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Here Goes... Healing J's Hormones with LR (ennaeJay)

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  • Here Goes... Healing J's Hormones with LR (ennaeJay)

    I'm starting a Leptin Reset in the morning. Admittedly I'm scared to death. I haven't been eating breakfasts for almost a year, with the occasional guilty morning "off" from intermittent fasting. I want to follow Dr Kruse's recommendations to the T, even up to having sex before bed whether or not I feel like it. (I THINK I read that on his site, heh.) I'm worried about numerous things - Gaining Weight (i.e. Getting Soft) being the front and center fear. I guess the rest of it doesn't sound too bad, I think I can squeeze in enough vegetables to stay under 50g/c and white-knuckle through any cravings for fruit or honey-sweetened nuts.

    I eat SCD/GAPS/Paleo with low lactose dairy (aged cheese, 24hr cultured raw whole milk yogurt, cultured cream, butter), nightshades on occasion, no beans, no chocolate, no cheats. This is followed 100% for me, as a family we're healing some gut problems and it's going well. I drink whiskey 90 proof and sometimes malbec, but I will abstain from the wine during my 8-week LR.

    I'm 29, 5'6" and 136.4lbs this morning. Waist to hip ratio is 27"-37". Bust is inconsequential. Upper chest a snug 33". Bicep comes in at 10.5", with 29" at navel, 22" at biggest part of thigh (taken 12" above kneecap), and calves at 14".

    1)To continue tracking my macros ONLY to fit into the guidelines for Dr Kruse's RDA for fat/protein/carb. Will not limit caloric intake.
    2)To eat a BAB every morning within 30 mins of waking, between 50g-75g protein with fat and minimal (veg) carb.
    3) Daily walking after dinner for 45 mins during the 8 week reset; after that will reassess to resume lifting and HIIT.
    4) No snacking.
    5) No fasting, other than adapting to skip lunch and resume a healthy dinner as per guidelines.
    6) No computer or iphone after 8pm.
    7) Sex 4-5x per week (to improve seretonin, obviously).
    8) No coffee/caffeine or wine.
    9) No body measurements or weighing in.

    Ahhhh... Must think of 10.... Must end goals with nice even number that is a multiple of five...!

    10) Rotate eating AM eggs with other sources of protein to minimize the probability of sensitivity. Hah.

    No idea what my 1RM is on any of the compounds. I lost strength the past few months, up to 15lbs on the big lifts. These are numbers for moderately heavy (3 sets of 6-8 reps):
    110#, DL
    85#, Squat
    20#, DB shoulder press
    30#, DB snatch
    30#, single leg RDL
    65#, Barbell row
    25#, DB incline bench press
    10#, push-ups "T" variation
    45#, front squat push press (2/10)
    20#, bulgarian split squat (2/10)
    7.5# YWTLs

    I'm going to attempt to jump right back in to my program where I'm leaving off to do the reset. It will be interesting to say the least. I imagine I'll suffer some strength losses and get a lot softer - meh! Exactly what I don't want, but I see this as building a good foundation. We're on this diet for a couple years to rebuild gut health, why not spend two months rebuilding a good hormonal balance too?

    I'm so grateful to all y'all who have been there, done that and gone before me. There's so much good information out there, I hope this is an epic win and I can inspire someone else to take control of their health, conventional wisdom be damned. For thirty years I thought fiber was a good thing, hah!

    I was big, bad messed up a year ago with inflammation and food intolerances; big nasty gut issues. Tried this, tried that, wound up doing this strict diet (more restricted than just Primal, but whatevs). Started seeing my gut health improve dramatically, however, am aware that my energy is suffering; my cravings for sweets are still lurking around, and if I "listen to my body" and eat the "sweets" (fruit, scd yogurt, nut butters or nut flour-baked goods sweetened with honey or dried fruit), I binge all day long. I've often told DH that my "full sensor" is broken. I didn't realize that could be an actual hormonal problem. Lately I have had no desire to train, no desire for sex, feeling tired and mopey and unmotivated which is wholly unlike the Healthy Me. Pants size increasing, stress mounting, feeling too down-and-out to do the things that matter and feeling poorly about losing strength and gaining mass regardless. So in my searching I figured that insulin sensitivity, while good, takes a backseat to this monster Leptin hormone's controls in our bodies and I have a lot of signs of being resistant. This is finally starting to make sense. I want to kill the cravings dead, have steady energy, and be able to reincorporate fasts, heavy training, sprints, and NEVER COUNT CALORIES AGAIN because my Inner Self is healed enough to know when, what, and how much to eat. God that would be awesome to have that healed. I didn't know out-of-whack hormones could be responsible for one's unhealthy relationship to food. Things are starting to click....

    *smacks fist into palm* let's kick this pig!

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    I ate breakfast as planned even though I wasn't hungry for it - at all. I willingly indulged in Last Supper Eating last night because I knew today would be "game on". After consuming about 2000 extra calories than my RDI, I still woke up and went to work this morning.

    895kcal (70f/56p/11c)
    2 salmon griddle cakes pulled from freezer
    3 eggs
    3 c. spinach
    1 oz sharp cheese
    1 T. butter
    1 T. EVCO

    I know I'm full, I know I'm satisfied, but I don't FEEL it. My full sensor is BROKEN. I can't wait to get to the place that other women talked about, where their BABs start dropping off with protein and fat because they sense they don't need any more. I will do a happy dance when these hormones have healed.

    My mister skipped breakfast this morning because he was still digesting last night's late snack (we had granola bars - damn you Mark for posting that recipe! - and I had frozen cultured cream and some extra coconut and macadamias.)

    Off to feed the kids and start my work day. Haven't planned out my lunch/dinner yet, need to do that, and also come up with ideas for higher protein breakfasts. I'm thinking tuna, cheese, and walnuts, over greens and veggies with EVOO might become a favorite for a couple days in a row, I can make salads ahead of time with loads of protein, and not have to worry about overconsuming eggs.


    410kcal (27f/32p/12c)
    86g Spring Mix
    80g orange peppers
    79g celery
    1 oz Swiss
    3 oz roast beef
    1 T. EVCO

    It took me at least 2 hours to FEEL FULL from breakfast. I nearly skipped lunch because I wasn't interested in food (and it was getting late). But looking at my history and my caloric needs, I do want to be careful not to under-eat while I'm doing the reset.

    Dinner will be:
    600kcal (41f/45p/11c)
    6 oz chicken meat (mixed) w/skin
    1 c green string beans
    2 T. slivered almonds
    1 T. butter

    A very nice poster in my thread where I was whining about feeling lost and fat, suggested I check out the site and it is fantasterrific inspiration!!! Highly recommended for you ladyfolks.
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