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    I mis read my workout schedule.... today is the pull/squat day. Yesterday was an off day... so I went and bought victuals, (or vittels in the South)... and made a crock pot chili with some diced beef, spices and tomato sauce. I also made a beef roast with carrots, parsnips and acorn squash.

    Diet: B: 1/2 cup yogurt

    L: more yogurt..... saving room for roast beast later!!!!

    S: hand full of almonds

    D: A veritable feast of roast beast and vegetables with a BAS!

    I picked up a heart monitor while at the store... I played with it for a while, monitoring my heart rate over several hours. I was amazed that my resting heart rate got in to the mid to upper 40s! The gadget also has a "calorie consumed" counter. I wore it to bed, just for grins. I slept for about 5 hours... and burned nearly 500 calories! I should sleep more often!!! lol


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      An off day, however... Sandy is breathing down our necks, so it was storm prep all day.

      Diet: B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/ strawberry preserves

      L: 8oz broth from roast beef and veggies cooked the other day.

      D: BAS... roast beef and veggies


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        Be safe with Sandy! Your workouts are awesome. I want to get to that point and struggling. Yours give me some inspiration!
        You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

        Age 48
        height 5'3
        SW 215 lbs
        CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
        LW 172 lbs
        GW 125ish lbs


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          valmason01, thanks for the kind words! I don't usually think of myself as an inspiration, so it is nice to hear that someone is inspired by what I do.... it also acts as a stimulant to tighten up my actions knowing that I am being watched! lol
          We are as set for the storm as we can be at this point. Fortunately we live a ways inland, so the wind won't be as bad here as it will at the beach etc.
          That being said, today is a long slow run day...... in the rain and wind. I am gonna give it a shot... heart monitor is waterproof and my skin is too, so what the hell!

          Diet: B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/ strawberry preserves

          L: 8 oz beef and vegetable broth

          D: Chili without beans, patty pan squash, zucchini and yellow squash


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            Well, my hurricane preps are done..... adn I took a nature bath this morning during my jog. I completed 5 miles down a winding 2 lane country road. I was passed by 3 vehicles in the hour it took to do my jog. It was a little windy and it was lightly raining but it was AWESOME! The sound of the rain falling through the trees and the wind rustling the leaves, fall colored leaves blowing across the road... what a great way to spend an hour on a Sunday morning. I used the new heart monitor during the run. I checked my heart rate at every 1/2 mile mark on my run, and the highest it ever got was 158. For a large majority of the run it was betweeen 146 and 150. It also has a calories consumed counter based on heart rate and age... and it said I burned 1200 calories during that run! I know that the monitor makes some huge assumptions based on averages etc.... but it is still pretty frickin cool to think I burned off a six pack of beer in an hour! lol It was a great run. Was never out of breath, legs feel great, and my heart rate was below 100 in a matter of 4 or 5 minutes. oh, and I finished the run 1 1/2 minutes faster than the last time I ran this same ciourse.... Yee haw!


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              The weather from Sandy wasn't really all that bad. A little wind and alot of rain. So I got some reading done. Watched a little football. Slept through the "worst" of the storm. Since the winds are supposed todie down today, I will probably let all the chickens out today..... They have been in their house since Saturday night. I bet they are pissed... a real flock of Angry Birds!

              Today is Push up (3x50) and Leg raises (3x40). Completed 3 sets of 50 Wall push ups. Suprisingly tires out the pecs! I will move up to Incline push ups next week. Completed 3 sets of 15 Knee tucks. Better than last week... increase of 50% in the number of reps... and the abs are tired, so overall a pretty good work out.

              Diet: B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/ 2 tsp strawberry preserves

              L: 8 oz beef and veggie broth

              D: If I have to go to work, I will fast, otherwise it will be chili with patty pan squash

              Wt: 238.8
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                More nasty weather, thanks to Sandy, though not nearly as rough as I was expecting. More wind and rain. Since the storm is moving off and the weather is going to improve, it will be a shortened day to transition to my normal work schdule. So I will be heading to bed @ 2 pm. I made a pumpkin cheesecake today. I had never made one from scratch, and I wanted to make it as primal as possible. I found a recipe for one in a Low Carb cookbook we have and gave it a shot. The crust is a "graham cracker" type crust made from almond meal, a little bit of whey protein powder and butter. The cheesecake is sweetened with Splenda, and the recipe says that each slice has 6 grams carb. I also baked 2 small whole chickens. Put butter under the skin over the breast meat and stuffed the body with fresh rosemary, pineapple sage and thyme.

                Today is a rest day, so no exercise today. Errands instead..... and cooking.

                Diet: B: 1/2 cup greek yogurt w/ 2 tsp strawberry preserves

                L/D: BAS, chicken chili and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. The wife ate 2 bites of hers and said she was full.... can't let a good desert go to waste, so her human garbage disposal took care of it for her.... yeah I'll throw myself on that cheesecake grenade!
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                  Back to a "normal" schedule... if working nights can be considered "normal"... Today is a run day. A 5 mile slow pace run is on the schedule. I put my heart monitor on before going to work, and will wear it in Calorie consumed mode for 24 hours as an experiment. I am curious how many calories I will burn in a day, particularly on a run day...

                  Diet: B: 1/2 cup greek yogurt w/ 2 tsp strawberry preserves.

                  L: 1/2 cup greek yougurrt w/2 tsp strawberry preserves.

                  S: 2 handfulls of raw almonds

                  D: BAS, 1/2 baked chicken, parsnips and carrots, slice of pumpkin cheesecake


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                    Well, the Calorie counter read 4420 calories in 24 hours. Interesting. I guess I was a little surprised by that. So, taking about 1200 calories out of that total, that leaves 3200 calories per day for a normal, average day. That is a good piece of information to have. Helps plan my diet so I can continue my weight loss. Since I am half way to my goal there is no way I want to stop now. So onward!
                    I completed my run, the same 5 mile course I have been running for about a month now. I finished it in 62:12. So far, its the fastest time ever, and a full 6 minutes faster than the first time I ever attempted it. I guess writing this crap down does have its benefits! lol..
                    I tracked my heart rate, and it averaged nearly 150 for the whole run. The high was 159, the low was 142, but most readings were in the 148-151 range. My breathing was never labored, I could have held a conversation if I had someone other than squirrels to talk to.... My legs recovered fairly quickly and never really felt overly tired. Overall, another good run day. Today is a rest day.... and I have some errands to do.

                    Diet: B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/strawberry preserves

                    L: 1/2 cup yogurt w/strawberry preserves

                    S: a couple of handfulls of raw almonds

                    D: BAS, 1/2 baked chicken, baked pumpkin, slice of pumpkin cheesecake

                    Side note.... how freakin cool is it to be eating cheesecake and losing weight!


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                      Today its gonna be Squats and Pulls. The Pulls will be verticle pulls, and I will meet the progression requirements of 3 sets of 50 reps. The Squats will be Shoulder squats and I should meet the progression of 3x50 there as well.


                      B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/strawberry preserves.

                      L: 1/2 cup yogurt w/strawberry preserves

                      S: couple of handfulls of nuts (raw almonds and pecans)

                      D: BAS, honey mustard glazed pork roast, baked pumpkin, slice of cheesecake


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                        Today is a rest day, so I wil spend the day out in the garden cleaning up leaves, weeding etc. Yesterday I changed my squats from shoulder squats to jackknife squats. I did do 3 sets of 50 and today my thighs know I worked them.

                        Diet: B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/strawberry preserves

                        L: 1/2 cup yogurt w/strawberry preserves, 8 oz chicken broth

                        S: couple of handfulls of pecans and almonds

                        D: BAS, honey glazed pork roast and baked pumpkin, slice of cheesecake


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                          Another short-working nights-transition day. It's also a interval run day. I will run 3 miles, 30 second intrevals every 2 minutes. After that, I have a never ending list of farm chores to do. Thats one good thing about running a small farm by yourself.... you are NEVER bored! lol.... There is ALWAYS something that needs to be fixed, replaced, built, planted, harvested or a billiion other things that go along with property ownership.

                          Diet: B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/strawberry preserves.

                          L: BAS, chicken wings

                          D: Fasting since I will be sleeping (hopefully!)

                          OK.. just finished my run. I completed it 3 minutes faster than my 3 mile run time (no intervals) back in mid-September. I completed it a little over 1 minute faster than my last interval time last weekend. Progress! At this pace, I will definitely be able to finish the Marine Corps PT run in less than 33 minutes...... in March! Gotta work on those pull ups if I want to pass that PT test. Oh, and my heart rate monitor says I burned 635 calories...... ending heart rate 148. 20 minutes post-run HR 103
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                            Not much rest last night. Unfortunately, Sundays can be unrestful, which means I usually sleep pretty hard on Monday. Today is a push up and leg raise work out. I progress to incline pushups, and continue to increase my reps on the knee tucks. it will be 3 sets of each, and with the incline push ups, I will try to do a max number per set, with 50 being the goal. The knee tuck goal is 40 per set.


                            B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/strawberry preserves

                            L: baked chicken wings, seasoned with pepper, kosher salt, garlic powder and hungarian paprika

                            S: 3 squares 70% cocoa, 2 handfull of pecans

                            D: collards cooked with bacon cubes

                            Wt: 239.2
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                              It's a rest day. Which is good. My arms and chest are tired from yesterdays workout. I made the progression standard (40 reps) for the first set and got 30 in for the remaining 2 sets of the incline push ups. Flogged my triceps with that, and my chest isn't really sore, but feels tired. The knee tucks numbers didn't improve from the previous week, but my form during the exercise did. Knees stayed together much better. I completed 3 sets of 15 reps, and I can feel the effects in my abs. I can tell that the muscle under my belly fat is getting much more defined.... one day I will have a six pack..... though I love 12 packs too!


                              B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/ strawberry preserves. 2 Cups of coffee w/ heavy cream, no sweetener

                              L: 3 chicken wings and 2 slices of pork roast

                              D: Vegetable stir fry w/ pork roast

                              I have about 40 collard plants in the garden. I've never been a big collard fan, even though I spent about 10 years in LA (Lower Alabama)... (no I don't eat grits either) We had a bit of frost this week, so I wanted to try some collards, since they are supposed to get better after a frost. I took a chunk of home cured bacon that I had in the fridge and I cut it up in to chunks, and cooked it up for a bit and rendered out some of the fat. I took 4 collard leaves, cut out the central vein and rough chopped the leaves and tossed them in with the bacon and fat and wilted them. No other seasonings were added. I tried them and I am surprised to say that I really enjoyed them. The saltyness of the bacon and the fat made the flavor of the collards much better than what I remember from my youth. Then again, I have only eatten them boiled, so my experience with collards is pretty limited. I think I can eat collards cooked in bacon fat.... but then again, what DOESN'T taste better with bacon fat!


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                                Run day. 5 miles, slow pace. Probably be raining and cold.


                                B: 1/2 cup yogurt w/ strawberry preserves

                                L: pork stir fry

                                S: chicken wings

                                Completed my run. It was cold and windy... no rain. Pushed a little hard today. Heart rate peaked at 162, and I finished the run in 58:58..... my fastest time ever. Legs aren't sore... tired but not sore. I have no appetite, so I will fast for dinner.....
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