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    Got bikes today! yay... I used to love bike riding... now, we get to do that again.


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      225.0 this morning. Planning on taking a longer bike ride today.


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        225.2 lbs.

        I'm a little sore from yesterday's ride... but not has much as I feared I'd be. Slept okay - could have used another two hours, but that is life, isn't it?


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          Went for a short ride. Now, have to think about dinner. Hey, I got Practical Paleo today!! woo hoo!

          I'm just slightly addicted to cook books. Slightly.


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            Hey there!

            I picked up Everyday Paleo a week or so ago but loaned it to a friend before I had a chance to check it out. I have a great cookbook but I was looking for more ideas for the kids and I love the exercise section. I am hoping to get my hands on Practical Paleo but first I will have to buy some rotten textbooks for school.

            Lately I have been wanting to get a bike so I can go riding around too. I will have to make do with just walking for now and maybe see if I can find a stationary bike at school every now and then.
            I'm a 39 y/o mother of 3 sons ages 12, 14, and 15
            HT: 5'7"
            SW: 223 June 2012
            CW: 191.4 April 21 2013
            TWL2D: 32 lbs

            Primal Goals: to feel healthier, fitter, and sexier than ever before

            Favourite primal resources: The Food Lovers Make it Paleo cookbook, Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo, The Food Lovers Kitchen, Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary and of course Mark's Daily Apple!


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              224.8 lbs

              My husband has traffic court today. Yup, he got a ticket... first one in over 20 years - and he's hoping to get it dismissed.

              I understand about textbooks. Today is my day off work. Except, I need to spend the day studying Accounting. I hate studying. However, time is wasting, and I need to get through this.


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                Today is a fail... stayed up a bit too late last night (really, I thought that I'd get by on 5 hours sleep?), couldn't make myself get up this morning, so I'm home from work. *sigh*

                I ended up sleeping a ridiculous amount of time... maybe I'm in healing mode. Sure, that's it.


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                  Hi RaeVynn! It's still early, today doesn't have to be a complete fail. Go easy on yourself!

                  I just bought a bicycle last week myself. I love it. Not sure why I didn't have one for so many years! Riding the bike is definitely part of my play time now.

                  Hang in there!


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                    224.8 lbs

                    I feel fat today... my skinny jeans are snug in the thighs. Yes, I know that cycling will work/build the quads (and, I should be doing squats more often!), but I want the fat to vanish while that's going on, so my legs don't get even bigger.

                    What I really need to do is my twice a week kettlebell swings, and my once a week sprints. I signed up for Fitocracy last night... why, I don't know... but they give points and awards for doing shit...


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                      226.0 lbs.

                      I think the two hot dogs yesterday (no buns, just the meat) did me in a bit. Actually, they were those huge ones from Costco. Probably way too much sodium. My tummy is a bit bloated.

                      I did get in a bit over 10k steps yesterday... every time I go over about 8k, my left heel starts hurting. *sigh*


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                        225.2 lbs.

                        The bloat is dropping away. I put in 10k steps again yesterday, and today is going to be a long-ish bike ride.

                        I woke up early today (it's Saturday, for crying out loud!), and have already done some kettlebell swings and some squats. Next, I need to get down there and do a pushup or two.


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                          Almost 25 miles on our bikes today... whew!! and MOUNTAINS, Gandalf... mountains. Had to push the bikes up a few of them. Had a lot of fun, though! I'm just a tiny bit sun-kissed... lots of coconut oil tonight will take care of that.

                          Went off-roading with food - had mexican nachos. No beans, no rice, but the chips. *sigh* Chips are what I fall for. I generally have NONE, because I am terrible with them. However, I did notice today that they don't taste all that good - the oils, etc., really aren't tasty. Didn't actually stop me from eating the entire platter full, however. *double sigh* Hopefully, the biking will help mitigate the damage.


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                            I expected bloating from yesterday's nacho fiesta, and some sort of fluid retention from the heavy muscle workout of our ride... so I was a bit surprised to be sitting at the same weight this morning. And that was after a cup of coffee, too!

                            I feel just a little bit like someone beat me. Not hard, just persistently.


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                              226.0 lbs.

                              I'm starting to get tired of this weight. Oh, and I'm pretty sore this morning. I did sleep amazingly well, though. That was nice.


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                                Jealous about the bikes. Every year I say I'll get one to ride mad-dashedly around the many miles of paseo trails here. It's a good kind of sore, isn't it?

                                Bet the scale goes down tomorrow!
                                Never argue for your limitations.