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    Start weight : 131lb

    Having given up wheat and dairy twelve years ago I always thought I made pretty good diet choices. Recently though I realise that I'm as heavily reliant on wheat free bread as I used to be on normal bread.

    Having two small children is exhausting and I was finding myself tucking into chocolate or carbs at the end of the day out of habit or frustration or something.

    I went carb free for a week and my body suffered - first time in my life that I missed a period for any other reason than pregnancy. I'd wake at 3am with chronic pain in my thighs.

    Have decided to resume eating potatoes and occasionally rice as I don't really want to lose weight (or not much anyway) just cut out grain. I'm discovering it's not as easy as you'd think!

    I made some Yorkshire Parkin this evening to take to the toddler group meet tomorrow. A stupid decision really as my will power is not what it was. Despite knowing exactly what went into it (a whole block of butter; half a tin of syrup; loads of treacle; sugar and tons of flour) I eat a piece as soon as it's cooled!

    Apart from that huge error, the rest of the day has been fine with loads of salad and cold roast chicken and my usual breakfast of a couple of eggs and bacon.

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    My body is so much happier now that I have reintroduced potatoes. The sugar cravings are ameliorated.

    It's also ludicrously easy in the summer to do a primal diet as there is so much gorgeous fresh fruit and veg - not sure how easy I'll find it in the winter.

    I've noticed that small children have a naturally primal diet. My toddler won't eat carbs very often, and neither will many other two year olds I know. My four year old used to be like this but since starting school and seeing what other children eat, she's become seduced by biscuits, bread and other carby foods.