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  • Official weigh-in post cruise: I have gained .5 lbs.

    My tummy bloat has dropped, however. So, whatever that ends up being, I'm happy (I'm thinking I gained a little muscle, and lost a bit of tummy fat).

    Today I go to the ND and find out the results from my lipid panel (well, I already have that), and my hormone screen test. Hopefully, we will be seeing the drastic lessening of hot flashes.


    • I realized yesterday that this is quite likely the first time in my life that I feel nourished.

      When I was very young, my mom was focused on my chubbyness (she also was an over-feeding mom, according to my aunts), and, on the one hand, limited my food choices, and on the other hand, would provide me with candy to deal with emotional issues.

      I went into my pregnancies overweight, and not eating nearly enough, and eating crap foods.

      Spent most of my life following calorie restriction/low&no-fat.

      Spent 11 years as a vegetarian/vegan, with a high reliance on soy & processed "vegan" foods. Still low&no fat.

      Now, I'm eating bits of butter wrapped in bacon. Really. :P

      Pork carnitas, steak, greasy ground beef, sausage, filet mignon.... and some nicely prepped veggies with butter on them. Oh, and my buttered coffee in the morning.

      I'm finally starting to feel nourished, after almost a year of eating this way.


      • Well, no wonder I am missing you. Its been a couple of months since you posted here!

        I was wondering if the cortisol is getting straightened out and if you are seeing any differences yet.
        Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


        • Ah, not so far. My BP is still high, and I'm still having hideous hot flashes and sleeping problems.

          I've also started using a custom "cortisol reducer" herb tea in the evenings... but getting decent sleep between hot flashes and hip pain is really iffy. Lack of sleep increases stress.

          On the bright side, my skin issues are getting much better... so some of my inflammation is getting reduced. and I'm getting stronger, pain aside, I can actually do stairs much faster and easier.

          I'm focusing a lot on grass-fed "fat and bones"... and pastured pork, too. Staying away from fowl (O6), and trying to cut back on nuts (not easy for me to do, actually. It's like an addiction!). I absolutely KNOW that liquid dairy just makes me flare badly... even heavy cream... I can do a little greek yogurt, and I can handle well-aged cheese (lovin' the raw, grass-fed cheddar we found at the oly farmers market!), and cultured sour cream, so it's isn't that bad.

          Adding back some carbs into my life... going a bit too low-carb, apparently, can increase cortisol. Go figure. *sigh* Sweet potatoes/yams, and even a few spuds a couple of times a week.

          Just did major, intense house cleaning... got my workout! (Just kidding)...


          • Housework is work!! Definitely a workout.

            I cannot do any dairy, I found out, but goat milk products do not bother me at all. Have you heard of Olympia Local on Black Lake Blvd??
            Farm Fresh NW

            They do have a storefront where you can buy. This is not subscription only.
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            Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


            • Just popping in to say... we are moving.

              This is the second day of moving. Packing, sorting, OMFG we have too much SHIT.

              So, "STUFF" is like "HEALTHY WHOLE GRAINS"... insidious, corroding, bloating our house... now, I'm purging all kinds of stuff.

              New place is an apartment, UPSTAIRS, so, yay, I'll have great buns & thighs, just a few minutes STROLL from where I work. No more 112 mile commute! (that's round trip)

              As soon as we get our house completely cleaned out, it goes on the market.

              I'll be shopping at places like, yes, the Olympia Local (our son already shops there! he lives in Olympia), the Farmer's Markets, and the Co-op.. plus we can WALK to Fred Meyer, Costco, and STARBUCKS! LOL

              I'm already exhausted and sore. We move our bed this weekend, and "flip" residences. Once the bed is moved, we are sleeping there, and then just traveling here for cleaning and packing.

              I'm really glad we run on fat now... We've managed about two meals per day so far during this, no snacks. Yesterday, it was 12 hours between meals (sausage and eggs, then for dinner, some beef roast and green beans). I could not imagine being able to hump boxes up stairs all day on grains.... nope.


              • MAJOR life changes with a whole lot less stress. I am so happy for you!
                When you work up to taking those stairs two at a time, you'll have the nicest tush.....and I mean that in a very good way.
                Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


                • Yep, I have to climb stairs for my job, you can crack an egg on my cheeks. (Not the ones on my face.)
                  My Primal Journal:

                  "Freedom from fear" could be said to sum up the whole philosophy of human rights. - Dag Hammarskjold


                  • Thanks

                    Yes, I'm looking forward to the stairs... plus, to get to work, I walk up the spiral ramp to the over-I5 pedestrian bridge, then down the other side. So, some ramp-age every time, too, plus the stairs.

                    So very much less stress... AFTER we finish moving.

                    We were just past Elma today when I realized I didn't have the apartment keys... they were back in Hoquiam. Sigh. So, a bit longer of a trip today.


                    • I hope the move goes well! I know how exhausting moving places can be.

                      I still have nightmare's about my last shift. And that was 10 years ago!!


                      • Internet is back. Let us NOT even discuss Xfinity's "customer service" online.

                        Go into the Aberdeen office. Talk to Kim. It will be done quickly, with a smile.

                        We've been sleeping here since Sunday. Got curtains hung today, mopped the balcony (apparently, the previous tenets had badly trained dogs, and worse behaving children.), strung up bird netting to keep the kitties safe from a nasty fall from the balcony, and finally, FINALLY, got all the clothes off the new (Huge!!!!!) closet floor and on hangers.

                        Been running on spare eats, mostly eggs, cheese, beef, and coconut water. Feel just fine.


                        • So, with this move you save 100 miles a day, 500 miles a week which means over 2000 miles a month. Sounds like more money in your pocket to me. Like getting a raise without actually getting one.

                          So awesome that you'll be able to do all the good shopping easily. What a great move for you.
                          Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


                          • WTF happened to sardines?

                            When I was a kid, sardines were the size of bait..

                            I just opened a can of "sardines", and I've got the bodies of three FISH in here. about an inch and a half wide! Oh, and no heads.
                            Well, at this size, I wouldn't want their heads, but I figured that I could handle it if they were - you know, - sardines.


                            • I know! I buy the boneless, skinless ones. I know all the good stuff is in the bones, but... Ick!

                              I'm afraid I would've been a sorta fussy particular caveman...
                              Height: 5' 10"
                              Highest Weight: 292
                              Recent Starting Weight 287
                              Current weight: 237.6
                              Goal weight: 195
                              Body Fat 28.9


                              • Went for a two-hour bike ride today, exploring Tumwater... tackled some hills - going down was fun - and even managed to carry my bike back up the stairs when we got home.

                                I am getting stronger.