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  • jdebelly - journey to the MN State Patrol

    Sunday, Sept 23d 2012
    Hello -

    This is a daily journal to place some accountability for myself to this community - and also my wife - to document my journey to join the Minnesota State Patrol *or* develop success in some other measures.

    I have previously asked for advice, coaching and tips here on the Fitness forum: .

    Here is the PDF for the minimum fitness standards I will be at well before March 2013:

    For the record, I am 41, am currently unemployed, the father of three young boys - only 1 in school, and am back to school full-time. And in addition to working out, I have an other nerd hobby that takes up additional time.

    As described in the PDF, I must achieve a minimum of 1 point in each area, and a total of 50 points to pass. It is only a Pass/Fail test.

    My current strengths - or the plan is to achieve 19 points each for the Sit-Ups and Push-Ups; working towards 47 and 40 respectively.

    Push ups: 40 *good* pushups / 1 minute ..... currently at *around* 30.

    Sit ups: 47 sit-ups / minute..... currently at *around* 36.

    Run: exceeding an 8 min mile which would place me at 1.5 miles in under 12:00... currently at 1.5 in 14:17.

    Sprint: 300 meters / :83 seconds or 1:23... my best earlier this summer was at :81 seconds.... but now I think I'm back up to around 2:20ish.

    *Goal* Find out where I'm at for the Sprint this week, Monday or Tuesday.

    And finally the Jump
    Jump: Goal 15inches.... currently at 12 inches.

    Today I wouldn't quite pass, but I am certain and 100% confident this will happen.
    It will happen just like I lost over 100+ lbs, like I ran 2 half-marathons this year, and I've completed both Officer Training School in the Air Force, and finished my MBA.

    This will happen, it will take work, work I can do.

    What I need is direction though, and ask for any advice and thoughts. :-)

    I'll have more updates soon, thanks,

    Jon ~
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    Sounds ambitious to alot of 41 year olds, but it sounds highly attainable to you. Sounds like you pretty much accomplish whatever you set your mind to. It brings back a little slogan an older gentlemen gave me right before I went into the AF about 28 years ago, that slogan was these Ten little two-lettered words to remember...."If it is to be, it is up to me". Go get it man.....good luck and may God bless you.
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    Height 5'10"
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      Jeffybear - a HUGE thanks! I enlisted in 1995, but the greatest challenge was OTS in 1999. Perhaps the greatest challenge in my life.

      As new Officer Trainees (OTs) were were lined up and given our Talons (books) and highlighted in the book was Colin Powell's rule #1... His Story: Powell's 13 Rules to Live By "1. It ain't as bad as you think. It will look better in the morning."

      That pretty much put everything into perspective for me, and since. If this is the worst, it will all be better soon. If this is not the worst, then I'm not defeated and take it day by day.

      The other quote that I lived by in OTS was Washington's "Victory or Death" "Victory or Death" - Christmas Day 1776 which I ironically thought was a quote from Ho Chi Minh, not Washington :-)

      The tough part is while buckling down into the trench and getting tough, it's hard to find positive reinforcement if no one knows what you/I/we're doing - so I'm very happy to be posting here, and looking for any positive thoughts and encouragement.

      Well, off to do my 1.5 mile run, and will post more later. Thanks all,

      Jon ~

      His Story: Powell's 13 Rules to Live By


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        Hello all -
        This is just a run update...

        *Approximately* 1.5 miles in 14:22

        Caveats - I couldn't immediately find my GPS watch, so resolved to run 7:00 and turned around at what I *think* was a few paces farther than yesterday, so I'm pretty sure I went a couple meters farther today.

        Also, yesterday and today I've been running with a 5lb weight in my backpack.

        Finally, I'm proud that I kept going up the hills and with my score.

        Today that would have been: 6 points.

        Staying the same is 2d best to improving my score :-)

        My stated goal #1 is: A 1.5mi *consistently* faster than 14:00 by October 31st.


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          My stated goals

          Just an update while I remember:

          My stated goals:
          Goal 1: 1.5mi faster than 14:00 by 10/31
          9/24 at 14:22. ...Current score at 14:22 = 6

          Goal 2: Standing vertical jump at 15" by 12/31
          Currently at 12" ...Score = 1

          Goal 3: 47 situps / 1 minute by 12/31
          Currently at: +/- 39 ...Score = 16

          Goal 4: 40 *good* pushups /1 minute by 11/30
          Currently at: +/- 30 ...Score = 16

          Goal 5: 300 meter sprint at :75 or 1:15
          Current -Score = 0

          Goal #6 Minimum score for MN State Patrol fitness test = 50 by Dec 31st 2012
          Current score: 39/50


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            I love that you are stating your goals, and I like them as well. When you achieve a goal that you have set, celebrate, not with food, but make sure that you acknowledge your achievement. Keep your priorities in order, (it looks like you are doing fine). Keep up the good work.
            Male, 5'11", 49
            MaxW 246+ 2004
            SW 212 CW 200 GW don't really care
            Goal 12+ pullups per set, current 10


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              My 1.5 mile run today: a blazing (for me) 13:35! Total of 9pts
              My 300m sprint (part of the run) was 1:30, so that puts points on the board too... 2pts

              My scores - if I did all today to my peak:

              1.5mi faster 13:35 = 9

              Standing vertical jump at 12" ...Score = 1

              Situps / 1 minute 39 ...Score = 16

              Push ups: 30 ...Score = 16

              300 meter sprint at :1:30 = 2

              Goal #6 Minimum score for MN State Patrol fitness test = 50 by Dec 31st 2012
              Current score: 44/50

              Thought for the day - Our bodies can already do what we ask them to do, we can already do what we require; we need to train our mind to believe what our bodies know.


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                WOOOO!!!!! 6 points to go, you can DO IT!!!!