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Primal Journal Cathb: Take ??? and various ramblings

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  • Primal Journal Cathb: Take ??? and various ramblings

    Starting to finally click! Passed up "opportunity" for donuts, which would lead to further downfall after reflecting on how it would make me feel: anticipation--great, first few bites--good, the rest--terrible! Eating also so tied to exercise. Mood tied to weather. Everything is connected. Crappy weather and possibility of comfort food almost derailed what turned out to be a great afternoon...visiting a new state park and renting a canoe for a short paddle. Visited my brother and 5 day old niece. Ate what he cooked--great chicken and veggies, with the smallest amount of flour. Not going to be some crazy neurotic about food--I am have no "problems" with wheat, so I'm not going to treat it like I would die of anaphalactic shock if it touched my lips. The goal, this time, is to make a lifestyle change. No crazy counting, some planning but IF good, varying amounts and types of primal food based on the day and cycles.

    Plan: 80/20 primal eating, lots of long walks/hikes, and some play while coaching until coaching is done mid Oct; intervals and weights sporadic at best
    After, focus on better meats and veggies (ie look into how/where they're grown and fed), add regular intervals and weights

    Yeah 4 day work week! Now on to lesson plans and grading papers... with coffee and heavy cream...

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    Down about 2 pounds from yesterday...some IF and T bone steak with red wine and tons of veggies. Now at a low I haven't sustained for a couple of years--exciting and anxious. Trying to get my fridge together at work so I don't have to pack everyday, just once or twice a week. Need to get butt in gear for exercise--unfortunately the weather has been rainy and I have not transitioned back into the basement. Hard to believe a recent high wgt was 17# higher!