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    I just picked up ten pounds of New Zealand grassfed butter at Grocery Outlet. Thanks for the heads up!
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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      Originally posted by honeybuns View Post
      I just picked up ten pounds of New Zealand grassfed butter at Grocery Outlet. Thanks for the heads up!
      You are welcome! When we got our 10 lbs, the checkout person asked, "Is there something special about New Zealand butter?"


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        I'm really thinking about going back and getting more but I don't want to deprive you of the opportunity, either. Right now I have 21 pounds of butter in the freezer so it isn't like I need it!
        Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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          We have plenty for now.
          Feel free to stock up if you want.

          Today, we rode 10 & 1/2 miles on our bikes, and my poor husband got a flat tire.. with brand new thorn-resistant tubes! stupid thorn bush at starbucks, I think.... fortunately, we carry a spare tube and some mini tools, so he was swapped and back in the saddle within 10 minutes.


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            Did a long bike ride today - 36 miles - with some friends, who pushed us rather well to ride faster! We had a lovely high fat/protein breakfast (sausage with coconut milk gravy, over fat bread muffins. and buttered coffee/roasted cacao. Yummy), then did the entire ride on just water and black coffee, with no real "crash" or loss of oomph.. we did notice, individually, when we hit the "OMG I have to start burning FAT now" wall, which we got at different times (mine was sooner than my husband's).

            After the ride, we went out for pizza.

            I was really surprised to discover, after the ride, that I'm getting my period. I haven't been PMS-y, though I have been a bit bloated the past few days. Huh.


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              Got some good sleep.. dreamt about balance sheets, accounting, and logging sleep in a double entry system...

              Feeling 'sluggish'... so had some Calm & C this morning... waiting for that to clear things out.


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                Q - 3 lbs

                We ate out a couple of times in the past week. Oiy. PUFAs, and a bit of corn tortillas, and way, way too much melted cheese, and probably an entire salt shaker full of sodium, and I've been a puffy, bloated mess! Throw that on top of, apparently, getting my period (no PMS, but still a little bit of tendency to retain some fluid), and I have felt like CRAP.

                Yesterday we were pretty careful with our eating, and I'm down a good chunk of what I have been retaining... though I'm still a little achy. Yeah, it kicks up the fibro symptoms.

                So, I was pondering this morning about fibro, and making connections in my own mind, based on the research I've done, and my own history... and I think fibro (and chronic myofascia pain, which I also have) is a result of some sort of nerve impairment/irritation. Some of the symptoms I've had since childhood, but it really flared up after I was seriously messed up by a chiropractor. [do I need to reiterate that this is my own experience, and not an indictment against anyone else? I have a chiro now that I adore. So there] I spent nearly a year not being able to walk unassisted, and the following, hmm, 6 years? yeah, about 6 years, enduring some serious fibro/CMP symptoms, and generally being unable to walk more than a block or two. Stairs were completely out of the question.

                This was also during the time that I was vegan. Hmm... here is where I was really pondering. I was a vegan, which meant I was eating ZERO cholesterol, and I was also eating the lowest amount of saturated fat I could, until just a couple of years ago (about the time I was trying raw vegan), when I found out about coconut oil being healthy. Of course, I was also eating a LOT of PUFAs, and an amazing amount of "healthy whole grains"... my dry skin issues started to improve a little with the coconut oil.

                My poor nervous system has been starved for eleven years! It's no wonder I feel sometimes like I could just inhale eggs and bacon... and I lick the plate!

                My fibro has calmed down so much... it's pretty darned wonderful. I can walk MILES now... and I can go up & down stairs... I did 11 flights one day (actual stairs, not just altitude gain during walks) with no serious pain... and I could walk the next day, too. I'm bike riding again, which is something I could not do, at all, for over 10 years (the PAIN!)

                Okay, so why am I verbally hemorrhaging all over about this? I'm not losing weight. Sigh. I am just trying to remind myself how much better my life is now, and that weight is the least important thing about this journey. My health is improving.


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                  My weight is just staying in the same spot, but the jeans I put on this morning are definitely looser than when I put them on last week. Seriously, the scale just screws with your mind.
                  Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                    Achy this morning... went for a 23 mile bike ride yesterday... nothing unusual, no falls, no collisions, just riding along, at a slightly better pace (about 10 mph average)... on mostly smooth pavement. So everything I have hurts! Weird.

                    I have a crockpot of bone broth simmering with carrots and beets. I'll add cabbage a bit later, then blend it all up into Borscht. Yummy.


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                      Q = ?

                      I'm having a sorta period, and am bloating off and on. Also, my face is blowing up (eczema & zits)... I've been splashing my face with straight cold water (BRRR) daily, and have been trying to work more "gut healing" foods in, like bone broth and butter, the fat on our grass-fed meats, and even kombucha.

                      I think I have to cut further back on the cheeses... darn it all. I really was diggin' the cheese. Real cheese, mostly raw milk organic, and the bigger part of it from grass-fed cows. Or grass-fed sheep. Yeah, the raw sheep's milk blue cheese was rockin' my world!

                      I've pretty much resigned myself to not losing weight very fast... if at all. I do love feeling better, and I am looking forward to having, some day, clear skin and no body aches! I have to focus on the healing aspect of this lifestyle.

                      Sleep is an area that I need to get better at. Last night was just a minute shy of 7 hours. I did manage to get 8 hours the night before, but typically I manage around 6 & a half. Not enough. Getting up at 4:30 am on work days just makes it so hard to get enough sleep! I find it difficult to go to bed at 8 pm. I am using blue-light blocking glasses most evenings, in an attempt to improve the sleep I get. I think it may work, as I'm waking up less during the night.

                      Okay, I'm apparently in ramble mode here.

                      This morning, I had to refill the butter container. It's just a tiny bit smaller than the 8 oz things of butter we get... so, I trimmed off the corners and put it on our fried eggs. Buttered eggs... who'd a thunk it?


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                        Good afternoon RaeVynn

                        I am interested in those blue-light blocking glasses you described in your post. How many hours before bed do you put them on? Is the sun still out when you put them on? How do they affect reading? Or watching the idiot box? If you remove them before going to bed, and expose yourself to artificial light (which has the blue in it) for a while, does it negate the benefits of wearing the glasses earlier?



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                          Hey Dan... good morning.

                          When I remember to use the glasses, I put them on to work on the PC, and to watch TV. I try to leave them on until just before lights out... hmm, anytime after sunset, I suppose. I don't think it is important to have NO exposure to blue light (and it is a trip when you take them off! wow, there is a lot of blue in the world!!), it is the level of exposure... I think anything less than a half hour would make no difference.

                          I'll admit, I have not used them consistently enough to be an expert. I did sleep really good each night that I managed to remember to use them.


                          I had a "wardrobe malfunction" this week. No, nothing fell off me, but when I went to my closet, I absolutely HATED MY CLOTHES. Dragged my husband off to go shopping.
                          In JC Penneys, nothing fit. The XL in Misses were all too small across the shoulders, and the smallest size in Plus was way too baggy everywhere. Off to Sears.. Okay, at Sears, I found two nice Misses XL tops that fit correctly, and one 14/16 in Plus that fits fine (very fitted button up blouse - looks great on me!).

                          I hate being in-between: In-between seasons, In-between weather, and In-between sizes. I am looking forward to dropping completely out of Plus sizes, and being able to wear all my jeans (I don't even want to confess to how many pair of jeans I have in the next size down. Just one size, that's all. I can almost wear them now. Almost).

                          I had my chiro visit yesterday. Oh, that's why my hip/leg/heel has been hurting... he's doing up a recommendation for me so I can get a standing desk at work. Yay. This will help things.


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                            I had a bunch of just-too-small clothes like that, and then I dropped through that size range so fast that I hardly wore them. You may want to be ready to do some jeans shopping sooner than you might think.
                            “If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.” --Audre Lorde

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                              Owly, I love you. Thank you

                              If I keep up with my core exercises, then yes, my jeans will fit well very soon.


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                                I finally broke down and bought some jeans, they were happily 2 sizes smaller than the pair I was wearing but I had to get them with some stretch in them. I think this will be the better choice as they will stay on even as I get smaller, the one pair of capris I have with no stretch in them are totally unflattering now that they are too big. As it is I am wearing the capris that are two sizes too big because I will not be able to wear them next summer. YAY!

                                Keep up the fight, core exercises are good, I need to do more of them. I am having great success doing the stairs at school. Wednesday we had a fire drill so I did the stairs 3 times with a bonus floor thrown in for good measure. I have also started walking to school from my car instead of taking the shuttle provided. I think I will walk as long as the weather stays mild. If we have a winter like the past one I should be able to walk most days. It only takes 12 minutes to walk to school from where I park.

                                I totally understand dreaming about balance sheets etc. Last night I had stats equations and trend projection formulas going through my head. Had a quiz in operations management today. I think I did ok but I won't know until we get the test back next week. Keep up the good work fellow primal pagan accountant! Now how's that for an acronym, PPA instead of CPA!
                                I'm a 39 y/o mother of 3 sons ages 12, 14, and 15
                                HT: 5'7"
                                SW: 223 June 2012
                                CW: 191.4 April 21 2013
                                TWL2D: 32 lbs

                                Primal Goals: to feel healthier, fitter, and sexier than ever before

                                Favourite primal resources: The Food Lovers Make it Paleo cookbook, Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfilippo, The Food Lovers Kitchen, Primal Kitchen: A Family Grokumentary and of course Mark's Daily Apple!