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    It was 42 C (108 F) in Sydney today! Geez it was hot..

    supplements with water and 2 tbsp ACV
    B: boiled egg, large black coffee with 1 tbsp coconut oil
    L: grilled salmon and steamed cauli and broccoli
    D: fried veal and brocolli with an avocado sauce

    I need to get my avo sauce perfected. I couldn't find a recipe for one for chicken and lamb, only the salsa kind of avo sauces. I fried the well seasoned on really hot pan, when finished added water to deglaze and chucked in cream, bit of left over sour cream, small chunk of chopped up coriander, thyme, garlic salt and splash of lemon. It was nice but I wish I knew the recipe of my local Italian that does pollo avocado - its creamy but has hints of something so it isnt too bland. hmmm.

    I have the energy to go out but it is still 40 C outside (hot winds too) and apparently will still be way over 30 at midnight.


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      discomfort and bloating last night. wonder if that was a reaction to all the cream.

      supps with ACV in water

      B: long black with 1+ tbs coconut oil. boiled egg

      L: client thing and limited options. Chose the chicken mushroom and spinach rissotto, client wanted herb bread so had to put a piece on my plate and just nibbled it. Hardly ate any rissotto - mainly picked out the chicken and mushroom

      D: hmm, was meant to be bolognaise on grilled eggplant but I had a brain fart and shopped for a minestrone or something, so sat down with the news chopping up onion, celery, carrot, green capsicum. Really. Sweated it off and had this half wok of vegies before I actually thought - this aint bolognaise. Mass of meat too - wanted pork and beef mince so 1 kg combined. So I then browned the meat, chocked the veg back in, tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, oregano, chilli. So I don't know what it is but there is shit loads. Forced me to clean out freezer of bad xmas period food and old (failed) stews so I have room to freeze it. It will be a healthy easy meal I spose.


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        supps with water + ACV

        B: ham and 2 poached eggs, large long black with coconut oil

        L: salmon with balsamic, a tuna/tomato salad, a celery/apple salad and a pumpkin, asparagus frittata slice. randoms salads, ignored the sandwiches on offer

        black earl grey with coconut oil

        D: left overs from last night (bologanise-like thingy) with cheese melted on top. an apricot.


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          Oh you are in Sydney too! What area?
          I am in Western Sydney. Will have a read through your journal now.


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            Hey Ayla, I am near North Sydney. What about you?


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              supps with water and ACV

              B: cheese omelette and larg eblack coffee with coconut oil

              L: kebab plate - the lamb and chicken and hommus and tabouli and tomato. Didn't eat much.

              D: made a green chicken curry wth brocolli, squash, snow peas on cauliflower rice. I used a jar green curry paste for the first time. It is quick and makes a tasty meal, probably a good option when I am tempted tp get take away.

              The paste ingredients are: shallot, lemongrass, sunflower oil*, chilli, garlic, galangal, water, saly, shrimp paste, kaffir lime peel, coriander seed, acid. I know the oil is ideal but I use about a tablespoon of the paste per serve, so I figure I shouldn't let perfection ruin a nice tasty alternative. I do get a bit sick of my plain meats for dinner. I need to experiment a bit more with sauces, also I keep intending to go to asian supermarket to buy fresh ingredients to make up a fresh green curry paste and freeze it. Then I can control the oil that goes in. This will do for now and then.


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                I am out in Western Sydney, SAHM with 2 boys, (5 and 2.5) and studying via distance learning to be a naturopath. How about you?


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                  Hey Ayla - Where West? Inner, north etc? How are the Naturopath studies? I have a friend starting that and I was surprised it takes 3 years. Is it all CW so far or is it a bit more open minded?


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                    Brunch: 3 poached eggs oozing onto shaved ham and rare roast beef.

                    Dinner: left iver green chicken curry on cauliflower rice.

                    I made Fat Bread today. It tastes awful. I was sad because I was superexcited to add more fat to diet and be able to have something to have eggs or meat on occasionally. I even tried to smother it in vegemite to see if it tasted better but I don't think it can be saved. I just used a mini blender on raw macadamia nuts and shredded coconut, so maybe its because I didn't have proper butter of each. Nor did I have a processor so maybe its the way I added the lemon and baking soda. Disappointed.


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                      The nutrition info was CW. But all the rest is OK so far, but am only on to unit 2/24 LOL.
                      But I love that Naturopathy, is all about stimulating the bodies own ability to heal itself, and addressing all issues, including diet, so I will be teaching people about primal

                      Ooh dear sounds like something went wrong with that fat bread, I quite liked the taste.

                      I am out towards Penrith, but not quite that far


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                        Its a shame if any significant part is bad science about nutrition. Or even others bits that ignore the effect of diet.

                        I used to be out that way, near Richmond. A lot hotter out there, I am sooo glad it rained today. I got caught in the downpour and loved it, just thinking about all the fires and families and livestock and firefighters...

                        I think I need to get proper measuring spoons! I had a guess at the bicarb, that may be the gross taste. I need a proper food processor too - but my kitchen is small

                        Brunch: tea and 3 egg cheesey ham omelette (ate half)

                        black coffee with 1 cm of milk

                        Dinner: spicy prawns with avocado and mango, ginger tea

                        First time I have cooked prawns. Got 700g crystal farm prawns. They were orange so I assume cooked? Shelled. Marinated in coconut oil, chilli, ginger and garlic and coriander stalks. Fried up and added coriander leaves and lemon at last minute. Added 1 small mango diced and half avocado to half of them.

                        I have no radar for meal sizes with seafood for some reason. Who knows what 700 g whole prawns equals once shelled etc. I hope half was a reasonable meal size. Will have it again tomorrow night, I imagine it is something I can't freeze....


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                          Oh - bought my first pair of vibrams today! I just picked the size as too hard to fiddle with in the store. I thought I would break a finger getting them on, I hope it gets easier! Haven't taken them off yet...

                          and for documentation sake, current supplements:

                          Morning - multivitamin, Telfast (antihistamine), 2 liver cleanse tablets, krill oil

                          Night - 2 liver cleanse tablets, 1 kelp, magnesium - currently powder form with sour cherry, by a naturopath brand but I think I'll revert to tablets.

                          I spent a lot of time this weekend reloading all my CDs onto itunes (computer broke at same time as ipod so I lost the lot months ago, and miss some of my fav tracks). I was more selective this time - skipped the CDs I don't love (just selecting the song or two I like), not downloading the B sides of singles and only choosing songs I like from mix CDs. I found shuffle was a PIA before because there were too many unknown songs.
                          What I did find interesting is albums from my teen years I loved every song. I think growing up with records, or maybe more so - tapes - you tended to listen to the entire album. Not that way anymore, too easy to skip to next song or just download the songs you like, shame, I imagine a lot of god music gets missed because you don't give it a chance to grow on you.

                          anyway, with a freshly loaded ipod and vibrams, I cant wait to walk home from work tomorrow!


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                            YAY for vibrams i have some but have just been wearing nike frees for a while, will go back to them soon.
                            So are you still out this way?


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                              Originally posted by Ayla2010 View Post
                              YAY for vibrams i have some but have just been wearing nike frees for a while, will go back to them soon.
                              So are you still out this way?
                              I love them! I am like a five year old who won't take off her fairy costume to go to bed!

                              No, I am in St Leonards now.

                              Hey - where did you buy your coconut butter and macadamia butter?


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                                Kokonut Pacific - developers of the DME System
                                here you go