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    Not gained any weight since last entry, but not lost either. Sugar is a bastard! I'm also not a huge veggie fan, so my version of Primal has been mostly meat, dairy, and cheating with sugar. Arrgg!! Couple of positive developments: I've decided to quit birth control and start weaning myself off of Zoloft. I've been on BC for long stretches off and on for almost 30 years, and I think it's time to give my body a permanent break from it. I've only been on it for the past 10 years to help alleviate endometriosis symptoms. I haven't done any research on the effects of diet on endo, but I bet this diet can help.

    As for the Zoloft, hubby is not happy about this, and is watching me closely. I have to smile at that, but he has good reason to be concerned. With the reading I've been doing on antidepressants, though, I think I'll be better off by far without them, so long as I can develop healthy coping strategies for the inevitable mood swings. But then again, maybe some of the see-sawing was due to all the grains in my CW diet. Hmmm . .

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    Oops! I think I was supposed to reply to my previous thread. Still new at this - sorry!


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      Wow! Been reading other's experiences with PB and depression and am so glad to know that it really makes a huge difference! I'm at a week on reduced Zoloft (down to 100mg from 150mg) and am feeling just fine. I'm also even more convinced now that sugar is the next thing to really work on. Not sure though if I should reduce or go cold turkey. Any thoughts?


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        Getting off sugar is the hardest thing...I never had any problem with eating much sugary foods so it wasnt hard for me to change and be primal...Im a cold turkey kind of guy...If im wanting to change my life the action i take is a stop NOW action. try to quit cold turkey if you think your mentality is strong like this...If not lean towards sugar from fruit, and eating it inmoderation... Maybe have some berries every couple days and make sure you get the full satisfaction from that meal..hope this helped
        Started Primal November 20, 2011
        Slipped from Christmas-New Years
        January 2, 2012 until Death= 100% Primal/Paleo

        Start Weight-210
        Goal Weight-Skinny with a 6 pack and lean all around



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          Thanks Boss! I'm thinking cold turkey is probably the way I'll go. I fear it will be too tempting to cheat otherwise.


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            Went from feeling downright elated on Friday, to crappy, bloated, and a little crampy by today (Monday). Boobs are also super tender! I had forgotten how tender they get without BC, and I'm nowhere near TMOC. I think the bloating is from eating a bit more than I should. It's easy to think that I can eat as much as I want, and I still have that "clean your plate" mentality. Don't know if the mood shifts are related to reducing my Zoloft or something else, but the shifting was mild, so not concerned yet. Been looking at coping strategies for if/when I need them. Would love to get back to yoga again and that would help.

            Staying away from wheat continuing to be easy - haven't even wanted any. Sugar is the evil one. In my coffee, in fruit, a little candy now and again - it all adds up. I'm also looking forward to the day my chronic heartburn is gone - don't know if sugar contributes to that or not.

            For future reference, I need to record my stats:

            5'7 1/2"
            SW: 245
            CW: 238.8
            Bust: 47
            Waist: 46
            Hips: 49.5
            Arms: 16
            Thigh: 26.5
            Calf: 17.5

            Ugh! That's painful to see!