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Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge Journal (a_new_life_now)

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  • Primal Blueprint 21-Day Challenge Journal (a_new_life_now)

    I wanted to start this journal to keep myself accountable and track my progress during this 21 day challenge.

    My goals for this challenge are:
    1. Go to bed on time.
    2. Play more.
    3. Get outside at least once a day.
    4. All out sprint once a week.

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    Sleep: Yesterday, I did not get to bed early - it was some time after midnight or maybe later when my toddler nursed to sleep and I could go to sleep with her. I did not stay up after she fell asleep though, so I'm considering that a moderate success. I will try to nap today because I am feeling a little tired.

    Play: I played with my daughter a little, yesterday. We played with alphabet blocks, I chased her around the house and we played several rounds of tossing her pants into the air after she took them off. I had wanted to incorporate more "just me" play time into my day, but realized I didn't really know how. On our family walk we went by a couple of dogs playing in a park and I thought, 'they really get this.'. Then back at home, I read a post on Paleo For Women about dancing that clicked with me. I love to dance! I'm going to try to include some weekly dancing at least. It's fun, it's free and I can even include my daughter. Overall, I feel good about my play yesterday.

    Sun: I took a walk with my family to the grocery store but it was in the evening. Even though I didn't get out in the direct sun, it still felt good.

    Sprint: I haven't done it yet. I feel too tired today. I want to be rested and energetic when I try this. I'm hoping I can go to the track and just let free and run! I actually really love that feeling. If I can't make it there though, my backup plan is to just ride the stationary bike at home.


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      Sleep: My daughter nursed to sleep around 12:30 am and I went to bed right then. I fell asleep right away. I also took an evening nap with her around 6:00 pm.

      Play: I realized yesterday that play is more about a mindset than any specific activity. After our evening nap, I ran around the house with my daughter. It was a lot of fun.

      Sun: I took my daughter outside to the backyard for about 5 minutes. It wasn't a lot, but it was more than nothing. We both got some direct sunlight. It felt like staying out longer would be too much. I need to work up to more sunlight gradually.

      Sprinting: not yet.


      Sleep: I took an afternoon nap with my daughter. Right now it's 8:45 pm and we're still awake.

      Play: I did a little active play with my daughter and we even listened to some music and danced! Truthfully though I was more stressed out than joyous today.

      Sunshine: We spent just a little bit longer outside in the sun today. It felt great!!

      Sprinting: Still not yet.


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        Sleep: last night we didn't go to bed until nearly 3:00 am. I think it might be because I ate some beef jerky with sugar on it that went into my milk. Surprisingly though, we woke up around 9:30 am, I felt rested and I am more energetic today than I have been before starting this 21-day challenge. The night before we went to bed at 12:30 am.

        Play: yesterday, I really let worry get to me and wasn't in the best mood. I did do some tumbling with my daughter though and it was fun. She is working on doing a forward roll. She's done it at least once before but every day she has to adjust to her new body. She is growing so fast right now!

        Sun: I did not get outside at all yesterday.

        Sprints: nothing yet. I'm feeling antsy to give this a try though, so I'm planning on using the stationary bike while she naps today. I think that will be easier than trying to find time to get to the track by myself.