my whiskers

                    ...there he was all 2.5 cm of him rearing up on his lickle back legs in the middle of our rug ..ready to take on all comers ..quite a sight he was..... so I offered him a ride inside my nice dark welly instead and he said o all right then, looks pretty ok

                    I found a good spot outside with lots of cover and let him out.. he didn't wave good bye or say thank you or anything really

                    certainly not a taming kinda shrew ...
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                      What a story! That shrew earned some respect!

                      Haven't made sweet pot fries yet, keep meaning to!
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                      “"Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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                        Sweet pot fries good but par boiled and oven fried as u need Japanese sweet potatoes for the recipe I was checking out...regular ones would be soggy....

                        How about that shrew....size not an issue obviously

                        Mon food
                        B 2eggs scrambled
                        L chicken salad mayo
                        D steak butternut squash salad
                        Snacks strawbs amazing organic honeydew melon...v nom nom
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                          B salmon n avocado with dash Worcester
                          L makerel pâté home made of swt pot fries
                          D roast chick beet root carrot red pepper beet tops spring onion honeydew melon n strawbs
                          S 85% g N b choc almonds cashews

                          London is like a ghost town...where are the hordes we are all asking, our commutes are actually quieter than usual's eerie, we are all wondering if it's just that everyone is working from home/gone on holiday/to scared to come out or what ? is soooo quiet it's not good...west end completely dead...and after all the hoo haa we had we were really expecting a tsunami of humanity and quaking in our boots if we're providing front line services since we didn't know if we would b able to it's a good thing for us but think the business community is not having a good time of it it looks

                          Otherwise am feeling proud ...did my sprint workout n since I got the PB tome decided to up my intervals a tad as per book...increased overll time from 20 to 30min n interval 30sec to 1 min , 2 min recovery to 1 .5min . Did 16 mins of 1min sprint with 1.5min recovery then as could not maintin sprint level for the min extended recovery to 2mins for remainder, sweated buckets and a most glowing visage but felt great ! IF of 16hrs b4 also , felt absolutley no hunger after this workout , amazed ! did feel v intense but in a good way bit like going in cold plunge pool after steam room feeling going on ...

                          ..really was bit surprised how good made me feel, tried out coconut water afterwards ...which read is good , seemed to reduce appetite as made a chicken salad but had only about 1/4 of it as didn't feel like eating it, since coconut water provided about 40g carbs maybe that's why....Reading yesterday's blog about carb cycling has been helpful in understanding what my body may b doing but not sure I can really deplete my glycogen stores am hardly what could be called athletic even when I bust my a** I am not fast but hey ! I really like the shorter workouts

                          Also wore the new slim-cut trousers to work, despite that little gargoyle on my shoulder saying bet they won't fit now ! Theyre actually even a bit loose on the waist I swear my tum is not so tum as it used to be avoiding those scales like the plague as if it's not good news will be despondent and am going well so don't want to be undermined ....if its good might be tempted to celebrate with just keeping on as I am
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                            Stay away from the scale - it lies! And don't listen to the little devils. You are inspiring me to get working out, taking the next primal step, or should I say leap?
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                            “"Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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                              YOU GO ARTY!! I'm going to read the PB fitness book right now!! crazy cat ladies on a primal rampage arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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                                Originally posted by Siobhan View Post
                                Stay away from the scale - it lies! And don't listen to the little devils. You are inspiring me to get working out, taking the next primal step, or should I say leap?
                                Yeah scales r def not on the list...just cause for misery and more gargoyles !!! .glad to know I'm not alone in that particular torment go for the leap I say ! Sounds like u already did ..Fantastic !
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