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Journey to become cave girl in college

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  • Journey to become cave girl in college

    Hey y'all. So I'm finally starting one of these journals. I have been reading Mark's blog for a couple of weeks and on Monday started the 21 day challenge. I hope I will lose a little excess fat and tone up some on this plan. My main motivation at starting as a college freshman is not to put on the freshmen fifteen.

    As for me, I am a typical southern girl who loves being outside, having boiled p-nuts, and sweet tea. So I've got my work cut out for me. I'm about 5'8 at around 130lbs. I hope to embrace this new lifestyle although I'm sure college is going to prove a challenge in and of itself. So yea... Oh and does anyone know about how many calories I should be eating? Or if I should be counting calories at all? Thanks

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    I have almost made the one week mark. I did have a bit of a crash yesterday but after a single mini cookie I found I didn't want them. That is definitely improvement. I have cut out dairy, except butter, and find I haven't really missed it so far. I also skipped breakfast this morning, although that was more because I over slept than because I have planned to. But I managed to go until lunch without snacking and was not the least bit uncomfortable in doing so.

    Sadly my headaches have increased for the moment. I usually have the fairly regularly but for this week they have been pretty constant. I hope that is just a symptom of low carb flu and will end after another week or so. I have been refraining from taking my usual medication for my headaches. Is that a good idea?


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      Greetings from another southern girl!! My headaches have increased but they haven't been too bad.
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        Well I have managed to make it basically a week. I am very proud of myself. I am noticing my taste start to change. I am trying to get accustomed to the taste of 85% chocolate. That is taking some getting used too. I also notice that I can eat more. I am always eating really big meals, granted they are full of veggies and meats instead of pasta and bread though. I think its because I'm having trouble getting enough meat in, I need to eat more fat. Last night was my first time off campus in a month. That's what happens when you have no car and limited income. Anyway we went to Zaxby's and I ate chicken and fries. I know that isn't primal but I called it my 20% and felt no guilt. I also packed some almonds to munch on during the movie so I didn't cave in to any popcorn or candy cravings. I did notice that after the meal my head was hurting a little and my stomach seemed to be growling a lot. I hope that means my body is starting to become accustomed to eating more primal. I have been drinking only water and walking everywhere. I usually get in a mile or two on a lazy day and upwards of five on a busy one. I work out three times a week. I am still very weak when it comes to my arm muscles. I'm worn out after workouts but I'm not actually sore the next day. Does that mean I need to do more? Anyway, so far my primal journey is looking good. I love the fact that I could eat out and opt for more meat instead of anything else, but still indulge in a couple fries and not feel guilty.


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          Hi and Welcome!

          If you haven't read Mark's book yet, I recommend that you do, it will answer lots of the normal questions beginners have. You can get the same info by pouring through the blog and the forum, of course, but in the book it is all neatly laid out and accessible.

          In terms of counting calories, I think it is a good idea to do so, at least until you have a firm grasp of how many calories you consume, and how many are in usual servings of your favorite foods. It really helps with portion sizes. I use FitDay, others here use Paleotrack. They'll help make it easier. I don't really use them anymore, except occasionally, when working some new food into my diet.

          Best of luck to you!

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            Ok, so I totally fell off the wagon yesterday and I'm paying for it today. I got a care package from my grandmother yesterday. At college, any package is absolutely amazing. But I totally had more of those cookies than I needed. Not binging, but more than I should have allowed myself. I can totally feel it today. I didn't sleep well, my face is more oily, and I am finding it harder to resist sugar again. Durn, back to the drawing board. But I refuse to stop. I am going to go immediately back on my diet/ attempt at Primal living. My parents know about my choice and are very supportive. My grandmother has now been informed and is as well. Hahaha, but she insists I still indulge a little at the main holidays, mainly because she cooks. I felt kinda bad this morning for messing up so soon, but I have moved on and gotten back on track. It is definitely harder now than before I cheated. Hopefully my body will readjust back to primal soon.


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              Keep your eyes forward, you are doing the right thing by refusing to just give in, the act of posting your setback and moving on is a good step. You can certainly do this. It's good that you have so many folks agreed to help you accomplish your goal. Grandmothers are awesome, but they can certainly be detrimental to a primal lifestyle
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