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  • My Urban Caveman Journey


    I thought it will significantly help me if I'd log my journey to becoming an urban caveman here. Both for motivational purposes, but also so that whoever reads this can either benefit from or comment if I am doing something wrong!

    I'll introduce myself;

    My name is Owen I am currently 27 male, 6ft 1inches and 290lbs. I am from the city of Manchester UK hence my urban caveman name and title of my journal. Manchester although a busy city isn't completely a concrete jungle. In the suburbs we have some beautiful scenery. Which will hopefully become my gym!

    My sport is American Football, I have been using my size as an advantage for my position, (offensive lineman), but now I am starting to feel like my health and well being needs to take more of a front seat now!

    I am hoping exercising and eating primal will significantly improve my health, fitness, strength and the way I view myself. So this is my journey... I am no writer, so please don't expect any epic literature, but I will attempt to make it as interesting as possible!!

    Thanks in Advance

    aka urbancaveman
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    Day1: Monday 13th Aug 2012

    Weight: 289.4lbs

    I woke up this morning feeling shattered, I had a bit of heavy weekend, after paintballing on saturday and having a few bevvies in the night. I went to bed late last night because I wanted to watch the closing ceremony of the olympics. It was worth it, very good event. However note to self in future; record it and watch it back another time, I think sleep is going to be a big help in this process.

    I am starting to realise that this process is going to have to be a life changing thing. I need to change the way I think about food, and also how to prevent myself from jumping off the wagon. This is going to take masses of will power, but I want to and need to do this.


    2 Eggs micropoached (poached in microwave)
    4 mushrooms fried in coconut oil
    1 banana
    1 capsule of fish oils

    To be continued....


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      Day1 Cont...

      Okay I am coming to the end of day one! and I have to say it was rather difficult at times! I felt what I used to describe as being hungry a lot, but now knowing better I didn't stuff my face full of chocolate, crisps, etc I just drank water and waited till I was truely hungry and needed feeding!

      On the forum I have been reading about fasting, and how to IF! There was an interesting post that was directed to me which said to break yourself into the IF slowly. By incrementally eating breakfast later and later each week untill it merges into lunch to become brunch, and then later such that brunch becomes the evening meal. I think I might try this within the next month or so! My only concern is, will I be getting enough calories to keep me going? I presume this meant so that your body starts to canniblise your own fat stores and thus help you lose weight. Am I right?

      So my meals for today:


      2 Eggs micropoached (poached in microwave)
      4 mushrooms fried in coconut oil
      1 banana
      1 capsule of fish oils


      Pre-cooked Chicken flame grilled style
      Garden Salad
      Pot of Blueberries
      1 starbucks americano black

      Evening Meal:

      Paleo chicken curry with ocra (instead of rice)
      My own paleo berry blast (Frozen summer fruits and a banana, blitzed together to form a sorbet/icecream type deasert)

      I was concerned with lunch as I looked at the packet of chicken at the ingredients and it contained stabilisers and salt I am guessing this isn't paleo, but I decided to go with it anyway.

      I think in future I will cook my own chicken and make my own salad!

      Anyway I have decided to go to bed early approx 9.30 BST which is in an hour so best get my chores done!

      So untill tomorrow!

      Ciao for now!



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        Day 2: Tuesday 14th August 2012

        Day 2: Tuesday 14th Aug 2012

        I am begininging to think that this is going to be a struggle... Basically as sad as it sounds I live with my parents and my mother is a Practice nurse who has be indoctrined in CW. This morning I was peering in the fridge looking for something paleo to eat but my mother goes "Just eat some cereal for breakfast, why do you have to go looking for eggs blah blah blah!" So I have basically automatically had my first IF! I am pretty sure based on this that I won't be getting support from my mother! Oh well we'll see what she says when I lose weight and look great!

        Any tips on trying to turn my mothers point of view? She seems to think that because she is a nurse and has been on the course she is an expert! I personally find it hilarious because she is overweight herself but gives dietry advice to other people!! Oh well hypocrasy is common place these days!

        Don't get me wrong I love my mum, but she doesn't half think she knows best!!

        Any way...

        Breakfast was at 10:15am BST I had a banana and an orange

        Lunch I am going to have: 2 Spit roasted chicken breats (bought from supermarket not 100% sure this is paleo) some water melon, blueberries and some almonds

        Evening meal, not sure yet I'll have to see what I feel like later!!

        To be continued...


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          Day2 continued

          I changed my lunch above to the following:

          1/2 chicken spit roasted
          Water melon

          For my evening meal I had 2 venison burgers with salad and some delicious butternut squash oven chips (what you americans call fries)

          Managed to get to bed at 10pm!

          Not a particular exciting day but hey ho!!


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            Day3 Wednesday 15th Aug 2012

            Today I woke up feeling a bit strange, I woke in the middle of the night, to get some water, to my horror, I discovered that my sight was blurry, as I woke up this morning to get ready for work, My sight wasn't as bad but still a bit a strange! I think I best go the opticians!!


            Breakfast was at approx 7:30am and I had blueberry with sunflower seeds and almonds witha tsp of honey!! All I can say is Yummy!! It felt so wrong, but tasted so right lol, and of course it was paleo!

            I am going to skip lunch

            For my evening meal I am going to have a spanish omlette, instead of potatos I am going to use butternut squash and I am going to use no cheese!!

            Tonight I meant to go to boot camp but I have family round so I will see what time they leave and then do appropriate exercise accordingly!!

            To be Cont...


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              Day 3 continued...

              After breakfast I didn't end up eating till about 8pm and I have to say that it was pretty easy for me which is surprising!! I just decided to listen to my body!! I said to myself that my body won't waste away if I miss a meal out and low and behold it didn't!!

              Might repeat tomorrow!

              Didn't manage to fit exercise in because I had family round but to be honest I went to bed early anyway! 9.30!

              My food consisted of...

              Breakfast: Almonds, sunflower seeds, blueberries with a tsp honey
              Lunch: Fast
              Evening Meal: Spanish Omlette with butternut squash as a substitute for potato, salad
              sunflower seeds, blueberries with a 2tsp honey

              Note to self.... Butternut squash is a fantastic, tasty alternative to potato!!


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                Day4 Thursday 6th August 2012

                After a very successful IF yesterday although small! I have decided to do it again and skip breakfast as well!

                Although still a bit tired this morning I actually feel great now!

                I weighed myself this morning! To my amazement in the past 4 days I have lost 8.4lbs!!!! Like I said I started at 289.4lbs on monday and this morning I weighed at 281.0lbs!! Now whilst this seems quite a lot of weight to be losing, it is my first week and I presume that this will level off once my body becomes accustomed to this way of living! But anyway I am happy with these results so already and look forward to seeing the benefits in weeks/months/years to come!!

                Breakfast: Fast - 1 grande black americano
                Lunch: Fast
                Evening meal: hmmmm what shall I have? Steak? Or these chicken livers that people have been raving about on this forum!!

                To be continued ......


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                  Day 3 continued....

                  So after a fast from 8pm the night before to 6pm the next day (almost 24 hours lol) I broke my fast with a nice big juicy steak! with a side of roasted butternut squash and veg! Yummy!

                  I also tended to my experimental side, by trying to make paleo fruit and nut bars for a snack! Unfortunately they ended up just being a fruit and nut mess! I would appreciate any paleo/primal fruit and nut bars, so that I can snack on! I am going on a hike next weekend and would like something to take up there!!


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                    Day 4 Friday 17th August 2012

                    Woke up feeling a bit woozey! Tired, and a bit wobbly on the feet!! didn't have a great sleep despite going to bed at 9:45! But as I write this, I am pretty good!

                    For breakfast I had: 2 hard boiled eggs, blue berries, banana and some the nut granola I made last night!

                    Not having lunch! might have a black americano!

                    left over steak for tea with salad me thinks!!

                    I am off out tonight going to have a few beers! not strictly paleo, but mark says he likes couple now and then so I suppose it is ok!!


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                      Ok First week on the primal/paleo plan, I had a kind of relapse at the weekend! :-( but I am back on it now with a fast untill dinner time!

                      I weighed myself this morning! I am 285lbs so thats 4lbs off! not the 9lbs I had in mind but a loss is a loss! I am going to start putting some exercise in now that I have got some of the diet sorted.

                      My plan is to do a bit of primal fitness, so sprints for cardio, lift heavy (this will be good for my Football training) and walk around a lot! At the moment I can't afford vibram fivefingers yet so still going to have to use normal trainers/sneakers! I am also going to put a bit of plyometrics and core strength exercises in as well such as box jumps, planck etc...

                      Fun and games

                      Breakfast: 1 venti americano
                      Lunch: Fast
                      Evening Meal: Chicken either with salad or steamed veg! Paleo ice cream for dessert!

                      Happy Monday everyone have a good week!

                      Urban Caveman


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                        Greetings from over the Irish Channel. Good to see more and more people from the UK here.
                        Good to see you started the primal way, good luck with it!
                        Just one word of warning: based on what you eat, I don't think you'll see dramatic weight loss just yet. In my experience to really lose weight you have to be quite strict. Just because something is "paleo" doesn't mean that you'll lose weight (or lose fat, more importantly, an important distinction). For example, what is this "paleo ice cream for dessert"? Why a dessert anyway? Usually means you didn't eat enough during the main meal.
                        I lost 30lbs over the last 3 months (was 230lbs, now 200lbs, want to go down to 80kgs) by just eating meat/fish and veggies with lots of butter, and only occasional fruit and sweet potatoes. In my experience to lose weight efficiently there is no other choice but to completely ban alcohol and fruit. Yes, not easy and quite anti-social but it can be worth it to do for a little while.
                        Also, it may be wise to start measuring your waist as weight loss can be deceptive. Go by reduction in size of the belly. Keep track of it on a piece of paper or in something like Evernote, which is what I do and which can be a good motivator to stay on track (as the stats don't lie).
                        I wouldn't go too wild with the fasting at first, make sure your body has the right nutrients at first so maybe doing a few weeks or a month of pretty strict paleo would be more beneficial in the long run. (having said that, I think IF is very good and can be great to break through a plateau, but you have only started)
                        Anyway, keep going, with 290lbs starting weight you're bound to see good progress. Any target weight? My kettlebell instructor was 265lbs and is now 175lbs and ripped so it can be done.


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                          Good job with the journal so far. I've just started one myself as well. We have similar stats: I'm 27, 240 lbs and am 6 feet tall.

                          I did PB for four months back in 2010 and lost 44 pounds. I'm just starting up again and am hoping to stay with it this time. Judging from what you're posting for your food intake, it doesn't look like you're eating enough. If I were you, I wouldn't be IFing at this stage in the game. Your main goal should be getting fat adapted. That means eating a high percentage of fate, moderate protein, and lots of vegetables. Try to cook for yourself if your family isn't supporting you in this. Also, Mark did a post a while back saying he wouldn't start IFing until after the third week of strict PB.

                          Don't worry about fasting and meal timings at the moment. Just eat when you're hungry and until you're satisfied, not overly full. Try to get some red meant, quality fish/seafood, and veg. in there. I'd skip on the fruit, as many people finds this stops weight-loss.

                          Good luck!


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                            Thanks Flying pig and afsjesse,

                            The reason why I am IFing now, is to try and control my eating habbits, in the past I have been a habbitual and emotional eater, so always over ate. I figured that if I fasted, I could start to realise what proper hunger is, rather than the faux sensation one gets when they are down in the dumps, bored or stressed out etc. In hindsight though, this might exacerbate

                            Perhaps this isn't the way to go and I should maybe go strict primal for a few weeks and record my success.



                            Paleo Ice cream I came up with as a name for a recipe I made a while ago, its basically frozen summer berries a banana and a tsp of honey mixed in a blender until you get an icecream like consistency! It is yummy alternative! I have a sweet tooth :-s
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                              Note to self.... Must go to bed earlier!!

                              Felt really tired when I woke up this morning! not that tired feeling you get when you haven't eaten enough, but that tired feeling you get when you went to bed at midnight and had to be up at 6 :-s oh well!

                              If you are reading this, then you may have noticed that my format for my journal has changed! This is mainly because I just realised how boring it actually was! So here is me actively trying to make myself more interesting!

                              I skipped breakfast today, frankly its out of convenience more than anything! I wasn't hungry, I didn't have time so I thought sod it! only 5 hours till lunch! Lunch I think will be another salad from the canteen! Although I am contemplating going for a walk if the weather looks good! Tonight I think I will finish with chicken and veg! will have to see!

                              This evening though I am going to go to boot camp! I haven't been for yonks! But I do miss it and some of the people that go! So I am going to go back and do some exercise!! The format of bootcamp is quite similar to the PBF from my understanding! Small amounts of sprinting, lots of body weight resistance exercises, core, plyometrics and a little bit of running! As well as exercising my social muscles as well!! :-)

                              Hope you all have a great day!