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This is going to be a little more difficult

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  • This is going to be a little more difficult

    than I thought!
    After reading throught paleo/primal I thought I had found the solution for my weightloss, but things are probably not as simple as I thought they would be!
    Me: 5.7, 47, 150, female. Struggling with my weight since being an adult. I lost about 20 lbs last year, due to a stressfull divorce, gained back about 10 since. (I more or less stopped eating all together last year, just wasn't hungry)
    I've been glutenfree since three years, after I discovered it was just so much more confortable in my tummy, sometimes cheating a bit, but paying it afterwards.
    Processed foods have never been important in my life, I prefer salty stuff to sugery stuff, so since a month, I've cut out all suger, all grains, most of the dairy (a bit of hard cheese sometimes), most alcohol (a bit of wine sometimes), legumes.
    I'm trying to eat around 1500 kcal a day, I'm not overly active, but I like to hike and often go out for 1 - 3 hrs 3 times a week with my German Shepherd, walking pretty fast.
    I have been tracking my food for the last week or so, and have been amazed at the amount of fat I'm eating.....around 100 grs a day! This may sound quite good for all of you, but what amazes me is that I'm not adding much fat to anything. I eat eggs/spinach for breakfast, this morning only 1 egg, since I'm not hungry. Lunch will be a big bowl of steamed cauliflower and spicey ground beef in homemade tomato sauce, and that alone brings it already to 50 grs of fat for today, I will have to plan dinner carefully!
    I may have eaten a lot more fat/protein a month ago, when I wasn't tracking my food intake yet, I read no counting of calories...... man, did I eat! Loads of meat, veggies and fat....... Oops?
    My goal is to lose about 10 to 15 lbs again. There is just a little bit too much flab on my abs..... I'm pretty toned for the rest, have loads of energy, feel great in general, just not losing weight yet....
    My food intake, as I said, is about 1500 kcal, trying to stay below 30 g carbs (difficult, even just with vegetables according to myfitnesspal), around 90 g fat and 75 g protein. Does that sound ok with you? I have not lost anything yet, since a month, a bit frustrating.

    Maybe I'm just being too impatient, and should be happy with the general good feelings and energy? What I have noticed, and what I'm very happy about is that my food cravings have stopped..... I'm happy to eat three meals a day, without hunting for snacks, just because I wanted something to eat, not because I was hungry.

    I'll try to keep track of my food and post it here, if anyone has advice, I'd appreciate it!


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    Todays menu:
    breakfast: 2 small spinach muffins (ingredients only eggs, 1, and spinach)
    Snack: handfull of almonds
    Lunch: steamed cauliflower + homemade chocolate chili
    Snack: fried egg + tomato
    Dinner: small fresh goats cheese + mixed salad (salad, tomato, black olives, avocado + olive oil)

    After breakfast I went for a walk with the dog, ended up doing about 10 km in 80 minutes. I was a little hungry after that, so had some almonds, sharing with dog.
    In the middle of the day I was soooo hungry, don't know why, killed it with a fried egg + tomato.

    Myfitnesspal totals this as:
    1213 kcal
    37 g carbs
    89 g fat
    64 g protein
    And says that I will weigh 64 kgs in 5 weeks......
    I'll see if I can up the protein a bit, while keeping the carbs and fat the same.... any ideas? Fish maybe?


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      A little over my total carbs today....... having a very late dinner and I was hungry just before..... the handfull of almonds was too much!
      1490 kcal
      48 g carbs
      104 g fat
      82 g protein

      Had a fast walk this afternoon, but only 60 min. Some bodyweight workout for upper body, but no more than 15 min, pushups, pullups (sorta! can't do real ones yet), planks etc.
      My knees and fingers are a bit painful today, the goats cheese from yesterday, or the bits of hard cheeses from a couple of days ago?
      Myfitnesspal says I will weigh 66 kg in 5 weeks if every day is as today..... For now, no weightloss noticed!


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        Eating about right,
        Total 1325 kcal
        47 carbs
        92 fat
        75 protein
        For the rest, a slow day today. A bit muscle sore from yesterday's workout...... so decided not to add too much exercise for today. Got around the house a bit, cleaning and keeping myself occupied. The right leg got a bit of a workout on with my spinning wheel but that is it......
        Dog very dissapointed, and went off hunting by himself.... wish he'd come back now, it is more than 30 minutes ago!


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          Have been a bit busy!
          Friday and Saturday were perfect in terms of food...... until the moment I fell into the bag of almonds....
          I know I shouldn't come near almonds, the thought of them makes me feel...... I have to eat, hungry or not! The scale did not move, and I'm the one to blame.
          Anyway, the almonds are finished, and I'm not going to buy some soon!

          Got things back in grip yesterday and today, and it looks like the scale is moving down....
          I can stay around 1300 kcal, with about 100 grs of fat and around 70 grs of protein and just below 50 grs of carbs (only veg)

          I'm really amazed how easy it is to eat this amount of fat. I think I have always eaten around this amount of fat though..... lots of cheese and olive oil, but with more carbs as well, no wonder I gained weight........


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            Still doing ok foodwise, around 1300 kcal, 90-100 fat, staying below 50 carbs, 60-70 protein.
            But getting a bit frustrated....... no significant weightloss!! 200 grs maybe..... Scale is definately not moving upwards, but I so wish it would go really down.... But I understand belly fat is not easy to lose!
            Well, I just have to keep going on, not making homemade chocolate anymore (hard to not snack on that!!), doing my bodyweight exercises and walks!
            On the other hand, I had lot of compliments this week about my energy (I have loads of energy!!) and looks. So maybe I'm getting somewhere?


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              I am soo frustrated.........Friday morning I had lost 1 1/2 lbs, not much, but I finally thought something was moving. I may have had a little too much on saturday, piece of black chocolate and a glass of wine. But nothing that would cause a 2 lbs gain on sunday morning. Sigh......
              This can't be fat, I know it can't be fat, you are probably going to tell me it isn't fat. But dang, not seeing that scale moving is getting frustrated. And seeing it going up, and topping another "record" is making me miserable.
              True, I can through the thing out of the window, but then I will be looking in the mirring and poking that belly fat that is not moving from there.
              This morning a slice of pork for breakfast, this afternoon, two hard boiled eggs and home made tomatosoup (just tomatoes and herbs) I have an aching tooth, so eating isn't fun either at this moment!
              Well, I will just have to keep trying, and call the dentist!

              On a lighter note: does anyone have a cat that likes coconut milk? Mine does!


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                Try eating a bit more about 1500 kcal. It looks like you are just under the amount your body needs for sustaining you in inactive mode and your body is now in starvation mode. For me it usually helps to eat a piece of dark chocolate to start loosing weight again. Feels wrong but works a charm.


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                  My two cents:

                  Since you are so close to your normal weight, it may take a long time. Rough to hear, but I would try to concentrate on feeling better and having more energy. That's also worthwhile.

                  There are lots of tweaks you can try, to get weight loss going. If possible, try just one thing at a time, and give it a good shot (several weeks, not two days ) before you decide if it is or isn't working.

                  Also, take your measurements, because often our body shape is changing even if our pounds aren't.

                  Good luck to you. Hang in there.


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                    You are well within normal size for your age/height. Ditch the scale and use a tape measure and the fit of your clothes to measure belly fat/size. You could drop a size or 2, and never see movement on the scale.

                    I have no idea what I weigh or what I weighed 11 months ago when I trasitioned to primal eating. But I've dropped 2 pants sizes and 2 bra sizes just by changing WHAT I eat. No calorie or macro counting, no change in activity level. Just eating real food and avoiding seed oils, wheat, corn and soy. It doesn't have to be that complicated.
                    *My obligatory intro

                    There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo

                    DAINTY CAN KISS MY PRIMAL BACKSIDE. ~~ Crabcakes


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                      Thank you for trying to help, it is really appreciated! Measurements haven't changed since the beginning. My hobby is sewing so I'm having tape measures around and do measure. Oh, how I wish I could drop two brasizes! It is probably not going to happy soon! :-) And I'm probably the only one who sees my belly fat bulging over my jeans.
                      Ok, I'll take a deep breath, I'm going to concentrate on the positive sides of this, energy!
                      I'm definately not getting into bad food, I just don't feel the need for it. I don't have cravings for sugar, and as long as there are no nuts in the house I'm fine for nut cravings.
                      Ok, I'm off for a walk with the dog!