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  • At the tipping point...

    Good Evening Everyone,

    I wasn't sure where exactly this post should go, forgive me if I picked the wrong forum. I'm putting this post out there to see if anyone else has experienced a similar problem...

    I started my primal journey at 312 pounds on 12/31/11. I've done very well so far and I hit my lowest weight on 7/9/12 at 238 pounds. That's 74 pounds of weight lost. It's hard to explain how good I felt that day standing on the scale knowing what I had accomplished.

    Here's the problem... Since then, I've slipped. My weigh in yesterday was 240.5 which put me up in weight this week (1st time since starting the Primal Diet). Last week and now into this week my diet has been the non-primal junk I ate when I was 300+ and I know that I'm at a tipping point and if I don't make a drastic course correction I run an extreme risk of putting the weight back on. However, I can't help it. I strongly believe that I am carb addicted (Mark's post today was well timed) and I'm at risk of spinning out of control. Tonight I missed a workout AND had McDonald's junk food. I knew McD's was a bad choice, but I couldn't stop myself either.

    There are a few events that have transpired since June 1 that I think maybe contributing. I need some input and thoughts...
    1.) 6/13 I had my wisdom teeth out. I started slipping a little bit on my diet then. I had some pudding and mac and cheese (hard to chew regular food). I got back into the workouts in a week, but I started cheating more than I should on my diet.
    2.) 7/1 I developed a nasty jaw infection (a post op complication from wisdom teeth extraction). I was down and out for 2 days and put on 10 days of anti-biotics.
    3.) 6/1 I started a new job. The new job is more demanding and being out a few days for wisdom teeth surgery and again with my jaw infection I'm behind on a project and really stressed out.

    I really believe that the stress from my job in conjunction to the system shock my body took from being sick and the anti-biotic treatment has really derailed my diet and I can't seem to get back on track.

    Perhaps I just need a pep talk too, but I'm really worried about slipping now as I've come so far. My ultimate goal is 200 lbs by Christmas. I'll need to be back on track soon to get there.

    Any advice.

    Kindest Regards,