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    I'm glad you are back! I had a two week trip on the crazy train over the holidays myself. Got a grip in January. Had a short ride this past Saturday but back at it again now. The part that drives me nuts is that I FEEL so much better when I am eating right.



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      Yep, been there, done that. The sugar dragon has visited me and brought her friend the debt monster. I'm telling both of them to go to H*ll. We fall down and we get up, we fall down and we get up.
      My Primal Journal:

      "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


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        I haven't updated in a while - just checking in to say I'm still around, and still keeping an eye on you guys.

        I'm in the middle of a massive home renovation - mainly kitchen/dining but also other parts of the house and bits of the outside - and it's a daily challenge to eat healthy when there's no way store or rinse or cook anything. We eat out a LOT, at least every other day. I'm trying to keep things as primal as I can, but there are only so many salads a woman can face in a six-week period.

        The best strategy for me so far has been to eat at work a lot - which is expensive, but at least it can be done in a low-carb and healthy way. I can forage for eggs and sausage in the morning, or berries if I need a change of pace; chicken salad or a burger patty or two at lunch; and I've been skipping dinner a lot, just because it's such a hassle to try to prepare or clean up anything. I haven't lost anything, but I haven't gained anything, either.

        Hope the rest of you are still on track and feeling good!


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          We survived a full house remodel, 12 years ago. I feel your pain, really.

          Keep on truckin'


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            Alas, I've started creeping outward in the middle (and in the back!) again. So I'm re-committing to accountability here to make sure the stuff I eat is stuff I ought to eat.

            For today:

            Coffee w/heavy cream

            Tuna with grapes, tomatoes, romaine (not my first choice, but our department had a pizza party today, and this is my go-to substitute order).

            I'm planning to try these cream cheese pancakes
            Ham & Cheese wraps w/mustard

            Dark chocolate (87%)
            Piles of Pistachios

            I'm going to have to do a little better than this - not nearly enough food, period, and too much snacking. My preference is to do two meals a day, lunch and dinner, with the occasional dark chocolate in the evening.
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              Yesterday's cream cheese pancakes worked out pretty well, with one major modification. The "pancakes" come out extremely thin and a bit crepe-like - and they get cold really fast while waiting for the next ones to be done. Plus, they're pretty hard to manage - they tear a lot when you try to flip them.

              So after the first three... reader, I scrambled them.

              They came out looking exactly like brownish (from the cinnamon) scrambled eggs, and tasting exactly like french toast. So it was a cognitively dissonant win. I added a touch of sugar-free syrup and was an extremely happy camper. I'll probably do it again tonight, because it was so very quick and easy.


              Scrambled eggs with ham, 2 boiled eggs (... I don't know. It's what was in the fridge!)
              Coffee with cream

              Half of half of a moroccan chicken salad from CPK (victim of yet another social work lunch. These don't come up much, but when they do...)

              Probably the cream cheese pancakes again, unless I splurge on sushi.
              Probably several slices of ham, rolled up with cheese, dipped in mustard (this is a favorite. I always have to fight the cat for it, but usually, I win.)
              Probably a dark chocolate bar (Dagoba Eclipse, 87%)

              I'm not doing a really great job of staying primal right now. I'm staying low carb enough to call my diet ketogenic, but that's about it. I know I'm also not eating enough actual food right now, and I haven't given a lot of thought to my protein/fat ratio yet; I'll get to it. I find that the more I stress out about staying primal (grass-fed, pasture-raised, organic, organ meats, bone broth, etc!) the more likely I am to just give up. So I'm not worrying about it right now; I'll worry about that tomorrow (at Tara!)