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    Hello gentle grokkers,

    It's coooold! I moved my patio plants inside because it's supposed to freeze tonight! Actually, I think it froze last night.

    Brekkie: Coffee/Cream/Maple syrup. Egg on whipped cream cheese on roasted pepper on butter on a skillet. Yum!

    Took a nap. Because I can

    Late lunch/early dinner: Last of my canned refried beans (2 Tblsp), cheddar, sour cream, a whole avocado, chunky salsa. Eaten on plantain chips. I'm stuffed.

    Hopefully that will hold me through tonight. I'm going out with friends to see a play!

    Unfortunately, it didn't hold me. 10:30 Hunger: Taco Bell burrito supreme, taco supreme, and a mango fruitista freeze.

    Fail. I don't think I ate enough calories during the day and that resulted in the evening hunger. Plus I drove by Taco Bell on the way home and I was really cold so the burrito looked great. I need to stop driving home that way.
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      Hi sarasue! Love your food pics, keep 'em coming.


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        Hello gentle grokkers,

        Hey Diogenes, thanks for stopping by! I'll post pics when I have pretty food

        This morning I'm not hungry. My gut is also paying for last night's Taco Bell. Ugh. Duh.
        Brekkie: Coffee/Cream/Maple Syrup. .25 quart of kefir.

        Late lunch: leftover beet green curry w/ purple potato and ginger rice (rice from a microwave bag w/sunflower oil. Oh well.)
        beet green curry.jpg

        Dinner: Pork sausage spaghetti sauce on special low-carb noodles. The noodles aren't primal, but my dish is mainly sauce and meat!
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          Hello gentle grokkers,

          so yesterday was another bad day. I spent from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on campus, did not pack food in with me, and had an amazing paucity of items that could be easily taken to my office with me. I didn't eat much, but what I did eat was carb heavy Luckily, I have a happy British friend who made me unsweetened Brit black tea with milk to drink during my night class, so the damage from night class wasn't too bad. Today I am back on the wagon.

          I'm going on a 3 mile walk with a friend in 1/2 an hour, but went ahead and ate some breakfast first - woke up hungry, which is not surprising considering all I had in my tummy were carbs!

          Brekkie: 1 egg over easy in butter. Coffee/Cream/a bit of maple syrup. 1/2 a bottle of Perrier.

          We won't talk about what happened the rest of this day. I was on campus all day when I didn't intend to be and my "back on the wagon-ness" fell apart.
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            Hello gentle grokkers,

            I'm tired this morning. Also I'm up 2 pounds after the last couple days of saying yes to grains and sugar.

            Brekkie: Creamed beef on an over easy egg. Coffee/Cream/maple syrup.


            Late lunch: Roast beef with au jus. Low carb chocolate milk.

            Took a nap.
            Picked up my CSA box - we got Brussels sprouts!

            Late dinner: Went to a Korean restaurant with a friend. Had the stone bowl bibimbap. It's soooo good. Obviously high quality ingredients. Rice, gelatin, cooked greens, carrots, shrooms, mystery veggie, pork pieces, almost raw fried egg, a bit of sriracha sauce on top. Korean corny tea. 1 piece of dark chocolate with almonds.

            9:00 snack: low carb chocolate milk and a piece of dark chocolate almond.

            It's amazing how just one day of good food and exercise makes me feel sooo much better.
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              Hello gentle grokkers,

              I had a good day yesterday. I want another day today!

              Brekkie: Coffee/cream/maple syrup. I'm making pumpkin pancakes - 1, 15 oz can of pumpkin, 3 eggs, 1/4 cup almond butter, the rest of my pumpkin pie spice, berries. I'm frying up a pancake for breakfast and baking 8 more to freeze for breakfasts or lunches next week! It's fall!
              pancake w.berries.jpg
              It tasted just as good as it looks!

              My oven/freezer pancakes turned out looking more like footballs. They rose and then fell.

              Made it to Zumba class!

              Late lunch: Random scramble including - 1/2 onion fried in butter and leftover roast beef gelatin, 1 egg scrambled in that, leftover shredded roast beef, 1/2 a tomato, 1 kohlrabi leaf I had lying around. A bit of Korean sweet and spicy on top. Looks like a mess, but tastes great!

              Made the mistake of taking a nap without an alarm. I slept for 3 hours! And when I woke the sun had gone away I used to tell myself that if I slept that much then obviously I needed the sleep. However, now I'm not so sure. I can pretty much sleep on command. Maybe this should be a question I take to the forums.

              Dinner: Fake chocolate milk. Braised lamb shoulder chops with morraccan simmer sauce, onion, red pepper, kohrabi, garlic. Served on brussel sprouts with rice.
              It's been a good day for cooking!
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                Hello gentle grokkers,

                today it's finally raining! Yeah! I woke up every 3 hrs or so last night so slept until 10:30 this morning.

                Brekkie: slept through it.
                Lunch: Lamb/rice leftovers from last night. Coffee/maple syrup/cream.

                Took a nap - meant to sleep for only an hour or less, but slept for 2 hours instead.

                Dinner with friends: I made a primal Caesar salad, which went over with the friends quite well! Unfortunately, with my salad I also had 2 small slices of pizza and 2 chocolate chip cookies and a diet mt. dew.

                Sure enough, 4 hours later, I'm craving mac and cheese - got a gluten free rice-based mac and cheese frozen meal (Amy's) that isn't primal, but is one step up from what I could have had. Am also eating almond macaroons and a rice-based cookie. Fake chocolate milk. Amazing how one little deviation causes 0 willpower and hunger.
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                  Hello gentle grokkers,

                  I'm not hungry this morning - no surprise after the fourth-meal I chowed down at 10:30 last night.

                  Brekkie: Coffee/Cream/Syrup

                  Was semi-productive this morning. Also, I watched a crazy guy fly from the sky.

                  Late lunch: roasted red pepper, roasted eggplant, garlic, onion dip on leftover brussel sprout rice.

                  Cleaned my apartment! Tried to take a nap, but the kitty-cat symied me.

                  Late dinner: Fake noodles with leftover dip from lunch mixed with a tomato and some Italian seasoning and parm. Perrier. Coconut macaroons, dark chocolate bark with almonds.

                  Even though I didn't get a nap today I still didn't feel tired until 1 a.m. My sleep schedule is either really messed up, my body is reacting to the fact that I had a late dinner, or all the carbs I ate to day had me buzzing.
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                    Hello gentle grokkers,

                    didn't get the lake walk in with a friend today. I'm trying to decide whether to go hang out at a coffeeshop so I get all my reading done or stay home, do laundry, read, and eat healthier.

                    I'm going to make the healthy decision!

                    Brekkie: Coffee/Cream/Maple syrup. 4 bacon slices! Egg in a hole in Paleo Bread - yup this is the same brand of bread that caused all the controversy. I'm a curious kitten so I'm trying it. This is my first slice. Ingredients: Almonds, egg whites, ACV, psyllum. Not excited about the psyllum but I suppose at worst it will clean me out!

                    Update on paleo bread: the stuff is a sponge. This is the issue I had a couple months ago when I made almond egg bread for myself. I dunno why I thought buying it would make it better! It toasts worse than the stuff I made. It's chewy. Its flavor is... well, like an egg white that has fiber in it. Bland, cardboardy flavor. I'm not a fan.

                    Lunch: I've been very productive all morning and I just looked up at the clock and suddenly it's 2. GAH! I worked through lunch That's what 4 pieces of bacon and an egg for Brekkie does to me. If I ate dinner like normal people I'd just wait until dinner. But NOOOOOO, I have night class tonight. So now I face a decision. Do I eat now, do I wait 2 hours and eat then, do I eat at both times? Last time I skipped a meal on a night class day it had disastrous results at 10:30 after night class. Grrrr. I'm kinda hungry but I could wait... I don't know what to do!

                    Lunch take 2: I decided to eat! Yay! And I'm glad I did because this is the silliest meal I've made in awhile and it was scrumptious and easy and will become a new favorite. Here's a pic:
                    It's an egg in a hole! And this one is much better than the one I made for breakfast. I took 3 slices of good turkey lunchmeat, cut the hole, dropped it on leftover bacon fat in the skillet from this morning, dropped in my egg. Tah dah! I don't have kids, but this is an excellent kid-friendly dish. It's bland with ingredients they know. It's also an excellent sarasue dish - because I'm more like a kid than not. I ate the "holes" with the last of my jarred artichoke tomato tapenade. It was a great lunch.
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                      I like this! Unfortunately my grandson (3) doesn't like eggs or this would be on the menu everytime I look after him

                      Created by - Free Calorie Counter


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                        Originally posted by sarasue624 View Post
                        It toasts worse than the stuff I made. It's chewy. Its flavor is... well, like an egg white that has fiber in it. Bland, cardboardy flavor. I'm not a fan.
                        It wouldn't toast.


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                          Hello gentle grokkers,

                          Last 2 days have been a carb festival.
                          Now I feel horrible. Not sleeping well, wacky nightmares, not awake during the day, doing stupid things, major cravings, headaches, hunger, etc.
                          Funny how that works!

                          Hehe Diogenes - you don't know how appropriate that clip was!

                          Brekkie: coffee/cream/raw honey (was getting too crazy on the syrup). 2 frozen pumpkin pancakes.
                          Late lunch: Spinach saag with chickpeas on the last of the leftover rice and brussel sprouts (that stuff lasted forever!)

                          Then, the garage door spring sprung. Apartment manager says my car's stuck inside until tomorrow morning. OK then. Quiet evening at home it is!

                          Supper (eaten only 3 hours after late lunch): Leftover saag with some chickpeas on a can of high quality wild salmon. This was surprisingly good!

                          Several (too many) pieces of dark chocolate with almonds. Last of the fake chocolate milk.

                          What I really need is to detox with strict 0 carb whole fooding, but I know the time and mental attention that takes and it's not going to happen any time soon. I'll continue stumbling along.
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                            Hello gentle grokkers,

                            Today I woke up not hungry. So:
                            Brekkie: coffee/cream/raw honey

                            I'm making a roast for late lunch and/or dinner. Who knows when it will be done! I tend to do such things by ear. I put a whole yellow bell pepper, a small onion, 5 cloves of garlic and more than a cup (the last of the bottle) of cheap sweet red wine in with it. I have no idea how this is going to taste. It may need tomato at some point. I'll decide later.

                            It's a grey and cold day outside. My car is still stuck in the garage. I guess I'll be working from home today!

                            Well, I reaped the consequences of not eating breakfast.
                            Lunch: out with a friend - Arby's. Ouch.
                            2nd Lunch: Wallyworld sushi. - Notice how I was still hungry even after eating a big sandwich AND shake from Arby's - tells ya how nutritious it wasn't, I guess.

                            Took a nap - because I hurt myself eating.

                            Dinner: Not hungry for dinner (surprise, surprise). Crock-pot roast (about a deck of cards worth), a whole bottle of Perrier, another cup of coffee w/cream, a couple bites of onion and pepper from the crock-pot, some dark chocolate with almonds.

                            And now I am up much too late because I slept much too long this afternoon, didn't get my work done, and am still riding the sugar coaster.

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                              Hello gentle grokkers,

                              got my 8 hours by sleeping through breakfast.
                              Brekkie: Coffee/Cream (no sugar)

                              I dreamed about smothering my leftover pot roast in red enchilada sauce. SO I think that's what I'll do for early lunch!

                              Make that a late lunch. The pot roast is MUCH better tasting with the enchilada sauce. I think I overcooked it while I pigged out on Arby's and sushi yesterday.

                              Late lunch: leftover pot roast (about 3 tablespoons), red enchilada sauce (about a tablespoon), cream cheese (about a tablespoon), wrapped up in a small low-carb wrap. Wrap was a compromise and not that good. I think I'll just eat the pot roast and cream cheese straight from now on. Leftover Coffee/Cream. Then another 3 tablespoons of pot roast on 2 tablespoons warm cream cheese. No wrap this time.

                              I'm headed to a friends' for a craft-filled afternoon. Here's hoping it won't also be a sugar-filled afternoon!

                              Back from craft party. Damage: 1 orange juice-based punch w/sherbet. 1 small pumpkin pie piece. 1 apple with caramel dipping sauce. Lots of sugar but not as bad as it could have been. Plus, there were crafts! And a baby

                              Had a full flight of supplements: Calcium/Vit D/Vit C, Magnesium, Fish Oil, Chromium, L-Glutamine. We'll see if doing this helps keep the stupid sugars at bay.

                              Dinner: broth from pot roast = good! 2 Ciabatta buns as a butter-delivery device = bad. And I paid for it.
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                                Hello gentle grokkers,

                                well, the good news is that I've successfully nixed sugar from my morning coffee. YAY! I've done this before. I need to keep it this way. The bad news is that I woke up sore even though I've done basically no exercise for the last 2 days. Uhoh.

                                Brekkie: Coffee/Cream. Sweet potato hash and 2 over easy eggs fried up in coconut oil. I love the smell of coconut oil fried sweet potatoes! The "over" and "easy" aspect of this dish didn't go so well - which is why you're seeing the "before" shot!
                                sweet potato eggs.jpg

                                Late lunch: 1/2 cup of coffee, cream, a tablespoon of coconut oil, and a tablespoon of raw honey. I'm counting this as a sweet. I'm trying to lotion myself up from the inside today - lots of dry skin lately!

                                Also, my friend dropped off my half of the CSA box and in it was this.
                                big radish.jpg
                                What's a single gal to do with a daikon like that?

                                Now these I know what to do with!
                                Cream cheese pepper eggs for breakfast next week! YAY!

                                2nd late lunch: Perfectly primal Tomato, Red Pepper, & Gouda soup which I promptly ruined by dipping in a ciabatta bun. I blame the honey in the coffee during 1st lunch.

                                Roasted up beets and a surprise! turnip that I thought was a beet. Then I fried some of them up for chips. They were so pretty! I love beets.

                                Supper: Roasted beets and turnip dipped in goat cheese sour cream. Stuffed myself on probably 2 medium beets worth of beet 1/4 of a turnip, and 3/4 cup of dip. Like, totally stuffed.

                                10:00 snack: 90% Lindt chocolate piece melted with raw honey mixed into heavy cream and 3 ice cubes. Yummmmmm.

                                1 a.m.: Up with acid reflux. The stupid thing is that I figured out last winter that the chocolate/honey/cream mix gives me acid reflux. I had forgotten. Probably because this is not a drink I make in the summer. It will now not be a drink I make at all... unless I "forget" again. Am now drinking Perrier.
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