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    Hello everyone. I'm just starting with Primal and, since I have a tendency to stop things half way, I decided to create a journal to keep me honest. I tried asking some friends to help me with it, but they couldn't give me the kind of support I expected. Hope you guys can give me the boost I need to keep this going

    Both my parents and extended family love to cook real food. Unfortunately I have developed a bit of an addiction for spaghetti and chocolate. Until a year ago my family's good eating habits and some exercise were enough to keep me thin and fit, but I started putting on some weight and want to get things in control now, so I decided to go primal and do IF (I might be overdoing, but let's see). I'm also a regular at the gym (4 years now, never stopping for more than a week), but could never put on much mass.

    Starting Line
    Age: 26
    Height: 1.83m (6 feet)
    Weight: 80.5 kg (177 pounds)
    Body Fat: 14.5%
    Date: 27, August 2012

    Checkpoint 1:
    Date: 27, September 2012
    Weight: ?
    Body Fat: ?

    Standard Day
    I wake up at 7:30, skip breakfast and walk (10 minutes) to my job. It seems brushing my teeth and drinking a lot of water is not enough to handle morning breath, so I'm trying to avoid speaking too close to people (fortunately I'm a programmer, and don't do a lot of speaking). On the first and second days I got really hungry, but now it just feels a little weird not having anything in my stomach. I also miss my 0.5 litre of warm milk with chocolate powder.

    Lunch is at 12:30. I walk 10 minutes to get to the restaurant and eat a bit (100-150g) of meat and a load of salad (lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli mostly) with extra virgin olive oil. This part is easy. Another 10 minutes walk back to my job. Leave at 17:00, straight to home, where I eat the same thing (and amount) I had for lunch. Workout from 18:00 to 19:00. Get back home, eat a lot of meat and veggies again (I made a jacket potato yesterday). Go to sleep at 23:30.

    Week 1
    Couldn't stop thinking of chocolate and pizza. I mean, I REALLY couldn't. By the time I got home from my workout all I wanted was a big pepperoni pizza or a spaghetti bolognese and an ice cream, but I forced myself to eat real food. I went to bed thinking about it and every time I saw someone in my job eating snacks - cookies, chips, soda, "po de queijo", etc. - I asked myself why I'm doing this.

    I also had carb flu. My body was used to a high carb/low fat diet, and suddenly going Primal was quite a shock. I felt weak and tired and my workouts really suffered. By Wednesday I couldn't take it and made a big Jacket Potato. After that I just gave up on going to the gym.

    By Sunday however I was starting to feel better. The cravings were getting under control, I wasn't constantly hungry and I even had some of my energy back. My scale this morning put me at 77.9kgs (172 pounds). A decrease of 2.6kg (7 pounds) in 7 days. From what I heard, that's probably mostly water, since I cut grains.

    Things people told me
    - You will get sick and fat skipping breakfast. (friend)
    - Do you want to be thin and unhappy or normal and happy? (friend)
    - Why are you doing this? It makes no sense. You will get sick eating this poorly. (colleague)
    - You mean, you won't eat chocolate even if I offer it to you? (while putting a bar of chocolate in my face). (colleague)
    - 16 hours a day of fasting? Why are you doing something this crazy? This is stupid! (mom)

    Next Challenges
    I need to figure out a diet plan, probably based on lean gains or kinobody shredding, that will allow me to gain weight while doing primal. Problem is, these two programs are carb heavy. For now I will simply try to adjust carb/far ratio while keeping the rest the same.

    Current Diet Targets - Workout Days
    Calories 2816 kcal
    Protein 176g
    Fat 189g
    Carbs 150g

    12:30 Eat 20% of total
    17:30 Eat 20% of total
    18:30 Workout
    19:30 Eat 60% of total

    Current Diet Targets - Rest Days
    Calories 2112 kcal
    Protein 176g
    Fat 126g
    Carbs 100g

    12:30 Eat 70% of total
    19:30 Eat 30% of total
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    The easiest way is to use an online tracker. I really like Food journal for the Paleo Diet - PaleoTrack. Very easy to use, obviously friendly to primal eating, and you get a brightly colored graph to let you know if your macronutrients are okay. Also you can add your own foods and recipes, which is particularly good for you since you eat virtually the same thing a lot.
    My Primal Journal:

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      Thanks Siobhan. I also looked around a little, it seems I'l have to buy a kitchen food scale to be able to get the weight of my food and use the site. Hope I can find one cheap where I live.

      Anyway, week one of IF/Primal is done. It was hellish, thinking about carbs and sweets all the time but, with the exception of a single Jacket Potato and two Protein Bars, I made it. The cravings are getting under control, I no longer feel a hunger every three hours and my energy is coming back. Future looks fun.

      Today I spent part of the day creating spreadsheets for Lean Gains and Kinobody Shredding diets and was amazed at the amount of carbs they require. From a sane 120g on rest days all the way up to 650g on workout days. Now I have to figure out a diet plan that works with low carb, high fat.

      Edit the original post to reflect changes.
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