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    Thanks mommymd! I think I'll kick his but too!

    15th August 2012

    B: Bacon and roasted asparagus

    L: Handful of blueberries

    D: 'Primal' Spaghetti, pasta made from zuccini

    Snacks/Drinks: Black tea.

    Workout: Light walk, 50 bodyweight squats and 32 wall pushups.

    Joining the gym next week so I can start using some weights. 3Litre milk bottles don't work so well for me.
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      August 16th 2012

      B: n/a
      L: Two pork chops
      D: Will be having half steak with assorted vegetables

      Snacks/Drinks: Black tea

      Workout: Rowing Machine (bodyweight based), Hour walk, Tabata Sprints.

      Bleurgh, I think I've caught the flu. Got some pretty bad headaches and tummy pains which are kinda ruining my current happy mood. But oh well! I'm so happy since I've now dropped from 86kgs down to 80-81kgs. Mainly lost it around my limbs and face, tummy fat still jiggles . The spring like weather is also making me happy, spent a lot of time outdoors today. Pretty exhausted!

      And, I dyed my hair ^ see avatar.
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        Nice colour!

        Hope you are feeling better.


        LCHF since Oct 2011