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    Hello everyone. I just signed up for the forum, but I have been feeling my way around the primal way of eating for about 2 weeks. I am going to try to post what I have to eat each day here. The thing I am most worried about is getting in a rut. I tried to go paleo about a year ago and got in a rut of eating too much meat and not enough veggies and fruit. If I seem to be heading in that direction, please call me out on it. Please call me out on anything that I might be doing that is not in line with the primal way of eating. Nobody in my family will do this with me (not my husband at home nor my family around the country - we post our daily meals on and pictures of our food on a "secret" group in Facebook so we can cheer each other on, but lately they have been harping on all of the eggs and saturated fat I am eating as I go primal), so I am hoping you guys can be my Primal Family.

    Breakfast: 3 pastured eggs with a few pieces of Trader Joe's Unexpected Cheddar

    Lunch: a variation of the grape and chicken salad in the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook - maybe 1.25 cups? (I didn't have the cookbook handy, so I guessed on portions of ingredients and actual ingredients...forgot the onion though). It came out pretty good. I did add some crumbled bacon to it (about 2 strips to the entire mix which contained 4 chicken breasts)...i know that isn't in the original recipe, but it was a nice addition.

    Afternoon snack: 2 or 3 strips of chocolate-dipped bacon. I saw this recipe a few days ago on a paleo food plan website and had to give it a try. I used the most natural bacon I could find (it was too thin though - need to use thicker bacon next time) and dipped it in a combination of the Chocolove 70% and Chocolove 77% dark bars melted with 2 Tbsp grass-fed Icelandic butter. The bacon was way too thin to really add any significant taste and crunch, but the chocolate was amazing. I didn't eat too much of it though because of the small amount of sugar in the chocolate, but I wanted to. (while I was making this last night, I had some extra chocolate and dipped some sliced apples in it too. YUM!!!).

    Snack while contemplating dinner: I made some coconut ice cream last night (1 can coconut milk, 2 eggs, and a splash of vanilla) and I put some in a bowl and topped it with peeled, sliced peaches that I first cooked up in a little butter and cinnamon. The ice cream wasn't that good, but the peaches sure were! I might have to add the peaches to the ice cream in the ice cream making process next time to give some natural sweetness to the ice cream.

    Dinner: A bowl of the Paleo Comfort Foods grape chicken recipe. I topped it with a few crumbles of the TJ's unexpected cheddar, 5 olives, and, because I want to get rid of it somehow, a snack-size round of TJ's mini-brie.

    Exercise: I wanted to go for a walk with my husband tonight because the weather has finally turned cooler, but he got home too late (and too hungry) to go for a walk before dark. Maybe tomorrow.

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    Hi Difwiz! Thanks for your post, I appreciate the encouragement! Welcome to the forum I know it can be hard when your family members eat things that we don't usually like to. It's great to be able to connect with so many other people who are doing the same things we are I'll keep an eye out for your journal, and maybe we can remind each other to post if we go missing (as I tend to do!!)

    Goal: Feel good, be active!


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      Ok - today didn't go exactly as planned. I had some leftover hamburger meat from my DH's dinner last night that I threw some taco spices on before I put it in the fridge...I was going to use this as a mix-in with some veggies to put in some eggs this morning for breakfast, but I was derailed in my morning routine (I had to go out to a client this morning and I realized with 20 minutes until I had to be out the door that the manicure I got a few weeks ago had finally seen its last day and needed to be re-done (somewhat badly) by me this morning).

      I ended up getting to the office on time, but I didn't bring any breakfast with me (nor lunch). I ended up getting a Tall Pike in a Grande cup at SBUX this morning on my way to the client (I get a Tall in a Grande so I can add cream without it spilling over) but I didn't eat anything solid until I got back from the client and headed over to Chipotle. So, here is what I had today:

      Breakfast: Coffee with half and half. I think they have cream at SBUX, but I have never asked. I should do that next time.

      Lunch: Chipotle salad with triple veggies (onions and peppers), barbacoa, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.

      Dinner: My DH's company had their 40th anniversary party tonight so I had a few sips of my husband's beer (a local craft brew - I rarely drink beer, but I like to taste the local stuff once in a while), some steamed shrimp, some asparagus spears (I at first put some of the "ranch dip" they had there on them, but after tasting the "ranch dip", I had to throw those first asparagus spears away - the dip ruined the veggies), the BBQ from inside a few BBQ sliders (threw away the buns), a few cubes of cheese, and a bunch of the spinach and artichoke dip. The BBQ goes amazingly well just sitting on top of a pile of spinach and artichoke dip.

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        I saw on someone else's journal that they took the Grok principles and laid them out each day and wrote what they did for each of them and I have been toying with doing would help me make sure that I am addressing each of the areas, but I am also a little afraid that it would be too much too soon and I would overwhelm myself with trying to do too much. I think I will journal like this for a week and then gradually add the Grok principles one by one.

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          I was reading the MDA posts for today and I saw the one where they are giving away the sand bag workout thingy. Does anyone have any experience with this product? I went to their site and it looks interesting enough, but a bit expensive.

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            It sounds like you did really well today, despite your unplanned/less-than-ideal circumstances! I love chipotle I think adding the principles one by one sounds like a good idea, working up to having the full list. Have a good night!

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              Ok - I wasn't able to post yesterday for various reasons, but here is what I had:

              Breakfast: 1/2 of a breakfast frittata that had 3 eggs, 1/2 pound of taco meat seasoned with Penzey's taco seasoning, some zucchini, onions, and green peppers, and some TJ's Unexpected Cheddar.

              Lunch: 3 leaves green leaf lettuce, torn, with about 1.5 cups of the grape & chicken salad.

              Afternoon snack: 1 snack round of TJ's brie, a handful of walnuts, and 6 olives (3 black, 3 kalamata)

              Dinner: barbacoa salad from Chipotle with triple veggies, sour cream, and cheese

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                Today has been a strange day so far. I had some coffee on the way to work this morning (I had to go in to catch up on some stuff that built up when I was out of the office this week). I didn't have breakfast until just now, and I guess I would call that brunch?

                Brunch: the rest of the egg/taco/veggie frittata from yesterday and 2 slices of dark chocolate-dipped bacon.

                Weight-wise, I have kind of kept even this week, but I haven't been doing much walking outside or inside, no swimming, no nothing. So even though I think I have been eating ok, I believe my lack of progress on the scale is attributable to not moving. And not drinking enough water. The place I have been working for the past week or so has water that tastes horrible. When I remember to, I get a venti ice water from SBUX, but I don't always remember, and when I do remember, I drink it and can't fill it up again because the water at the office is gross. So I have basically been thirsty all week long. And I am so tired when I get home that I basically forget to drink water until bedtime.

                My goals for the rest of the day:

                Move - go for a walk - at least 30 minutes at a comfortable pace

                Drink water - I want to try to get rid of what I think is a dehydration headache, so my goal is to drink until I am not thirsty anymore (but not too much at once) or until my headache is gone.

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                  The rest of my day was pretty good. I went for a 30 minute walk and got some sun.

                  We had dinner at Maggiano's and I had a caprese salad and a side chopped salad with shrimp. I didn't have any bread or any of the fried (breaded) mozzarella that my husband had.

                  Our dinner was a bit early so I had a snack a little while ago - a few olives, some brie, cheddar, and some walnuts. Oh, and a glass of red wine.

                  I am drinking some water now and had water at dinner, so I think I am doing ok on that front. My headache has gone away, so I think I am a little closer to being better hydrated.

                  We are going apple picking tomorrow and then to Michie Tavern for lunch, so it will be a fun day. You are allowed to eat a few apples off the trees as you are picking them, so I will be having a few of those. Michie Tavern has SUCH GOOD FOOD. They have BBQ, stewed tomatoes, beets, and green beans. In the past, when I went there, I focused more on the mashed potatoes and the yummy biscuits, but I will be focusing on the meat and veggies this time around. I am SO looking forward to this trip. The only thing I think I will really miss will be the apple cider donuts. YUM. I know my husband will be eating at least 6 of them (they go down pretty easily...kind of the way Krispy Kreme do) and they are so fresh and hot that I know I will be salivating, but I will keep my cool and keep my mitts to myself. I hope.

                  Ok...back to watching Notre Dame kick the pants off Michigan far.

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                    I went apple picking yesterday and had coffee with half and half for breakfast; 1.5 apples while on the mountain picking apples (we got good!!); bbq pork, green beans, beets, cole slaw, baked chicken, and stewed tomatoes for lunch; and icelandic lamb sauteed in butter, over zucchini spaghetti (also sauteed in butter), with zucchini center chunks, a hard-boiled egg, some olives, and some greek yogurt as a sauce. I felt so great yesterday.

                    I woke up this morning and I have been feeling off all day long. I was super groggy this morning and have been tired all day. Here is what I had to eat:

                    Breakfast: coffee with half and half
                    Snack: an apple with some almond butter
                    Lunch: Boeuf Bourguignon (Julia Child's recipe, but without the flour and using butter and coconut oil)
                    Dinner: some olives, a single-serving round of brie, and about 1/2 cup of walnuts

                    I was still hungry after dinner, so I had about 1/2 cup of pistachios, 2 string cheeses, and a glass of wine.

                    My stomach hurts but I am not sure from what.

                    Am I eating the wrong foods....or the wrong mixes of foods....or too much food....or too much of certain foods????

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                      Difwiz, where did you go??

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                        I've been offline for the past few days, but I haven't quit eating as primally as possible.

                        I drove from eastern VA to Memphis, TN yesterday. L-O-N-G DAY. I did bring a lot of my food with me though, so I think I fared pretty well on the trip.

                        Yesterday's food:
                        Breakfast - scrambled eggs and coffee with half and half.
                        Lunch 1: some hard-boiled eggs, walnuts, olives, and fresh mozzarella cheese balls at a random rest area in Western Virginia.
                        Lunch 2: same as Lunch 1, except add in some celery and a few swipes of almond butter - this time at a random rest area near Nashville, TN.
                        Dinner: lettuce, endive, olives, walnuts, cucumber, and a bun-less bacon thick burger from Hardee's.
                        After dinner (while waiting for my mom's flight to land at Nashville): black coffee with 1 square of 70% dark chocolate and one square of 77% dark chocolate.

                        Today, I am at my cousin's house in Memphis, so I have a lot less control over what I will be eating, but I had leftover food packed from yesterday's trip, so I had some of it for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is actually planned to be something close to primal if I don't have the potatoes, so I think today will be a good day.

                        Today so far:
                        Breakfast: leftover salad of lettuce, endive, hard boiled eggs, walnuts, olives, mozzarella cheese, and some ranch dressing.
                        Mid-morning snack: some celery with almond butter
                        Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, some walnuts, a few olives, some mozzarella balls, and 2 squares of chocolate.

                        As I was eating my lunch, my Aunt walked by and really harped on me about eating not only TWO but FOUR eggs during a single day. She said, "you are definitely going to find that eating 4 eggs a day is WAY TOO MUCH. That is just WAY TOO MUCH cholesterol and fat to eat." I told her "no it's not" and she said "YES IT IS!!!!"

                        I did get a little bit of exercise and sun today though. I don't play golf, but we went to hit some balls at the range, so I got exercise walking a bit (we also went to a local lake and played on the swings, etc. for a little while) and I got some sun (I did get a little bit red though).

                        I tried to get my mom to go primal with me this week so we could both keep each other on track and be able to support each other when challenged by the rest of the family, but she is having none of it. She went to Sonic this morning with my cousin and got God knows what to eat. She also had potato chips this morning. I would normally be tempted by the chips and Cheetos, but I wasn't this time. I just looked at them and decided to not even go there. I know where that leads me. If I have one, I will have the whole rest of the bag. AND. I. WANT. TO. SUCCEED. TOO. DAMN. MUCH.

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                          yay you!! good job on the snacks! I am always so tempted when there is junk food around. Good for you!

                          Goal: Feel good, be active!


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                            Thanks Seaglassgreen! It has always been tough for me to avoid junk food when I was on a regular Conventional Wisdom-based diet, but right now, it just doesn't draw me. I would rather have a few olives and yummy mozzarella balls and a few walnuts. I feel better after and fuller longer...and I don't have that weird orange "cheese" goo on my fingers after eating my snacks that I do when I eat Cheetos. Given the choice, and knowing what I have learned over the past few weeks, if presented a table with some mozz balls, olives, walnuts, a hard-boiled egg, and an apple on one side and cheetos or cheese fries or nachos (or all 3) on the other side, I would (probably) choose the apple/nuts/olives. I say probably because I have an unconquered weakness for eating cheese fries when I am at the movie theater (they make it fresh when you order - hot fries, melted cheese - takes about 10 minutes for them to make) when we are going to see a "big" movie. Thank goodness we haven't gone since I started this. Maybe when the next Hunger Games or Twilight movies roll around I will have that under control. Or maybe it will just be my 20%. I think I have been pretty near 100% for the past few weeks (except the two occasions I had rice and butter to calm an upset stomach).

                            Ok - for the 2nd half of today:

                            Afternoon snack: a handful of fresh snap peas - taste reminded me of eating snap peas out of my aunt's garden when I was young.
                            Dinner was grilled chicken (Yum!! haven't had this for a LONG time), roasted carrots (from my aunt's garden), roasted beets, and roasted potatoes (didn't want to have these, but they were all mushed in with the rest of the veggies, and it was hard to pick out), a cut-up apple, a small handful of walnuts, and some leftover lettuce and endive from yesterday. And red wine. No dressing - the roasted veggies had enough of flavor and the olive oil on them helped spread the flavor around. I didn't finish it all - it was a lot of food. I finished the wine though.

                            Ok. I think I have sort of gotten the hang of the whole food thing, so I am going to add the 10 Primal Blueprint laws so I can start to focus on the other areas as well.

                            Eat Plants & Animals - Did this well today. Chicken for dinner, eggs earlier in the day. Lots of veggies.

                            Avoid Poisonous Things - At my house, we don't have chips, cookies, candy, or soda. Here, however, this stuff is in abundance. I haven't had a crumb or drop of it (patting myself on the back - in an earlier time, I would have started and not stopped until I went home at the end of the week).

                            Move Frequently At A Slow Pace - walked some at the golf course, wanted to go for a little walk after dinner, but it was too dark when we were done and I was still exhausted from yesterday's marathon drive.

                            Lift Heavy Things - didn't do any of this today, but I have one of those cool workout sandbags on order and it should be delivered to my house while I am out of town. Can't wait to try it!

                            Sprint Once In A While - none today

                            Get Adequate Sleep - Severely lacking in this area. I got in to Memphis last night at 3 a.m. and was woken up by my nieces at 7:30 am. Hoping to get to sleep at 10pm tonight. We have to get up super early tomorrow morning to get my nieces to school (us visiting family types need to know what to do and where to go b/c my cousin is going to have a baby on Tuesday and we will need to take care of her kids while she is in the hospital). The rest of the week though, I want to have no alarms - I want to wake up when the sun comes up. Maybe this week can be a reset button on my sleep cycles? Not bloody likely. (I know I am mixing cousin and nieces, but my cousin is more like my sister - we grew up 2 miles apart and are only 5 months apart in age - she is like a sister to me and her daughters are my nieces and I am their Aunt. Twisted, I know, but it makes things easy. And that is just how it is to us.)

                            Play - Played golf with my Aunt, brother-in-law (cousin's husband), and 6 year old niece. Just did some swinging at some golf balls at the driving range, but I can already feel it in my shoulders, arms, and back. We also played on a playground for a little while.

                            Get Adequate Sunlight - see aforementioned golf outing. Got a little burned, but it felt good to be outside without oppressive heat and humidity. We had a nice breeze too.

                            Avoid Stupid Mistakes - I stopped swinging the golf clubs before I felt like I was overdoing it. I went to a driving range about 5 or 6 years ago and did too much too soon and never went back. I would like to get into golf - what a great way to get your walking in!! - and I don't want to injure myself before I even get going.

                            Use Your Brain - I have been reading a little bit of Mark's book every day (when I have a quiet moment and not too much that I overload my brain and forget what I read. I read the first part of the book too fast and will need to go back and re-read it to really let it sink in.

                            Tomorrow will be a crap shoot. We are going to Waffle House for breakfast and some BBQ place for lunch. I have high hopes for the BBQ place - maybe score some BBQ without a bun and some green beans with bacon or some collards with bacon. Or maybe some bacon with bacon. Waffle House - well, I will probably be having some mess of eggs and veggies. I do love the hash browns smothered, covered, diced, etc., etc., etc., but I will stick to the eggs even though my Aunt will be all over me for eating eggs...again.

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                              Ok. Back on track. Again.

                              The week with the family went ok, except near the end, when I just lost steam and for the last day there and the two days of traveling, I broke and ate regular food. Oh well. I got back in the saddle after that and except for one day last weekend, I have been eating primally.

                              I just started up using Twitter and I am a complete amateur, so I am not sure if it will take, but I thought it might be fun to try.

                              Breakfast: leftover grilled chicken thighs (from KFC)

                              Lunch: coffee with half and half and a salad from whole foods with some veggies, pulled pork, and sour cream

                              Dinner: I didn't eat all of my salad, so I am going to have the rest of it for dinner maybe with some cut-up grass-fed, no bad stuff hot dogs.

                              Eat Plants & Animals - Did pretty well with this today.

                              Avoid Poisonous Things - Yep. As far as I can tell.

                              Move Frequently At A Slow Pace - Big fail here. Still recovering from an ill-advised half-marathon last weekend and I am waiting for my knee to stop complaining.

                              Lift Heavy Things - I have the Ultimate Sandbag, but I just need to get some sand to fill it with.

                              Sprint Once In A While - Not today (knee)

                              Get Adequate Sleep - Yeah...not so much. I was up until midnight last night and then it took a few hours for me to fall asleep.

                              Play - I am sure other people won't call it play, but for lunch, I escaped from the office, got a salad, then went over to Starbucks and ate lunch on their patio in the sunshine with a cool breeze, while reading the Primal 21 day Transformation book on my nook.

                              Get Adequate Sunlight - See lunch above. I pushed up my long sleeves so my arms could get some sun. Not enough, but it was still nice to be able to sit outside at lunchtime and not die from the heat and humidity.

                              Avoid Stupid Mistakes - I think so.

                              Use Your Brain - Well, I spent hours and hours at work, so yeah. Did this.

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