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    Hi there, I have visited the forum on and off over the last couple of months and read some journals along the way. I need to be accountable - and hopefully starting my own journal will help achieve that. I will give you my history (for those interested ) and I look forward to 'meeting' many of you along my journey.

    So, here goes - I am a 45 year old wife and mother, who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I love to travel, read and I have a passion for health and wellness - I seem to keep searching for the exact right nutrition and fitness that will keep me as healthy as possible for as long as possible I am hoping that I have FINALLY found it with Mark's Primal Blueprint - it makes SO much sense - I love that eating this way feels so clean - I just need to curb the addiction I have to sugar (and sweet carbs - I eat it even when it makes me feel bloated and yuck!!) Have to stop!!

    Now - I will give you my background - it's long - so feel free to read it - or NOT LOL but it will hopefully help you understand who I am and why I'm here.

    In 2010, after Christmas - like most years - I had added a couple of kilos and felt bloated and horrid!! I had two major surgeries the year before - in addition to a surgery or a treatment every year prior to that from 2004 - prior to that I was healthy AS - and I mean it - really healthy - slim, reasonably fit - never ill, didn't smoke and barely drank!!

    But in 2004 - that all changed - and believe me - I have NEVER again taken being healthy for granted - at the age of 36 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was in total shock - and because up until that time I had only been in hospital to deliver my two beautiful boys - and in total disbelief. I have NO family history, was not overweight, in fact, I could not tick one risk factor - it was just one of those things!! I was beside myself - but I had amazing doctors - and brilliant support in the way of friends - and family (although we live in Melbourne and my family is living in Sydney, and Joe's are from Tasmania) - so I considered myself very lucky. My gorgeous surgeon decided that I should have chemo first - because my inital reaction was - GET RID OF THEM BOTH!!! So Chemo it was for four months whilst I came to the encouraged solution that maybe I only needed to 'get rid of one of those boobs' LOL (see I can totally laugh about it now - I really can) at the time - not so much

    I had a mastectomy and a reconstruction and that - with the chemo - pretty much took care of my 2004. But in many ways - Breast Cancer enlightened me to SO many positive and amazing things - and believe me - its so true what they say about you don't know how strong a woman is until you put her in hot water LOL

    All went along swimmingly - until late 2006 when 'it' reared up again in the form of a cancerous lymph node - that sucked pretty bad - because I was given the all clear and thought that was it - it was probably worse than the inital diagnosis because I felt the rug was pulled out from under me without any warning at all - it was awful. Another surgery and it was removed - and I was given a few alternatives - and I decided to have my ovaries removed as my cancer 'fed' on estrogen. This would take away the major producer and all would be hunky dory - well except for the fact that I was to become menopausal before I was 40 But I figured I could put up with a few hot flushes and night sweats if it meant that 'it' wouldnt come back!!

    So thats what we did And all was good - HOT - but good LOL - and then in 2009 I decided - completely MY decision for many reasons - that I would have the other breast removed and reconstructed - sort of like an insurance policy - and all was again great Except ......................... for the first time I didn't bounce back from the ops as well. Most times, I just bounced straight back - and kept on keeping on - as we do - But that last operation - for the first time - I didn't bounce straight back and I felt that it had all finally caught up with me (the ops, the medication, the menopause!!) - and brought quite a few extra kilos with it !!! I was not happy - and to be honest - felt really annoyed!! In fact I was downright peeved - because I felt I had always reacted positively to every hand I was dealt - and it just sucked that NOW - I was going to have to deal with the weight and lethargy etc - as well as all the rest of it - and I was unhappy.

    So, that brings me to here - and now !! In 2010, for the majority of the year I was following a low carb diet here in Australia - Bodytrim - and it worked - & then I found Dukan in 2011 - and loved the oatbran and yoghurt and the way it makes my body feel when I am eating compliantly through the Cruise (protein and veg phase) - I can honestly say - it is the ONLY thing that seemed to work for this 44 year old menopausal body - I got to my goal weight - and kept it off - Until Christmas last year - and I was half way through the last phase where you can start eating what you like again (carbs included) and obviously it was summer here in Australia - and the festive season brings all sorts of yummy carb problems with it - and obviously it stopped working.

    So slowly - over the past 10 months - losing and gaining the same 4 kilos - I have been researching and trying to something that will work forever - and I think I have finally found it. The Primal Blueprint makes so much sense to me - I know carbs don't work for me - yes they taste good - but the after effects are horrid - I need to stay away from them - permanently. So I am hoping the 21 Day Challenge will enable me to really set up some good habits - and that the journals I read and the people I meet can point me in the direction of great recipes primal recipes - I LOVE meat, fish, eggs, salad and fruit - so it won't be an issue in that respect - I want to have yummy and varied menus (and even some new Primal treats that will take the place of the old carb treats) so I can smoothly turn my kids onto the Primal lifestyle - it will be the best gift I can give them

    This time - I am going to reach my goal - because THIS is the only way for me to eat and be healthy and ensure that I stay the weight and shape I want to be - for the rest of my days!!

    And keeping this journal - well - I will be able to look back, reflect and hopefully LEARN so much about myself, others and becoming healthy - and this will benefit not just myself, but my family and my beautiful friends.

    I also hope to give back to this community some of myself - and support and encouragement - because you will never know how much your journey's have inspired and supported me - even when you didn't know I was here So again, THANK YOU !!!

    Now, hopefully I will press the RIGHT button and this will post - instead of deleting - OMG - fingers crossed!!!!

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    Morning - well it is morning here in Australia Thinking of everyone in the US - and particularly NYC.

    Well its a gorgeous day here - and I am off for my morning walk shortly - its about 4.5km and a group of us do it every morning - weather permitting (we walk in the rain - and the wind - just not the hail LOL) and that is part of my moving slowly exercise. My food has been perfect so far this week - and I plan to continue that today. I will be out this morning but hope to check out some journals for food inspiration and also check out some groups Have a good one x


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      Are you still on track with the food, Honey? Have you noticed any changes in yourself yet - they can occur really quickly on primal.
      Annie Ups the Ante