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  • So not ready for Christmas shopping!

    I'm glad you are feeling positive about the future! I need to remind myself that this isn't going to be an overnight thing...


    • Bahaha I loooooove Christmas, I'm driving John positively batty with it, I know. My seester and I are going to try making a lot of our gifts this year. My only idea so far it to make spice mixes, and give it to people along with some recipes to use them in.. and mah hubby has mad computer skillz, so I'm sure he could make some fun mini recipe books for me

      I feel like I have been a little bi-polar with regards to this whole life-style change thing.. One day I am so elated with my success and with optimism for the future, and so thrilled with how easy it is... and then the next day I'm down in the dumps because I ate something I shouldn't have, and I'll never be able to stick with this, and I'm a humungous fat cow.
      This is why I added that second post. I realized I was totally throwing a pity party and being self-indulgent in a completely non-useful way, and that I still had a lot of good things going on. Plus, I KNOW the self-hate talk is neither helpful, nor true..

      You are right. This isn't going to happen overnight. And it's not going to happen effortlessly. But I can get better and better a bit at a time. Celebrating success is a good thing. Letting it get to your head and letting your guard down, not a good thing. Wallowing in your failure, not a good thing. Letting your set-backs remind you of why you're doing this, good thing.

      On an unrelated (or is it?) note, I think the scale and I need to take a little break. This scares the crap out of me, because I gained about 10lbs earlier this year when my scale was broken - I am not good at using the mirror as a judge of how I'm doing. But daily weigh-ins are not particularly useful or productive. I think maybe I can scale (no pun intended!) down to weekly, without causing panic. Plus I took some frightening honest pictures, and my measurements. God forbid anyone find those photos.. I'm not sure I'll ever have the guts to post them on here, even, but at least they will be a tangible indication of how far I will go! (Have come? I don't know how to word that, regarding fat I am DEFINITELY going to say goodbye to.)

      Oh, and I found out we're having stew for supper - that was the birthday girl's request! Sounds like something I would ask for, I distinctly remember requesting pork chops and rice for my birthday dinner one year. Also, a good friend randomly reminded me of one birthday I had as a teenager, where I apparently asked for cherries and whipped cream, instead of cake. Hahaha who knew I had such good taste 10 years before going primal?! Anyways, I'm just glad we're not having pasta or pizza or something like that. Turning down the garlic bread will be that hardest thing. But I can do it, today anyways. And really, that's all we can ever do anything about, right? Today.
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      • Hey there,

        I saw that you posted on my thread so I thought I would pop by and say hi. After reading your first post, I sat and read your entire journal over the last hour. It was great! I have really enjoyed seeing your journey, and can soooo relate with many things that you have and are going through. I look forward to following you, and your post from yesterday was exactly what I needed to read this morning. Thanks!
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        • Hey, thanks for stopping by! It's always good to have more hanging around my crazy little corner of the internet Welcome!

          So, I am clearly still recovering from reactivating my terrible food cravings this weekend.. There is so much leftover candy and pizza in my house... and I have been eating it. It's like my will power has completely vanished. I really don't know what to do, I HAVE to stop letting my weekends get out of control, they are completely undoing all the work I'm doing the rest of the time!

          As of right now, we just have curling on Friday, and supper with my parents Sat or Sun.. I'm really hoping that nothing else comes up, as those are events I can handle (A couple tiny plastic cups of bad wine at curling are officially tradition, but they don't have much else tempting there, and my parents, well, my dad, at least, are pretty much primal, so eating with them shouldn't be bad. )

          Chorizo tacos tonight! I will just make taco salad, but I promised my bro I would pick up taco shells.. That's ok though, I won't have an issue resisting those. Also, I picked up a rack of lamb. I have no idea how to cook it. Oh my.
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          • Ok, I am officially declaring myself off the carb-o-coaster. Yesterday was not great. I did manage not to have a taco shell... but that was about it for notable accomplishments. This is why I can't do this, it's never just one day or one meal.

            It's ok though, I have a Big Ass Breakfast today. 4 eggs with chorizo, peppers and onions leftover from the tacos. And something with ground chicken tonight.
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            • Ok, so the rest of yesterday did not go well. Seriously, where did my will power go? It's not even resisting bad food that's already there - I'm going out of my way to eat crap. Arg!

              Started the day with chorizo and egg again. And creamy, creamy coffee. And I'm going to make that rack of lamb tonight! Hopefully it turns out, I love lamb, but I've never cooked it before. I just put a rosemary/thyme rub on it, I figured I should keep it simple the first time Although mustard would be really good with that, maybe I'll put a tiny bit on before I bake it. Going to serve with green beans and cauli. Can you make lamb gravy from the drippings? I've never heard of such a thing, but why not? And lamb broth? Or would that just be weird, like pork broth?

              Since I had a less-than-stellar week, I am determined to rock this weekend out, so next week is a nice continuation, rather than a desperate attempt to get back on track. It's like a head start!

              Oh, also when I mentioned that I would like to get some heavier weights, John suggested kettlebells, and said he would take a class with me! Gawd, I love that boy
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              • So I've deliberately been taking a break from here, because I think I was getting too wound up in things. So, I apologize to my loyal followers but I will be going down to a couple posts a week for a bit. Not just here, either, I was thinking about how much time I spend online in general, between here, facebook and imgur.... it's not good. Plus, right now is a good season to take a break, and refocus. I have plenty of Christmas decorating, and delicious food cooking, and house cleaning, and people-visiting to do, which is much more rewarding! Not making any promises about cutting back on pintrest right now though...

                But I'm doing ok, too. That rack of lamb turned out astounding well. Did cave, and have some tortilla chips that night, though. Sunday, my parents cooked a turkey, which was utterly delicious. Again, I did have some stuffing (my one real bread-based weakness) but it was totally worth it. Basically, I think I've been hitting pretty close to 80% but eating a little too much in general.

                Yesterday was great. I had some leftover creamy chicken for breakfast, bacon-y salad for lunch, and philly cheese steak insides for supper, with baked sweet potato fries. And a little leftover turkey for a "bedtime snack" (as we called it as children).

                Oh, and I had a great heavy-things workout on Sunday - Just eccentric pull-ups, planks and squats, but I was SORE the next day! In a good way. I meant to do them again yesterday, but didn't... so tonight for sure. I keep forgetting that having a workout routine helps me eat better. CONSIDER THIS A REMINDER!

                I've got leftover steak and onions for lunch (I am just so not interested in breakfast today, it doesn't seem worth it to force it... must have been that pre-bed turkey!) Also, I need a new blender (I freaking lost the seal for it! But I think it was thinking about giving out anyways, it was starting to make weird noises when I made mayo) particularly because I want to make bulletproof coffee. I wonder if I could do it with my immersion blender? Or if that would just make a huge mess?

                I'm thinking meatballs for supper, I've got some ground beef at home. I don't know what I'll serve them with though. I guess I could pick up some zucchini.

                Aaaaand the sun just came out from the clouds, so I am going to go drink my coffee in the doorway like a cool person. Ciao!
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                • *pokes*


                  • Hi! I'm back! The break over the holidays was nice.. I ate a billion times better than I have in past years, although still not ideally. My weight did creep back up again, but I am SO back on track and better than ever.

                    I fully admit that, despite the corniness and futility, I am a huge fan of the New Year's resolution. There's just something about a clean slate, a total forgiveness for the mistakes of the last year that gives me a beautiful sense of optimism. Does it last? Not really. Do they work? Not often. Do I make them every damn year anyways? Absolutely.

                    I also fall prey to making too many resolutions at once. Which of course I've done again this year, but I'm going to rationalize my way out by putting them all under the category of "Getting my Sh*t Together". Get Healthy (aka lose fat, gain strength), Keep My House Tidy (already improving.. kitchen is good, need to work on bedroom/laundry), Save Some Money (seriously, savings acct got obliterated over Christmas, if something unexpected came up right now, we'd be hooped) Be a Better Person (as in, get a handle on my over-emotional-ness, be positive, be kind)

                    Soooo yeah. I know I'm spreading myself a little thin here, but I would really like to be the sort of person that has her sh*t together. Gonna do it.

                    I've been eating really well for the past week or so, probably at 90%+. It's making me feel fantastic. So much vegetable matter in my life! It's great.
                    I've also gone skating once and tobogganing once (seriously, folks, Best. Workout. Ever.) and done body weight exercises once in the new year. And I'm SORE today! Hehe including some bruises from the sledding. Totally worth it. (Didn't even bring any kids with us, just me and the hubby and my brother!)

                    Also, John dear has a PAID internship on the go right now, so while it's not great money, it's taking a LOT of pressure off the finances. Mind you, we still have to pay $2700 in tuition for the privilege, but he'll have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media in a couple months, and hopefully the sign shop he's at will keep him on (preferably at a greatly increased wage!). Honestly, they have zero obligation to pay him, plus he likes it there, so it probably couldn't have gone better.
                    And hopefully this means that once we've paid off his tuition, we can save money like mad.

                    All in all, I am going to make this a good year. (None of this "2013 is going to BE a good year"... it won't just happen on its own!)

                    So anyways, in keeping with tradition, here's my recent food situation:

                    Usually garlic sausage and cheese for breakfast. Coffee occasionally, but I BROKE MY COFFEE HABIT! I was super duper sick (wicked bad gastroenteritis followed by a mild cold) for over a week over Christmas (which stopped me from overeating Christmas Day; one upside!) and coffee wasn't at all appealing, and now i have a cup or two or three a week (as opposed to a day!).

                    I've been pretty good about bringing leftover meat and veg for lunch lately, although I didn't have any leftovers for today I'll probably have Quiznos (not ideal, but not terrible) and some kind of meat with bacon-y brussel sprouts for supper.

                    Go 2013!
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                    • So things are still going really well. I signed up over at nerdfitness (I've been reading the blog for a couple months, but just joined to forum) and they've got a 6-week challenge going on right now, where you set yourself 3 health and 1 life goal, and you score yourself at the end to level up your 'character'. FUN!
                      My goals are to do a pull up, stop eating wheat entirely, do 10 mins of yoga a day, and get up 10 mins earlier.
                      Did get up 1/2 hour earlier and did yoga this morning, so off to a good start.

                      I've also been really good about what I'm eating lately, and I'm proud of it. Making large quantities of healthful suppers (so there's lunch for tomorrow) is getting to be a habit, and I got Well Fed for Christmas, and it IS AN AMAZING COOK BOOK THAT YOU SHOULD GO BUY RIGHT NOW!
                      I've got leftover chocolate chili and sweet potato for breakfast and lunch today. And the Eggplant Sausage Strata was one of the best things I've eaten EVER.

                      I am trying to cut down on the garlic sausage/cheese breakfast, as it's not ideal... but it's SO easy, and delicious. Oh well, as long as it isn't everyday.

                      I even went out for dinner on Wednesday and did ok. Mussels in tomato-vodka sauce (so good) and ribs and caeser salad. Only regret was the one bite of bread (bletch, why did I bother?) and waaaaay too much wine.

                      Yesterday consisted of leftover ribs, some Quiznos broccoli soup (yeah, that would be my next bad habit to break) and the aforementioned chili and sweet potato. No snacking! This is getting easier!

                      Basa for supper tonight (not sure how I'll cook it yet..) and then curling. I'm a little concerned about tomorrow evening.. we are having poker night at the in-laws, which means lots of temptation. I may have to bring my own snacks No drinking though, Wednesday night was enough for a while!

                      I think what I'm doing best with though is the positivity aspect of Being A Better Person. I've been making an active effort to be encouraging to those around me, and to actively engage myself in my interactions with others. I think we tend to underestimate the power of small acts of kindness.
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                      • Well, I did bring my own snacks to poker night (devilled eggs) but I ate the crap that was there too. And seriously regretted it. I'm not going to beat myself up though, because this is by far the longest I've stayed pretty much on track.

                        I've also been getting way more activity in than I have been: worked on my chinups by doing eccentric chinups (PR is at 6 right now) which absolutely killed me for a couple days! Arms, back, abs... ouch. But now I feel better, and I must be a little stronger.
                        I've been doing a little yoga almost daily, plus trying to squeeze in random exercises when I can ie. squats while brushing my teeth, a couple sets with free weights while waiting for the computer to boot up.

                        So for today, I've got:
                        Leftover Roast Beef and Carrots
                        Eggplant/Sausage Strata
                        and probably more of some combination of the above for dinner.
                        And I've had one cup of coffee, going to try to stop there.

                        I'm going to work on more chin ups tonight too.. maybe go for a walk in my fancy new winter boots!
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                        • Well, I didn't make it out for the walk.. but it's supposed to be even nicer today, so I'm aiming for that again!
                          I did get my chin-up work out in though! It went great, I beat my PR and I'm barely even sore today, which surprised me. Means I'm definitely stronger now! Just have to keep it up.

                          I've been thinking about maybe getting some personal training, so I can learn how to lift properly. I admit, I'm scared... which is exactly why I should do it! Maybe I will make it a reward for meeting a strength goal... I'll have to give it some thought.

                          I didn't have anything to bring for lunch today, but I still have some leftover roast and carrots here, should probably be enough. I'm thinking chicken-bacon-avocado salad for dinner?
                          And the in-laws are coming over for pulled pork tomorrow, I've got the pork shoulders chilling out with some rub right now, it looks good! Now I just need to find a good coleslaw recipe... I've got a purple cabbage in my fridge.
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                          • Well, the chicken-bacon-avocado salad and the pulled pork all turned out wonderfully! And I DID go for that walk I was talking about!

                            I've got great food planned for today, also: Chicken parm for lunch (no breading) and leftover coleslaw (so girly, all pink and purple!)
                            And zucchini noodles and sausage for supper. Just need to figure out a sauce...

                            And John Dear's cousin talked me into going to a drop-in step class with her tonight.. I've done step before (Although I kept skipping it, because it was so early in the morning!) and I liked it. I wasn't planning on pursuing it again, as it's a little overly cardio based.. but I don't think it counts as chronic cardio. And I need to keep moving. I've been doing loads better lately, but the tummy is just not budging! :sadface:

                            I need to take a class of some kind. But there's so many I want to do, I haven't done any. Talk about being paralyzed by options! Grrrrr... I think I should just do the kettlebells one, since John Dear is into doing that with me. Then maybe yoga or dance in the spring.
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                            • The step class was alright... It was a good way to get moving, but was actually not as high of an intensity as I expected. There was a lot more strength training to it, though, so that part was good. But I was hoping to feel it more today. Meh.

                              I'm still frustrated that the scale won't budge, even though I've cleaned up my act SO much... I've never gone this long straight without going off track for a few days! There's been a meal or two here and there, but I've also been way more active lately... but nothing. Blargh. Oh well, I'm going to keep it up as-is for another 4 weeks (to the end of the nerd fitness challenge and if I haven't lost at least 5 lbs by then, I will start tweaking some more. Good plan?
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                              • Well, the weekend was not good. It was a perfect example of exactly why I should not put off grocery shopping - There was no food in the house, so we ate out, and I made poor choices.

                                But I'm stocked up now! I got lots of meat, veggies and fruit (I'm not normally much of a fruit person, but I was craving it for some reason.. so now I have strawberries and grapes. Mmmm. We always have apples and bananas, but I can take or leave those.) I'm hoping I'm up for a solid cooking session tonight, and I will make chili, and meatballs, and beef stroganoff (with zucchini noodles, of course! Although egg noodles are so amazing, I will miss them)

                                I've been pretty active lately, so that's good. Went for a walk Friday and Sunday. Did more eccentric chin ups and body weight exercises. At this rate, I think I will be able to do a chin-up in a month!

                                I've got drumsticks and green beans and fruit for lunch, so that's good. Oh, and my seester and John dear and I are going to sign up for Mudhero (it's a 6km obstacle course fundraiser for cancer) this August. So I have an excellent goal to work towards; I want to SLAY it!
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