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    Hello all,

    Thought that I would try this out. Today was day 1.5. I consider yesterday just a half day since the wife made me tortellini with garlic bread for lunch. But today I was better.

    Slept good until about 1030
    Lunch: chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, and a glass of whole milk
    Snack: protein powder with water
    Dinner: chicken breast, Brussels sprouts, raw carrot, celery stalk, handful of grape tomatoes, beef jerky and an apple (guess I was hungry)
    Snack: clementine, 2 carrots and celery stalks, another handful of grape tomatoes, and protein powder with water

    Think I went a little heavy on the protein today. But felt good. Can't "lift heavy things" due to a herniated disk in my neck (hope to get that fixed soon). My food tracker app has me at:
    1519 calories
    39g fat
    100g carbs
    192g protein

    A little about me ... Well I am a hot mess right now. 37 y/o male, neck/back issues which I am hoping to get corrected soon. On cholesterol meds (270 - ouch). 195 lbs and 30% BF. I am expecting my first kid in a month or so and woke up and realized that something needs to change. Because it is no longer just about me anymore. Wife is very supportive with this idea, but is skeptical about the fat intake. Told her to give me the same 30 days that I am putting into it. So we shall see...

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    Day 2

    B: 5 slices bacon, 3 scrambled eggs, glass of whole milk
    L: 10 oz sirloin and 2 servings steamed broccoli (chili's does not have much in the way for low carb) and unsweetened iced tea
    Snack: 2 handfuls of trail mix and a sugar free red bull (my weakness)
    D: took a risk for a quick dinner. Romaine hearts, can of sardines in olive oil, and a little vinegar. Also an avocado. Was really good!

    Totals for the day:
    1919 calories
    114g fat
    88g carbs
    147g protein


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      Day 3 ... Ugh

      Today was tough. Walked by a subway in the airport and got the bread cravings. I walked away, but it set the mood for the day.
      Totals for the day:
      1825 calories
      84g fat
      92g carbs
      175g protein
      Dreading the next few days since I am off. It's always easy to be good at work. And Sunday is the baby shower, hope someone brings a veggie platter.


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        So I forgot to post yesterday, will do some catching up.

        Day 4:
        B:4 pieces bacon, 2 fried eggs (in leftover bacon grease), and a glass of milk.
        L: salad with mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette, steamed string beans, 4 seared sea scallops over spinach sautéed in garlic, and iced tea.
        D: Baked chicken thigh w/ skin and mashed cauliflower.
        S: Tin of smoked oysters, protein shake with milk, and ... pregnant wife wanted DQ, so I caved in and had a small cup of their swirl.

        1944 calories
        113g fat
        92g carbs
        143g protein


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          Day 5

          B: 3 slices of bacon, and a Florida avocado.
          L: Baked chicken thigh w/ skin and mashed cauliflower and a sugar free red bull.
          D: kielbasa stir fry.
          S: 1/2 peach, cup of rainier cherries, protein shake with whole milk and double powder.

          1913 calories
          116g fat
          96g carbs
          127g protein

          Days off seem to be giving me problems. I am not doing horrible, but feel that I could do better. Tomorrow is going to be a nightmare. People are bringing all kinds of food (and cake) for the baby shower. I will guard the veggie platter and shrimp. Will report back tomorrow.


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            Yes, yesterday was horrible (just the eating part). Apparently I have no will power. I did good in the morning. Up until the shower party started. I woke up at 193.5 yesterday. After carb loading like I was going to run a marathon today, I am 196.8. Oh well, back to stage 1.


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              Wow! It has been a crazy couple of months. Our baby was born on July 31 (6 weeks early). We closed on a home and moved earlier this month. Talk about falling off the wagon. I'm back and ready to give this a try... Again. Round 2 should be better without as many distractions.